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Hi Readers,

If you get to Malaysia I would recommend visiting the Cameron Highlands, it's a beautiful place and the scenery is fantastic.

I spent 3 days here with my wife in April 2006, we had a really great time and the locals were very friendly.

It is a very cheap place to stay and would recommend traveling as far north west as you can as the views are better and more wild.

The weather here is quite wet and climate is cooler, but once you start hiking, it can get humid.

There is many things to see here and I enjoyed walking up the hills to some of the tea plantations and check out Cactus Valley.

I won't give to much else away, as I'll ruin the surprise, enjoy it folks!

Glen from England

These two listings seem a bit doubtful, the 2nd more so than the first. -- (WT-en) felix 06:34, 5 February 2012 (EST)

  • Rainforest Adventure 2 (Rafflesia) TourTanah Rata +60 13 440 8422. For those who prefer to do jungle trekking with a guided tour and travel by 4WD Land Rover. See the largest flower in the world, Rafflesia is the flower of an endangered species of parasitic plant, often nicknamed the corpse flower due to it's rather pungent odor. Itinerary includes visiting an aboriginal village to try out a blow-pipe. Please book in advance and check for Rafflesia availability as the flower is seasonal). RM98.00.
  • Country Side TourTanah Rata. This is a regular and cheapest sight seeing tour in Cameron Highlands. 5 major tourist attraction. RM 25.