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Bay of Bengal

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The Bay of Bengal borders several countries of South and Southeast Asia. The regions around the bay are known for their beach resorts and mangrove forests. It is named after the region of Bengal.


Map of Bay of Bengal
Map of Bay of Bengal


  • 1 Chennai (India) — one of the bay's major ports, known for its beaches.
  • 2 Cox's Bazar (Bangladesh) — a major beach destination with boisterous holiday-makers and street vendors (hawkers). It is the world's longest natural coastline with 112 km (70 mi) of pristine unbroken sandy beach.
  • 3 Phuket (Thailand) — the original Thai paradise island with some still beautiful beaches.
  • 4 Pondicherry (India) — a former French colony in India, which offers a mixture of French and Indian architecture and culture.
  • 5 Port Blair (India) — the gateway to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Spend a day or two here walking around and enjoying fresh seafood and seeing a couple of the nearby sites like Ross Island, Viper Island and Bambooflat Island leading to Mount Harriet.
  • 6 Puri (India) — knwon for its vibrant beach along the bay, with camel and horse rides.
  • 7 Visakhapatnam (India) — known for its exotic resorts near beaches along the bay, with ropeways along the coastal Kailasagiri Hill.
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