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Travelling by taxicab

Taxis at EDDT-(jha) banner.jpg

Taxi fares can vary a lot between countries, cities and companies. These taxis both operate in Stockholm; the left one twice as costly as the right one.

A taxicab, taxi or cab is, in most cases, a comfortable method for door-to-door transport.

If you speak the local language, a conversation with the driver can give inside information of the neighbourhood, not provided by guidebook.

Hints for taxi travel[edit]

  • Get information for local taxi regulation: Each country and city has different regulation for taxi travel.
  • Have the destination address written down in local language: Drivers might not be fluent in your language.
  • Follow local customs for tipping: While tipping is expected in some places (most low-income countries), it can be refused in other parts of the world (such as Japan).
  • Be aware of traffic conditions: During rush hour and special events, taxi travel might be a worse choice than urban rail.
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