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Budakeszi (German: Wudigeß) is a town in Central Hungary in the Budapest metropolitan area. It is located beyond the Jánoshegy hill at the western city limits of Budapest , about 12km west of the Zero Kilometre Stone in the city centre. Practically a fully built together with District 2nd and 12th of Budapest. A popular recreational area.


Get in

By bus

Yo can reach by No. 22, 22A and 222 buses from 'Széll Kálmán tér' (Metro line 2) or Volánbusz suburban bus from 'Széna tér' Bus station, both in Budapest.

  • 1 City Bus 22 Budakeszi Terminal (22-es busz Budakeszi végállomása), Budakeszi, Bianka utca ~1. (Budakeszi TESCO Park Center, close to hypermarket). From here a City bus depart to Budapest (half hourly, journey time half hour in rush hour usually congested and take one hour or so). It has several stop in Budakeszi limit.Timetable. (PDF)
  • 2 City Bus 22A Budakeszi Terminal (22A busz Budakeszi végállomása), Budakeszi, Dózsa György tér (At the West End of Main street (Fő utca)). From here depart a City bus to Budapest. Also transfer point to several Volanbus lines: #758 (Törökbálint ), #779 ("Budaörsi lakótelep") , #781 going to Páty, #784 going to Bicske via Zsámbék, #786 Tardos via Zsámbék, #786 going to Bajna" via Zsámbék, #789 going to Páty.
  • In mid part of the Town at stop 'Gyóyszertár' (Pharmacy) you can take a suburb bus to Perbál via Telki and Budajenő
  • 3 Volanbusz #758, 779, 788 and City Bus 222 Budakeszi Terminal (222-es busz Budakeszi végállomása), Budakeszi, Honfoglalás sétány (Close to SPAR supermarket, one stop from Budakeszi Cemetery). From here a City bus depart to Budapest (one to four per hour on weekend max two per hour, journey time less then half hour but in rush hour usually congested and take almost one hour or even more). It has multiple stop in Budakeszi limit. Timetable. (PDF). Interurban bus #758 going to Törökbálint via Budaörs bus #779 going to Budaörsi lakótelep where you can take a bus to Kelenföld Railway Station the #788 going to Herceghalom via Zsámbék.

Get around

Take a walk. All sights are within walking distance from any bus stops after you arrived beside the Town limit, but if you are tired easy can you take two three stops by city bus.

  • 4 Tourist Information Point (Idegenforgalmi Információs Pont), Budakeszi, Fő u. 187. (Close to the Town Hall (Polgármesteri Hivatal) building, Take bus 22 M2: Szell Kalman square to stop 'Budakeszi, Városháza'), +36 30 3498443 (Mobil), +36 23 451161, . Daily 10:00-16:00. It provides information about natural and architectural attractions, cultural and artistic life of Budakeszi. - Selling nice postcards. Detailed map. (PDF)


Churches in Budakeszi

Budakeszi, Reformed church
  • 1 Queen of Angels Church worship (Angyalok királynéja kegytemplom), Makkosi út 163. (Southeast part of the Town. Take bus 22 to stop 'Erdő utca' ten min walk straight (on different streetnames!) first 'Erdő utca' further Napsugar after Makkosi út), +36 23 451882, . According to tradition, in 1731, a local resident, after miraculous healing a image of Mary painted. Then put it to a oak tree where Mary face had appeared. It beame a popular place of pilgrimage. In 1768 was dedicated the church to the Trinitarian monastery, which belonged Óbuda Kiscell Trinitarian monastery. The church facade decorated with two corner statues and memorial plaques. Now a popular tourist attraction, because it is located next to the Makkos meadow, a excursion place. The pilgrimage church and the house is managed by the Dominican Order, and is still a popular pilgrimage destination.
  • 2 Our Lady of Snow Church (Havas Boldogasszony templom), Budakeszi, Fő út 192 (Take bus 22 to stop Erdő Street), +36 23 451831, fax: +36 23 451831, . The three-stage nave is closed by a vaulted sanctuary on wall of its is the copy of the image of shrine Makkosmária (famous pilgrimage place). The church was decorated with frescoes. In addition to the tabernacle of main altar can be see ornate candlesticks. The sides of the arch decorated with the Holy Cross altar and pulpit, both are made in 1760, in baroque style. The wooden sculpture Ecce Homo madein first half of the 17th century. The church of the former Baroque wooden statues placed in the parish house. The close to the church was excavated remains of a wall of an Árpád-era temple, this also showed here. Behind of the church stands an old stone cross from Swabia.
  • 3 Calvary chapel (Kálvária kápolna), Budakeszi, Jókai utca (Take bus 22 to stop 'Gyógyszertár', walk on Kossuth Lajos utca till Jókai utca turn right about 100m more), +36 23 535712. here can be seen two plaques on the wall. One commemorating to the German population relocations anniversary. The other table commemorates to builder of the chapel. In front of the building is the Holy Trinity Column, and a beautiful, stone cross from 1892 which shows a praying St. Mary.
  • 4 Schiele Chapel - Chapel of the Saints (Schieli kápolna - Segítő szentek kápolnája), Széchenyi Street and Fő Way intersection (Take bus 22 to the end stop furthr two min walk), +36 23 535710. built in 1774, a Baroque votive chapel. The builder was the Frankhauser family.

Other indoor sights in Budakeszi

Outdoor sights in Budakeszi

Characteristic houses in Budakeszi
  • 6 Belltower and Anthem statue on public square (Himnusz szobor), Budakeszi, Budakeszi út (Close to Szanatorium street. 'Take bus 22 to stop Szanatórium utca (Vadaspark)). 24h, bellringing: on every Sundays at noon.. For the poem of Kölcsey Ferenc the Hungarian national anthem reminiscent this artwork. Inaugurated in 2006, created by Maria Majzik,-an Hungarian Heritage Prize-winning,-artist . The marble, limestone and bronze statue of a god figure compositions in the middle you can see it is surrounded by radial form of the poem text. The four meter high item include nine relief. Twenty one bells is over it, where the National Anthem is played on holidays and 'normal' ringing on every Sundays at noon. free of charge.
  • 7 Wildlife park of Budakeszi (Budakeszi Vadaspark), Revicky J utca 1. ('Take bus 22 to stop Szanatórium utca (Vadaspark) walk on Rózsa utca (toward northwest)), +36 23 451783, fax: +36 23 457783, . Opening hours: Summer: Mo-Fr 9:00-17:00, Sa-Su 9:00-18:00, During winter: weekdays: 9.00-15.30 / at weekends: 9.00-16.00. The top sight of thesettlement. The animal world represented by Bustards, Goshawks, Kestrels, Eagle Owls, Ravens, domestic animals, Pheasants, Grey partridges, Foxes, Racoon dogs, Wild cats, Mouflons, different deers, Wild-boars. The flora include Many types of trees, shrubs, protected herbs, all are the natural flora of the Buda-mountains. Admission: Adults/reduced: HUF1200/700.
  • 8 Arboretum of Budakeszi (Budakeszi Arborétum), Budakeszi, Telki út (Road No.1103 northwest of center), +36 23 451161, fax: +36 23 451133, . Opening hours: On Tu, Th and Su previously booked groups may visit the Arboretum. Group leading is available at 10:00 and 13:00 (Oct-Mar), and at 09:00, 12:00 and 15:00 (Apr-Sep).. Flora specials. Guides: only by booking, from HUF8000/group up to ten pers.
  • 9 Budakeszi's Giant Sequoia (Mammutfenyők), Pászti Gyula pihenő (Outskirt of Budakeszi (Meggyes area), 10 minutes walk from the final station of city bus# 22), +36 23 451161. 24h. nature conservation area for two Giant Sequoia trees (Sequoiadendron gigantea) both are same age and size free of charge.


Nature in Holdvilágvölgy (Moonlight Valley), near to Budakeszi



  • 1 Farkashegy airfield (Code: LHFH. Farkashegy repülőtér), Budakeszi, 2092 Farkashegy 11 (To Get there:Take bus no. 22 to Budakeszi (last stop), further take the Volán bus to the second stop 'Farkashegyi repülőtér, Törökbálint'.), +36 30 944-8777, . pleasure flight possibility. Ask about details Flyers Sport Club. There is a one km lenght unpaved, grass runway.

Horse Riding

  • 2 Horseback Budakeszi (Lóháton Budakeszin), Budakeszi, Pilisi Parkforest (From Budakeszi MOL gas station going towards Telki at 3th km turn left, or bus #222 to stop Temető utca, going towards Telki ten min and turn left,), +36 20 399 7009, +36 20 3318955, . Opening hours: Tu to Fr: 13:00-18:00, Sat, Sun and holidays: 9:00-18:00. Horse riding arena / with lunge: 2000/15 min, 3000 per half hour. In class riding: 4000 / hour. Off-road riding and riding tours: HUF3500 per hour, 6000 per two hours..


  • Elderberry Dyke of Budakeszi (Bodzas-árok) (Budakeszi, Landscape Protection Area of Buda), +36 23 451161 (Park directory). an nature conservation area which hosts rare birds, as well as the 100-year-old giant pine trees. A good excursion place.
  • 3 'Nature is our friend' -Park forest (Barátunk a természet - Parkerdő), Budakeszi, Szanatórium u. 1, Budakeszi Vadaspark (Take bus 22 to stop Szanatórium utca (Vadaspark)), +36 23 451783. Opening hours: Apr-Oct: Mo-Sa 9:00-18:00 Oct-Mar: Mo-Sa 9:00-16:00. An nature protection area of the Wildlife park of Budakeszi, here can be see some protected species as Wolf, White Stork, Kestrel, Long-eared Owl, Eagle Owl, Squirrel, Goshawk, Buzzard also several singing birds and amphibians these all living free in the park. The flora also include some protected plant species and rock steppe. Admission: Adults/reduced: HUF300/150.


  • CIB Bank Budakeszi, Fő utca 174 (Bus #22 stop 100m away, next to Keszi Panzio). Currency change, cash transfers. ATM.


Budakeszi from Air
  • 1 Pizza Porta Budakeszi, Fő utca 38., . Mo: closed Tu-Th: 11:00-22:00, Fr-Sa: 11:00-23:00 Sun: 11:00-22:00. A true Tuscan style restaurant with indoor garden and comfortable environment, Try the draft wheat beer.
  • Piano Restaurant (Piano Étterem és Aqua Panzió***), Budakeszi, Fő u. 8. (Take bus 22 to stop Szanatórium utca (Vadaspark)), +36 23 452173, +36 23 453356, fax: +36 23 453285, . Daily 12:00-23:00. International cousin. Fine environment. Terrace section. In the evening live piano music and candlelight
  • Stadt Restaurant and Pub (Stadt Étterem és Kávézó), Budakeszi, Fő u. 57 (In Center, on Main street), +36-23-451-327, . Daily 10-23. Familiar environment. Weekly menus and a la cart. Separate Spirit (Pálinka) board. Hot teas are available in winter. In summer, on the terrace, ice cream and cold, seasonal refreshments wating you. Lot of different meat and fish plates. Specialties: Mexican tortillas. Menus HUF950 (ordering till 10 o'clock available or the day before). Main dishes HUF1800-3000.


  • Polgári Pub (Polgári söröző), Budakeszi, Fő utca 176. (Next to CIB Bank Budakeszi), +36 23 655865, . Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 17:00-24:00 Sa-Su 18:00-24:00. TV (satellite sports channels), billiards, darts, table football, terrace and own parking. Tatratea cocktails and Cuba Libre from HUF650.


  • 1 Brukner Guesthouse (Brukner Panzió), Budakeszi, Kossuth Lajos utca 16 (Close to Culture House, Erdő utca corner), +36 23 451692, fax: +36 23 453-103, . Located in quiet, clean air Budakeszi settlement, surrounded by the hills of Buda. A for all needs guesthouse, two beds rooms with bathroom, cable TV, Mini bar and terrace. Abundant and varied breakfast. Private car parking.
  • 2 Tanne Hotel, Budakeszi, Esze Tamás u. 1-3. ('Take bus 22 to stop Szanatórium utca (Vadaspark)), +36 23 154134, fax: +36 23 457016, . 30 rooms.Services: 24-hour reception, hiking tours, currency exchange, WIFI / WLAN, conference room, bankcard payment. Sgl/dbl/tpl HUF9000/12000/15000.
  • 3 Keszi Guesthouse (Keszi Panzió), Budakeszi, Fő út 172. (Bus #22 stop 100m away), +36 23 450526, +36 20 248 2605 (Mobil), fax: +36 23 450 551, . Green area. Family friendly services. Sgl/dbl/tpl €26/32/48, American breakfast: € 5, Tourist tax: € 1,4 p.p..
  • 4 Szepi Panzió and Restaurant, Budakeszi, Gyöngyvirág utca 38. (Erkel street off. Take bus 22 to stop 'Erkel Ferenc utca'), +36 23 450137, fax: +36 23 450266, . A good atmosphere, quiet family pension. Rooms with two beds, bathroom, terrace and cable TV. The Restaurant is open: Mo-Su 11: 30-22:00. Ask about price on email.


  • Post Office (Budakeszi posta), Budakeszi, Fő tér 1 (Center), +36 23 451 352.

Go next

  • Zsámbék (easy to take a suburban bus to there) - nationwide famous about Ruined church, also pilgrimage place.
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