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The Discover page is about strange but true trivia about destinations around the world. You can contribute and add or edit future facts to the list. Previously displayed facts:

April 2014[edit]

  • Alta is called the Aurora Borealis city.
  • It’s not allowed to bring pork and any item related to religious other than Islam to Saudi Arabia, even for personal usage.
Piles of Salt Salar de Uyuni Bolivia Luca Galuzzi 2006 a.jpg
  • Salar de Uyuni (pictured) is the world’s largest salt flat
  • Boracay’s beaches can also be explored by paraw - a native sailboat.
  • There are three currency unions in Africa.
Visby StKatarina.JPG
  • Many of Visby’s sights are church ruins (pictured) - as many churches were destroyed in the fire of 1525.
  • Dawson City boasts a paddle boat graveyard.
  • In Poland you can have a cheap meal at a milk bar and at the same time experience what eating at a canteen was like in the Communist Era.
  • In Death Valley (pictured) you can experience some of the hottest temperatures on Earth.
  • As alcoholic beverages are highly taxed on Iceland the duty free store for arriving passengers at Keflavik is very popular.
  • Pinball fans can try out old and new machines in the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.
CT 204 glenelg, 2012.JPG
  • In the central parts of Adelaide you can ride the trams (pictured) for free.
  • Kruger National Park was established in 1898 but didn’t open for the general public until 1927.
  • The pronunciation and vocabulary of Jamaican Creole are significantly different from English, despite it being based on English.
Lahore Fort Pakistan.jpg
  • Lahore fort’s Elephant Gate (pictured) is named so because elephants can enter the fort through it.
  • If the sun shines in Liepaja, you can check the time from the Amber clock - a sundial made of amber.
  • In Charlotte’s Uptown you can get around by “Gold Rush trolleys” - minibuses designed to look like historic streetcars.
Wake Island.jpg
  • Positioned west of the International Date Line, Wake Island (pictured) is “ahead” of most of the rest of the world.
  • “Drowned sandwiches” are a specialty of Guadalajara.

March 2014[edit]

  • The baptismal fonts at the Saint Barthelemy church in Liege are a masterwork of the local medieval goldsmiths.
WarmemorialDesplanade nige2007.jpg
  • Darwin is the only Australian capital city that has come under substantial attack during a war. (war memorial pictured)
  • Blantyre in Malawi takes its name from the town in Scotland where David Livingstone was born.
  • The historic core of Split with the Diocletian palace were among the first urban complexes to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Pyin U Lwin Myanmar.jpg
  • Unique horse carriages and British colonial houses (pictured) make Pyin U Lwin stand out.
  • Bilbao is perhaps the premier venue in the world to experience the ancient culture and language of the Basque people.
  • The Galapagos Islands are world renowned for their unique and fearless wildlife.
  • A kind of “anti-sight” in Kaliningrad is the House of Soviets (pictured) - known to locals as “The Monster”.
  • The Silk Road is not a single road but a collection of related historical trade routes.
  • In Fort McMurray you can learn about oil sand mining at the Oil Sands Discovery centre.
Valparaíso - 20081207-04.jpg
  • A ride on the acensores (funiculars, pictured) of Valparaiso offers gorgeous views of the cityscape, port and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Napa Valley is the main wine growing region of the USA.
  • Clermont-Ferrand is famous for the chain of extinct volcanoes that encircle the city.
Kuwait Towers, Kuwait City.jpg
  • The spheres (pictured) on the Kuwait Towers are covered with a funky polka dot pattern made up from colored circular plates.
  • Due to its distance from the sea, Chad is described as the dead heart of Africa.
  • Chukotka, Russia’s easternmost province, actually lies partially in the Western Hemisphere.
Winter Palace Bogd Khan 149185394 bfcc8db25b b.jpg
  • Bogd Khan’s winter palace (pictured) in Ulaanbaatar was built and dedicated to the last khan of Mongolia.
  • Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world.
  • If you want to send a postcard from Antarctica, Villa Las Estrellas is a good place to do so.
Lahti radio masts.ojp.JPG
  • The long wave masts (pictured) that can be seen from everywhere in Lahti are located on Radiomäki - which translates to Radio Hill.
  • El Segundo is named after the second Standard Oil refinery on the American West Coast.
  • Liberia was established by former black American slaves.
Dessau Bauhaus neu.JPG
  • Want to sleep in a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Bauhaus (pictured) in Dessau actually incorporates a hotel.
  • In Wheeling you can visit the West Virginia Independence hall - the place where 32 counties decided to secede from Virginia and join the north (union) in the American civil war.
  • The vast rainforests of Kalimantan are some of the most biodiverse areas in the world.
Shackleton Grave SouthGeorgia.jpg
  • One of the main sights in Grytviken is the grave of the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. (pictured)
  • In Moscow's zoo you can see over 1000 different animal species.
  • Omaha has a "First Friday" gallery crawl through the neighborhoods of Benson and Old Market every first Friday of each month.
Kaunas city hall.JPG
  • Kaunas city hall (pictured) is nicknamed "the White Swan" by locals.
  • Belize is the only country in Central America without a coastline on the Pacific Ocean.
  • A famous sight on Bougainville is Admiral Yamamoto’s bomber wreck.

February 2014[edit]

  • A beverage you should probably not try in Zambia is kachasu - a spirit distilled (pictured) from literally anything including battery acid and fertilizer.
  • Kiruna, Sweden's only city north of the Arctic Circle, is currently relocating to prevent undermining of the city's mine.
  • Uruguay is sometimes called the Switzerland of South America.
Kaohsiung Love River IMG 2728.JPG
  • The Love river (pictured) flows through Kaohsiung.
  • Divers are still looking for the lead coffin the privateer Francis Drake is buried in somewhere in the Portobelo Bay.
  • Glaciers in the mountains of Gilgit-Baltistan are the largest outside the polar regions.
Whitesands dune.jpg
Canoeists paddle down one of the tranquil canals of Ghent.jpg
  • A cruise on the canals (pictured) is a good way to view the highlights of Ghent.
  • Buffalo’s Ellicott Square Building was home to the world’s first purpose-built permanent motion-picture theater.
  • At Kachikally Crocodile Pool in Gambia you can pat crocodiles.
  • Lake Toba (pictured) on Sumatra is the largest volcanic lake in the world - it’s larger than Singapore.
  • In Norrland in northern Sweden, fermented herring, named surströmming, is an extremely stinky, but popular, delicacy.
  • One of Saint Lucia's attractions is a drive in volcano.
Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival 100.JPG
  • Twice each year, for a few days, a mysterious land bridge (pictured) appears between the island of Jindo and the islet of Mo-Do.
  • Legend claims every year a mermaid living in the laguna of Huacachina takes one man.
  • Benjamin Franklin house in London’s Covent Garden is the only remaining home of Benjamin Franklin in the world.
  • The town of Sveti Stefan (pictured) stands on the cliff of a rocky island with roofs red like rubies.
  • The Equator crosses the football stadium of Macapá.
  • Melekeok is is the smallest national capital in the world by population.
  • Rizal Park's most famous landmark is the Rizal Monument (pictured), a stone obelisk with bronze statuary erected near the site of Philippine national hero José Rizal's execution in 1896.
  • At an altitude of 1023m Andorra La Vella is the only European capital to be located over 1 km above the sea level, and consequentially Europe's highest capital.
  • Seychelles is one of the few countries not requiring a visa of anyone, regardless of nationality.
Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon.jpg
  • Mount Hood (pictured) usually forms the backdrop for the Portland skyline in postcards and photographs of the city.
  • The native language of Curaçao is Papiamentu, which is a richly unique mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, English, Dutch, African and other languages.
  • The leaning Oldenhove tower in Leeuwarden is a failed 16th century attempt to match the Martini tower in nearby Groningen.
Wildcat Cafe Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada 01A.jpg
  • Established in 1937, the Wildcat Cafe (pictured) in Yellowknife is not just an eatery but also a tourist attraction.

January 2014[edit]

  • There's a village in ‎Purnia district of Bihar in India named Pakistan.
  • Denmark is dubbed in various surveys and polls throughout the years as the "Happiest country in the world".
Espagne Séville Place d'Espagne.JPG
  • Plaza de España (pictured) in Seville was the site of the Spanish pavilion from the 1929 Ibero-Americano World's Fair. In more recent years it was used in the filming of the new Star Wars episodes.
  • Oran's beautiful sea shore, constructed under French rule, was inspired by Nice's seafront.
  • Due to its colonial past, Suriname has an ethnically diverse population with a majority of Hindus.
2007 Indianapolis 500 - Starting field formation before start.jpg
  • Indianapolis is also known as the "Racing Capital of the World" due to the proximity of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home of the Indy 500 (pictured) and Allstate 400 at the Brickyard.
  • The Sundarbans are the largest littoral mangrove belt in the world.
  • In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky you can visit a salmon museum.
Nsima Relishes 2.jpg
  • Traditional Zambian food revolves around one staple, maize, served in one form, nsima (n'SHEE-ma) - a type of thick porridge, rolled into balls and dipped into a variety of stews known as relishes (pictured).
  • Hainan is being heavily promoted as "China's Hawaii".
  • Dreamhack in Jönköping takes place twice a year and is the world's largest LAN party.
Mosque AlFateh.JPG
  • The dome of the Al Fatheh mosque (pictured) in Manama is currently the world's largest fibreglass dome and is over 60,000 kg in weight.
  • Many famous figures from the American Revolution, including Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Crispus Attucks are buried at Granary Buring Ground in Downtown Boston.
  • Pantanal is considered one of the world's largest and most diverse freshwater wetland ecosystems.
Trans-Siberian train. Moscow-Vladivostok.jpg
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway is the name of not one but three rail routes between Moscow and Asia traversing Siberia (train to Vladivostok pictured).
  • Halberstadt is the venue for the As Slow as Possible organ music piece, which began in 2001 and is scheduled to end in 2640.
  • French Guiana is the only portion of mainland South America still governed by an overseas nation.
Great wall stops in see.jpg
  • In Shanhaiguan, at the Old Dragon's Head (pictured), the Great Wall of China juts out into the sea.
  • A small island named "Zalzala Jazeera" emerged near Gwadar coast after earthquake in 2013.
  • Nicosia is a divided capital.
277 2010-09-06 08-10-56 Carmelit.JPG
  • The Carmelit funicular (pictured) in Haifa is the only subway in Israel.
  • Residents of other neighborhoods in Chicago know Wicker Park by one word: "hipsters."
  • The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese, but the local language is Kriolu kabuverdianu, a Portuguese-based creole language.
Giraffe koure niger 2006.jpg
  • Koure is a town in Southwestern Niger known for its location near West Africa's last herd of giraffes (pictured).
  • Novosibirsk is the final destination of the Sibirjak express train from Berlin, the longest train journey originating in the European Union.
Our Lady of the Rockies.jpg
  • At The Australian in The Rocks, Sydney you can eat the Australian Coat of Arms.
  • With a height of 90 ft (27m), Our Lady of the Rockies (pictured) atop the Continental Divide in Butte is the second tallest statue in the United States.
  • Indonesia's tropical forests are the second largest in the world and the country makes up the largest archipelago.

Old discoveries[edit]