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Usedom (Polish: Uznam) is an island in the Baltic Sea belonging both to Germany (larger western part) and to Poland (smaller eastern part). It's a popular summer sea resort for people from Eastern Germany and Poland.


Other destinations[edit]

  • Peenemünde, birthplace of the V-1 flying bomb and V-2 rocket



Standard Hochdeutsch is spoken throughout the German portion of the island. Traditional Low German dialects are still alive as well. Both Polish and some German are spoken on the Polish side.

Get in[edit]

Usedom ist well connected for travellers throughout the year. The Usedomer Bäderbahn [1] connects the island from Stralsund via Wolgast until Swinemünde. Bridges connect the island via the federal streets Züstrin (B 110) and in Wolgast (B111). Heringsdorf has a small airport that connects cities as far away as Zurich during the summer. The airport is connected by bus to the beaches.

Get around[edit]




A guided "Island Safari" tour by 4WD vehicle is available from Usedom Insel Safari which is a locally run company that can tailor routes to specific needs and will take you to the most beautiful parts of the island.




Stay safe[edit]

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