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Patenga sea beach
Chittagong is one of the largest ports on the Bay of Bengal

Chittagong is the main international seaport and second largest city in Bangladesh. Located on the Bay of Bengal, the city is the headquarters of many Bangladeshi companies, including the Chittagong Stock Exchange. According to the British Telegraph, Chittagong is one of the ten fastest growing cities in the world.


Chittagong is one of the great port cities of Asia. It flourished on the Maritime Silk Road and was the eastern terminus of the Grand Trunk Road. It was visited by famous medieval explorers like the Venetians Niccolo de Conti and Caeser Frederick; the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta; and the Chinese admiral Zheng He. The Portuguese, Mughals and British controlled the port in successive periods until the 20th century. It became a major financial center and the largest port in modern-day Bangladesh after the Partition of British India.

Today, Chittagong is a fairly large metropolitan area with a population of about 6.5 million. As in Dhaka, its streets are filled with masses of rickshaws. Rolling hills and greenery dot the landscape. The Karnaphuli River is a burgeoning hub of shipping. Chittagong puts in a little more effort than other Bangladeshi cities to keep its streets and sidewalks clean. The city's residents are called Chittagonians. Foreigners will notice a distinct increase in nuisance from beggars in certain intersections, like the Central Railway Station. Beggars come from different parts of Bangladesh because Chittagonians are more prone to charity than people in other parts of the country.

The old quarter of the city is home to several historic mosques and Sufi shrines. The Anderkilla Imperial Jame Mosque was built by the Mughals after they conquered Chittagong in 1666. It once formed part of a large hilltop fort. The Sufi Shrine of Bayazid Bostami has a pond full of turtles. The former Portuguese settlement is located in Patherghatta. It is home to the descendants of Portuguese traders, who are known locally as Firingis. The area has several churches, including the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chittagong. Chittagong is also the seat of the Bengali Buddhist priesthood.

The busiest parts of the city are Station Road, Strand Road, GEC Circle and O. R. Nizam Road. The affluent neighborhoods of Khulshi and Nasirabad are home to the city's middle and upper classes. Chittagong has many influential business families.

The city is home to prominent gentlemen's clubs, restaurants and golf courses.

The Chittagonian enthusiasm for inviting people to massive feasts is a bit of legend both locally and elsewhere. Known as mezbani these feasts feature a tremendously hot curry, usually of beef. If you're not used to it, approach with caution. You might also be able to find some of the world's best lobsters here, as Chittagong is the center of the Bangladeshi seafood industry.


 Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 27 29 32 33 33 32 31 31 32 32 30 27
Nightly lows (°C) 15 17 21 25 26 27 27 26 26 25 20 16
Precipitation (mm) 5 28 64 150 264 611 774 564 320 218 66 15

The weather is tropical - hot and very humid during the summer monsoon season (April-September) and drier and cooler in the winter (October-March).

Get in[edit]

By air[edit]

Battali Railway Station

Shah Amanat International Airport is Bangladesh's second busiest airport. It has flights from Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Bangkok, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Kuwait. Domestic services include several daily flights with Dhaka.

By train[edit]

Trains run to Dhaka, Sylhet, Mymensingh and other cities. The main route out of Chittagong runs north to Comilla and Akhaura, from where the routes to Dhaka and Sylhet diverge. The train station is on Station Road just west of Jubilee Rd. Chittagong is a terminal station on the metre gauge eastern section of the Bangladesh Railway. The headquarters of this railway are located here. Train journeys are, in general, cheaper than bus journeys.

By bus[edit]

There are 2 spots in the city where the major private companies operate from and have offices - just to the south of GEC Circle on CDA Ave, and on Station Rd near Hotel Golden Inn. Greenline, Silkline and Shohag are the nicest and have frequent services to Dhaka (6 hours) and Cox's Bazar (3 hours). Greenline also offers the only direct bus to Sylhet (Tk 550, 6 hours).

Local buses to Cox's Bazar (Tk 140, 3 hours) run frequently throughout the day from Cinema Palace Bus Station, about 1km north of the Station Rd area.

Chittagong is the eastern terminus of the Grand Trunk Road, a historic highway that runs through parts of four countries — Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan — all the way to Kabul at the western end.

By boat[edit]

  • BIWTC has an office and launches its ferries from Sadarghat, about 1km south of the train station down Sadarghat Rd. Barisal is the main destination, from where you can continue to Dhaka.

Get around[edit]

Transport in Chittagong is similar to that of the country's capital Dhaka. There are various bus systems, taxis, and as well as smaller 'Baby' or 'CNG' taxis which are basically tricycle-structured motor vehicles. Also, there are the traditional manual rickshaws which are very common.

  • Cycle-rickshaws are the natural choice, and cost around Tk 12-15 per kilometer.
  • Walking is also a possibility as the town isn't too confusing, but keep an eye out as the streets can be very busy, especially around Station Rd and Jubilee Rd.


Commonwealth War Cemetery
Court Building
Ethnological Museum
Foy's Lake
Sunset at Patenga beach
The Mughal era Chandanpura Mosque
Holy Rosary Church, also known as the Portuguese Church
  • 1 Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery19 Basha Mia Chowdhury Road. A well-preserved World War II cemetery in a quiet and picturesque place lie buried over 700 soldiers from Commonwealth countries and Japan. The War Cemetery is located in a hillside sloping place, in the south-western corner of Chittagong Medical College Hospital, beside the Badshah Mia Road of the city. The total area of this cemetery is eight acres (3.2 ha), which is protected and supervised by the Commonwealth Graves Commission. Chittagong Commonwealth War Cemetery on Wikipedia
  • Court BuildingPorir Pahar. Situated on the Fairy Hill, this building commands a magnificent bird's eye view of Chittagong city, particularly at night. The Court building was built immediately after the East India Company conquered and declared Chittagong as a separate administrative area in 1773. The building is huge, over 250,000 square feet (23,000 m²) and has hundreds of rooms.
  • Ethnological MuseumAgrabad. Shows a mix of tribal artifacts. The Ethnological Museum of Chittagong was established in the first half of 1960s. The museum contains four galleries and a small hall. It is a little dark. Some sections contain mock ups of 'village life' for the different tribal areas with life size dolls. These are reminiscent of the museum in the film Planet of the Apes.
  • Foy's LakeFoy's Lake, Khulshi. Created in 1924, by building a dam, planned by an English engineer Mr. Foy and built on the initiative of the then Assam-Bengal Railway, amidst panoramic surroundings, this is an ideal spot for outings and picnics, thronged by thousands of visitors. It has been developed into an entertainment and amusement zone. There is an amusement theme park, a lake resort, and a sea world (aquatic theme) park in the lake area. The zoo is next door. Foy's Lake on Wikipedia
  • Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R) Mausoleum. A very famous saint of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R) came from Bihar Sharif, India. At Chittagong he lived in a cottage and accepted service as a pankha wala (hanging fan puller) in the Judge's Court. From the circumstantial evidence it appears that he was a great man of the late 18th century. The family that lives in the compound of Hazrat Shah Amanat Khan's (R) mausoleum and looks after it are Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan's descendants. They have got in their possession a Persian waqfnama (deed of endowment) of Anwar Khan, the son of Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R). Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R) lived a very simple life. His daily routine was to attend to his duties in the Court and to engage in prayers. No one knew that he was spiritually endowed nor did he pose to be such. His spiritual greatness was revealed through a Karamat (spiritual power with magical elements received from The Almighty Allah) which brought him to the limelight and people came to know that he was a Wali (saint) of the highest rank. When his spiritual attainments became known, he resigned from his job and remained busy with spiritual religious act and meditation. He is ranked among the greatest saints of Chittagong. People visit his mausoleum specially to seek blessings in matters of litigation. Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (R) lies buried in a mausoleum to the east of the Laldighi of Chittagong
  • Kattali Beach. Natural beach with mangrove forest west of Halishahar and south of Kattali.
  • Patenga BeachPatenga. Sandy beach at the meeting place of the roaring sea and the river Karnaphuli. It looks more beautiful from Naval Academy Road which is just beside the Shah Amanat International Airport. Patenga on Wikipedia
  • 2 Shrine of Baizid Bostami. This holy shrine attracts a large number of visitors and pilgrims. At its base there is a large pond with several hundred tortoises floating in the water. According to tradition, these turtles are descendants of evil spirits (djinns) who were cast into this shape because they incurred the wrath of the great saint who visited the place about 1100 years ago.
  • 3 Baitul Falah. The largest mosque in Chittagong.
  • 4 Chandanpura Mosque. Situated in the old city, the multi-domed mosque is an architectural sight to behold.
  • Chittagong College: Situated in the old city, is one of the oldest colleges in Bangladesh (estd 1869) and also one of the prestigious academies.
  • Chittagong Medical College: One of best medical colleges in Bangladesh and only specialized govt. hospital in Chittagong. It was established in 1958.
  • Mohsin College:Situated beside Chittagong college. The College area covers almost 31 acres (12 ha) of land decked with beautiful landscape. The college Campus wears a garb of natural panoramic beauty. It is housed in eight metalled/pucca buildings on an extensive beautiful campus in the lap of nature. A beautiful play ground a stretches to the south of college gate, supplying the students a great scope to participate in different games and sports. The college campus upholds the ancient architectural beauty in the shape of a building built by the Portuguese.


  • The shipbreaking yards near the Indian Ocean are Chittagong's international claim to fame, but for the wrong reasons; these are considered one of the most polluted places on Earth with highly dangerous practices and hazardous working conditions. Greenpeace is actively campaigning against them and trying to bring this issue further into the light. Tourists are not usually welcome, but some travellers have been able to sweet talk the gate-keeper and get amazing photos of massive ships being dismantled for parts and steel. There are many breaking yards stretching for miles, so start at one end and try your luck until you have success. Keep your wits about you, safety practices leave something to be desired. It's also wise to keep your camera hidden until you're out of view of the officials, lest you be mistaken for a journalist out to do them harm. Bus #6 runs from Station Road, or you could hire an auto-rickshaw. (See also Alang, India).


Bugs Bunny statue in Butterfly Park Bangladesh
Shaheed Zia Smriti Complex

There are a few amusement parks and public parks in Chittagong:

  • Biplobi Uddan (2 number gate)
  • Butterfly Park Bangladesh
  • Commonwealth War Cemetery (Badsha Mia Road, Dampara)
  • Foy's Lake Amusement Park
  • Jatisongho Park (Panchlaish)
  • Karnafully Sishu Park (Agrabad)
  • Shaheed Zia Smriti Complex
  • Shitakunda Eco ParkShitakunda. unites beautiful hills and lake
  • Zia Sishu Park (Circuit House)


  • Aarong Handicrafts has a large branch on 1-2, CDA Avenue, Biman Bhaban (2nd Floor), Sholashahar, Nasirabad, Chittagong.


Shangri-La, Agrabad

The people of Chittagong love oily and spicy food. This can be a problem for foreigners and lead to upset stomachs. If you are a foreigner you should consider sticking with better restaurants and eating in large hotels. Never eat green salad which comes with your meal as you will not know if it has been washed in sanitized water. Just a handful of restaurants in town use sanitized water to wash salad and this is a recipe for explosive diarrhea.

One oddity in Bangladesh is that restaurants advertise themselves as, for example, "Zaman Hotel and Restaurant" but do not operate a hotel. Where you eat at one of these establishments you can tease them by demanding a room. One-room stores also have signboards advertising themselves as 'department stores'.

  • AmbrosiaJiban Bima Bhaban (Ground Floor), 1053, Sk. Mujib Road (Next to Radio Station & Opposite to Standard Chartered Chittagong Main Branch),  +880 31 2513576fax: +880 31 2513460. Buffet Lunch: 12-4PM; Dinner: 6-11PM. The largest and the latest international standard restaurant in town with a Karaoke corner, seats up to 500 people across 2 floors. Has a huge menu of Continental, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian and Bangladeshi dishes. Fully air conditioned and very smart.
  • Baskin Robbins, just east of GEC Circle.
  • Basmati RestaurantGEC CIRCLE, Chittagong +880 31 651201. Basmati Restaurant is the only restaurant of its kind in Chittagong. It provides delicious Bangladeshi and Indian food in a classy environment.
  • BonanzaAbove Aarong and opposite to the Meridian (GEC circle). The best restaurant in town which is of international standard. Bonanza has a huge menu. Recommended for foreigners who need a break from an upset stomach. Mains Tk 600.
  • 1 Hygiene CuisineHalishahar +8801703194444, +8801703232346, e-mail: . 24X7. A full time catering service provider. Regular Lunch ৳130, Special Lunch ৳140.
  • The MeridianOpposite to Bonanza (GEC circle). The Meridian has an excellent lunch buffet for around Tk 350. The rest of the menu used to be pretty good but as of late it is better to stick to the buffet. Mains Tk 450.
  • Pizza HutGEC circle up the hill towards Welmart. ~Tk 230-500 per medium pizza.
  • Shaad SnacksStation Road, across the street from New Market. A friendly place serving the usual fast food snacks - rolls and buns filled with chicken, beef or vegetables, microwaved to a spongy perfection as you order. They've got a good range of sweets as well. (The food at these snack places is not healthy for foreigners) ~Tk 10.
  • Shangri-La Chinese Restaurant39, Agrabad +880 31 810210. Smart air-conditioned Chinese restaurant. ~Tk 300-400 per person.
  • Sugarbun (Well food)GEC circle. Fast food place from the international chain of the same name. Selling pizza, burgers, fries plus a variety of dishes to Asian tastes in a fast food format. Sugarbun also sells coffee, cakes, bread and other snacks. ~Tk 175-250 per person.
  • Zaman Hotel (there are 13 Zaman hotels in Chittagong)just north of GEC Circle, on west side of street +880 189 649 138. The menu contains no foreign dishes and this is not a place where foreigners typically eat, though it falls at the top end of middle class Bangladeshi restaurants. The place is clean, the food is OK, the service is good. You can ponder the wisdom in the quote on the menu: "For super disk with quality food to avoid cooking please step with whose family at Zaman Hotel." There are two restaurants of the same name on the same block - this one is the most southerly, with the huge neon sign on the roof. Mains Tk 40-100.
  • Zaman Hotel (Agrabad)On the Agrabad circle. The Zaman hotel at the Agrabad circle has the best food of the Zaman hotels. The Chicken Biriyani is particularly good coming with a large piece of chicken, an egg, rice, and a delicious sauce. The environment is more worn than hotel Zaman at the GEC circle. But the food is better. Since there are virtually no good places to eat on a budget in Agrabad it is worth checking this place out. Tk 50-100 for a meal.


Alcoholic beverages are available at five-star hotels in Bangladesh as well as a number of private clubs. Four hotels in Chittagong have bar licence; the Agrabad hotel, the Silmoon hotel, The Saint Martin hotel and the Peninsula hotel. While all the hotels are expensive for drinks the Peninsula is the most expensive by far (more than Tk550 for a large can of Heineken).

There are three private clubs in Chittagong. The premiere club is the Chittagong Club which is located at number one Empress Road. The Chittagong club has a bar license and serves foreign alcohol in addition to local gin, vodka and whisky. Chittagong Club membership is closed but foreigners can apply for "temporary membership" for up to two years.

The Chittagong Institute is a far smaller club but it does maintain a bar. It is located in Jamal Khan road.

The Catholic club opens membership to all persons for a small fee but membership applications are only accepted once a year (during December?) It maintains a small bar serving local drinks.

Here you can buy Bangladeshi local branded (Karrew and Co, Darshona) alcohol (vodka, rum, malted, whiskey, gin) from licensed ware houses situated in Shadar Ghat (Kazi & Co.), BRTC, near the railway station (foreign liqueur) and from Dewan Hat.

If you want to go to a bar, then you can go Hotel Shahjahan at Shadarghat, a well-furnished bar, or there is also a bar at BRTC bus stand adjacent to the foreign liqueur shop.

It is possible to buy alcoholic beverages, ranging from local brews to smuggled beer and counterfeit brand alcohol. Local booze is available legally at government licensed shops. There is one in Agrabad on Sheik Mujib Rahman road. It is tucked into an alley way a short distance from the first floor "Siemens" showroom.

Counterfeit branded alcohol is available from illegal traders in Kulshie and other areas. But beware: deaths have been reported from consumption of adulterated liquor, and headaches and illness are more common. Smuggled booze is sometimes available on the sea beach.



  • 1 Hotel Miskha95 Station Road +880 31 610923. Check-out: noon. One of the better of the Station Road cheapies, rooms are large, fairly clean and more atmospheric than others in the area with faded old wooden furniture. Prices are a little high but don't even think of asking the stubborn manager for a discount or to throw in a TV. There's a decent restaurant behind the reception desk. Tk 200-300.


  • Asian SR Hotel: The Asian SR Hotel is a 3-star international hotel situated on 291 Station Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Phone : +880-31-636383, Mobile: 01711889555, Website:, Email:
  • Hotel Al-Faisal1050 Nur Ahmed Road +880 31 710048. Check-out: noon. This is a good option, mostly because it's far enough away from Station Rd. Tk 350-1200.
  • Hotel Bandargaon875 Nur Ahmed Road +880 31 637686. Check-out: noon. Near Hotel Al-Faisal, it's also a good choice. Rooms around Tk 600.
  • Hotel Eastern View, 225/A, Sk. Mujib Road, (Chowmuhony) Agrabad, Phone: 00880-031-2510567,2514935, Hot Line: 00880 01727-739 839,01710-914 448, 01811-227 888, E-mail: The newest hotel in Chittagong. It is well equipped, 24 hours service, lift, standby generator, all kinds of food in room, Internet, hot & cold water, secretarial service. It's run by ex-managers of renowned hotels & staff are really good, whole atmosphere is quiet & clean.
  • Hotel Sylhet Super16 Station Road +880 31 632265. Check-out: noon. This is a very large hotel west of the train station, good if you need to be in this area. Tk 300-1000.
  • Hotel Golden Inn36 Station Road +880 31 611004. Check-out: noon. Across the street from Sylhet Super, it's another decent choice. Tk 400-1000.
  • Hotel Golden Inn, Station Road. A 2-star hotel situated on.
  • Hotel Saint Martin: Hotel Saint Martin is a 3-star hotel situated in the commercial district of Chittagong on Sheik Mujib road.
  • Hotel Tower InnJubilee Road. Typical large 3-star hotel. Wireless internet throughout.




The country code for Bangladesh is 880. Add 31 to make a call for Chittagong.

Internet cafes can be found around the intersection of Station Rd and Jubilee Rd and around GEC Circle.

Go next[edit]

  • Bandarban - a hill district - two hours by bus
  • Rangamati - a popular town in the Chittagong Hill Tracts
  • Cox's Bazar - The country's premier beach resort, about 3 hours south by bus.
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