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Kecskemét is a town in central Hungary and the county seat of Bács-Kiskun county, half way between Budapest and Szeged, almost equal distance from the two big rivers of the country, Danube and Tisza. The city is well known for its secessionist architecture, museums, and for being the birthplace of composer Zoltan Kodály.


Town Hall in Kecskemét

Tourist information

  • 1 Tourinform, Kossuth tér 1 (Center), +36 76 481065, . Apr–Sep: M-F 09:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-13:00; Oct–Mar: 08:30-16:30. Services: tourist information, brochures about Kecskemét and its region, and the country, maps of Kecskemét and Hungary, cultural event guides, tour guides, bike rental, postcards, gifts and books about Kecskemét .

Get in


Kecskemét is pretty much equidistant from the capital metropolis Budapest (in the northwest) and the southern university city of Szeged (in the southeast), about 90 km from both cities.

By plane


Budapest Ferihegy Airport (BUD IATA) is 58 minutes by train from the Ferihegy train station near Terminal 1 (from Terminal 2, you can catch a bus (12 min, Ft 350) to the train station). The trains from Budapest usually stop at Ferihegy at twelve minutes past the hour and reach Kecskemét at ten minutes past the next hour. A ticket for this train is ~ Ft 1600.

By train

Kecskemét train station
  • 1 Train Station (MÁV Vasútállomás), Kodály Zoltán tér (ten minutes walk to east from downtown), +36 76 322460. Daily 04:05-22:40. Direct trains: - Budapest Nyugati station (hourly, Ft 1460 plus reservation fee Ft 520, 1 hr 20 min). Szeged (hourly, Ft 1350, 1 hr 40 min). Szolnok (least daily three, 67 km, 2 hours). Baja (least daily four, Ft 2830, 2 hr 20 min). Miskolc (Sundays, only in school season, Ft 4500, around 3 hr 30 min), - Avala EuroCity between Beograd and Vienna (from 2015) stop here. Timetable

By bus

The M5 freeway connects Kecskemét to Budapest and Szeged.
  • 2 Bus Station (VOLÁN Autóbuszállomás Kecskemét), Noszlopy Gáspár park, 1. (10 minutes east of downtown), +36 76 321777. To Budapest's Népliget bus station (hourly, between an hour and twenty minutes and two hours.)

By car


The M5 freeway connects Kecskemét to Budapest and Szeged.

Get around


The main train and bus stations are about 10 minutes east of downtown, where most of the attractions are and can easily be reached by foot. If you need to take the bus, Kunság Volán [dead link] runs the local bus company.

Rent a car



Synagogue in Kecskemét


  • 1 Piarist Order Temple (Piarista templom), Piaristák tere, 6, Jókai u. 1. (Downtown), +36 76 481603. A single nave, chancel straight closured, church with tower at southwest facade Andrew Mayerhoffer designed, built in 1724-30.
  • Reformed Church (Református templom), Kossuth tér,Szabadság tér. Free standing, square groundplan, two-nave church with straight closure. Built in 1684 and reconstructed in 1790-92, early baroque. Inner Equipment: 1790s, 1800s. Benches: 1759, 1802; Pulpit: 1791.
  • 2 Saint Nicholas Franciscan church (Friends Church, Ferences templom, Barátok temploma), Kossuth tér 3, Plébánia köz 1. Masses: M-F 07:30; Sa 07:30, 18:30 (summer) 17:30 (winter); Su 07:30, 09:30, 11:30, 18:30 (summer) 17:30 (winter). Built in 1786. Romanesque style with Gothic, Baroque rebuilding. Here is the 'Kecskemét purgatory relief' A sculpture composition at the Kecskemét Franciscan church at Kossuth square fence wall. Beneath the cross, purgatory relief depicting made in 1792 and it was a remnant of Calvary. The crucifix, Gábor Imre sculptor in 1943 was stayyed above the relief. Mary Magdalene and John the Apostle statues stayed in 1982, origins was a part of a Calvary of the Cemetery.
Great Temple
  • 3 Great Temple (Nagytemplom, Urunk Mennybemenetele templom), Kossuth tér, 2 (Downtown). Free standing, one single nave church with straight closure sanctuary, At NW facade a fire tower with balcony, Built in Late-Baroque style, in 1774-1806. The frescoes in the sanctuary and the nave in 1901 by Roskovics Ignats; the decorative painting in 1901 by Lohr Ferenc. The Stained Glass Windows made in 1930, the Inner Equipment: typically over the 18th century; the High altar and two side altars image in 1791 by Falkoner József Ferenc. Masses: Su and holidays 07:00, 09:00, 10:30, 18:00; M-F 07:0, 08:00, 18:00; Advent 06:00, 08:00, 18:00. Church can be visited: M 12:00-19:00, Tu-Su 06:00-19:00.
  • 4 Greek Orthodox church (Görögkeleti templom), Széchenyi tér 9. Built in 1829,Fischer Agoston planned, neoclassic style. One single nave, semicircular sanctuary closure church with a tower at SW corner. It has a hipped gable roof over the sanctuary. Decorative Painting: The second half of the 19th century. Inner Equipment: particularly in the first half of the 19th century. Iconostasis: 1828 (wood-carving by Peter Pádits of Miskolc ), Images: around 1828, 1903 (by Joseph Kurbel).
  • 5 Trinity Chapel (Szentháromság-kápolna), Árpád körút (Árpád krt., Küküllő u., Mátis Kálmán u. Downtown). Built between 1718-1726.
  • 6 Lutheran Church (Evangélikus templom), Arany János u. 1 (Downtown). Built by Miklós Ybl in 1862-63, in romantic style.
  • 7 Saint Elisabeth Roman Catholic church (Árpádházi Szent Erzsébet Római katolikus templom), Czollner tér (Downtown). Single nave church towered at northern facade. Former cemetery chapel stood here. Inner Equipment: particularly in the first half of the 19th century: The main altar and altar images: 1926 (Uher Aristide), 1939 (Marsovszky Emilia). Altars: 1890; Pulpit: 1939. Organ 1900 (Országh Sandor), extended: 1955.
  • 8 Chapel of the Visitation of Our Lady (Sarlós Boldogasszony-kápolna), Batthyány u. 6 (Downtown, Arboretum). Baroque style chapel built in 1713.
  • 9 Reformed Church of Katonatelep (Katonatelepi református templom) (NE 8 km).
  • 10 Calvary Complex (Kálvária együttes), Ipoly utca 13 (Trinity Cemetery, SW 1 km from Downtown). Historical Monument. An art nouveau chapel by Geza Markus.


Cifra palota in Kecskemét
  • 11 Bozsó collection (Bozsó Gyűjtemény), Klapka u. 34 (Downtown), +36 76 324625, fax: +36 76 324625, . Th-Su 10:00-18:00. Features Hungarian folk art and furniture from local artists. In Klapka-house (listed building) built in 1786, Baroque style. (+36 76 417130)
  • 12 International Ceramics Studio (Nemzetközi Kerámia Stúdió), Kápolna u. 11. (Downtown), +36 20 417 2731, . This is a ceramic art centre.
  • 13 Museum of Hungarian Naive Artists in Bano-house (Magyar Naiv Művészek Múzeuma, Bánó ház, Kecskeméti Katona József Múzeum Magyar Naiv Művészek Gyűjteménye), Gáspár András körút 11 (near the Toy Museum), +36 76 324 767, . closed during the winter months. Former Bánó House, built around 1730 in Baroque style. A survey of the Naive, art produced by untrained artists that typically reflects peasant life. The collection includes several colorful, surreal or somewhat medieval paintings, as well as some sculptures. The museum in Bánó-house or Gólyás-house (listed building).
  • 14 Szórakaténusz Toy Museum and Workshop (Szórakaténusz Játékmúzeum és Műhely), Gáspár András körút 11., +36 76 324-767, . Mar 1-Oct 31: Tu-Sa 10:00-12:30, and 13:00-17:00; Nov 2-Feb 28: Tu-Sa 10:00-16:00. Displays peasant toys of Hungary, some of the more fascinating ones include wooden churches and a wooden pinball game. The museum is fun for all ages. Workshop can be visited for an additional fee.
  • 15 Kecskeméti Képtár in the Ornamental Palace (Kecskeméti Katona József Múzeum „Cifrapalota”Kiállítóhelye), Rákóczi u. 1. (on the east side of Szabadság square.), +36 76 480-776, fax: +36 76 480-776, . Housed in the magnificent Cifra Palota the gallery hosts a history of the city (though with no explanations in English) and several modern paintings from Hungarian masters. One of the finest examples of Hungarian secessionist architecture, the building was completed in 1902 based on the designs of Hungarian architect Géza Márkus. Formerly an apartment building, it now houses the Kecskemét Gallery. Listed building. Also of note is one exhibition room that is decorated similar to the exterior of the palace.
  • 16 Katona József Museum (Katona József Múzeum), Vasútkert, Bethlen körút 11, +36 76 481 350, fax: +36 76 481-350, . M-Th 08:00-16:30, F 08:00-14:00, Library open: M-Th 08:30-15:30, F 08:30-12:00. It was the summer City casino. Built in 1875, in early realistic style by Charles Laszlo's plans, it was enlarged in 1924. Archaeological, historical and ethnographic collections. The Collections of Katona József Museum exhibited in the Cifra Palace.
  • 17 Ráday Museum of Calvinist Ecclesiastical History, Kálvin tér 1 (Downtown). Excellent museum hosts examples of Calvinist Architecture, including the ceiling and pulpit from a Transylvanian church, a collection of chalices, an exhibit on clocks, local sculptures depiciting biblical stories, and a mineral collection.
  • 18 József Katona Memorial House (Katona József emlékház), Katona József u. 5. (Downtown), +36 76 328420. Permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions.
  • 19 Zoltán Kodály Music-Pedagogy Institute (Ferences kolostor, Kodály Zoltán Intézet), Kéttemplomköz 1. (Downtown), +36 76 481-518. Housed in a former Franciscan Monastery complete with a wooden tower is the institute founded by composer Kodály. Inside is a small exhibit (the length of a hallway) featuring music books, pictures, and other items regarding Kodály's life. There's very little in English, in fact there's very little at all, and it's probably best appreciated by fans of the composer.
  • 20 Leskowsky Musical Instrument Collection, Zimay László u. 6/a (Downtown), +36 76 486-616. The personal collection of Leskowsky can only be visited by prior arrangement. Leskowsky will take you around personally and show his collection of instruments from around the world.
  • 21 Hungarian Photography Museum (Fotó Múzeum), Katona József tér 12 Bajcsy Zs u. (Downtown), +36 76 483-221. Hungary's only Photography museum is housed in a former Orthodox Synagogue (before that it was a dance hall). Free standing, rectangular building complex. The well-restored ceiling features Jewish themes. Besides the photography itself there's a wonderful collection of cameras, ranging from older giant boxes to modern sleek designs.
  • 22 Collection of Hungarian Folk Art Crafts (Former Beerhouse, Népi Iparművészeti Múzeum, volt Serház), Serfőző u. 19/A. built in the late nineteenth century.
  • 23 Museum of Medicinal and Pharmacy History (Orvos- és Gyógyszertörténeti Kiállítás), Kölcsey Ferenc u. 3. (Downtown), +36 76 329964, . May-Oct: Tu-Sa 10:00-14:00; Nov-Apr: any time by arrangement. Former agricultural town's farmhouse. Ft 400.
  • 24 'Zwack Fruit Brandy Distillery and Exhibition (Zwack Kecskeméti Pálinka Manufaktúra), Matkói út 2., +36 76 487711. Ft 1800 (museum audio-guide, tasting).
  • 25 Former Old Synagogue (Régi és új zsinagóga, Tehnika Háza), Szabadság tér, Rákóczi út 2 (across the street from the Cifra Palota on Szabadság square). this fantastic moorish-style synagogue now houses the House of Science and Technics. Moorish-romantic building was built by John Zitterbarth plans between 1862-71
  • Clocks Collection (Hanga Óragyűjtemény)
  • 26 Kápolna Gallery (Kápolna Galéria), Kápolna u.13. (Downtown), +36 76 486867. M-F 13:00-17:00. Contemporary art exhibition.


  • 27 [formerly dead link] Artist Colony Cultural and Conference Centre (Művésztelep, Alkotóház Erdei Ferenc Kulturális és Konferencia Központ), Műkerti sétány 2 (NE of Downtown), +36 76 414 263. Art Nouveau house. Designed by Jánszky Bela and Tibor Szévessy in 1910s. Listed Monument Programs: Performing evenings, festivals, exhibits, club sessions, concerts, movie nights, song evenings, courses, dance evenings, dance theatre.
  • 28 Deer-house (Szarvas-ház), Batthyány u. 4. (Downtown). Built around 1860. Monument building.
  • 29 Former Horseback riding (Lovarda), Czollner tér 3 (Downtown).
  • 30 Dyer workshop (Kékfestő műhely), Dömötör u. 4. (Downtown). Used in 1970s.
  • 31 Former Rudolf barracks (Rudolf laktanya, Közép-Európai Nemzetközi Egyetem), Izsáki út 3. (SW of Downtown). Large area, several joint-building. Former staff officer, sergeants and infirmary buildings. Now Central European International University, also here Jysk Furniture store.
  • 32 Former Elizabeth Barracks (Erzsébet pót laktanya), Izsáki út 4. (SW of Downtown). Buildings: former crew building, riding school, street fence.
  • 33 Trinity column (Szentháromság oszlop), Katona József tér (Downtown). A sculpture group with a hexagonal, wrought iron fence, a pillar and a puppets decorated stone barrier.
  • 34 Piarist house and college (Piarista rendház és kollégium), Piaristák tere 6. (Downtown). Built in 1825-32, late Baroque style.
  • 35 Katona József Theatre (Katona József Színház), Katona József tér 5 (Downtown), +36 76 501-174, . Opening hours: Tu-F 09:00-19:00, Sa Su from 2 hours prior to major theatrical performances, until end of the first break in the performance.. Listed Monument +36 76 501177.
  • 36 Former Casino Municipal (Városi Kaszinó, MTA Magyar Tudományos Akadémia RegionálisKutatások Központja. Alföldi TudományosIntézet), Rákóczi út 3 (Downtown). Now a branch of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Centre for Regional Studies. Great Plains Scientific Institute
  • 37 Beerhouse (Serház, Népi Iparművészeti Múzeum Kecskemét), Serfőző u. 19. (W of Center). Mar-Oct: 10:00-17:00; Nov-mid-Dec: 10:00-16:00, Dec 12-Feb: 10:00-13:00. Closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays and Dec 21-Jan 6. A monument building. Now here is the Applied Folk Art Museum in Kecskemét Ft 500 (2014).
  • 38 Luther's Palace (Luther-palota), Szabadság tér 3. (Downtown), +36 76 323 506. Art Nouveau, listed building. Residential part, stores, offices of the Lutheran Church, built according to the plans Mende Valer, between 1910-12.
  • 39 Former Old Reformed College (Református Ókollégium), Szabadság tér 7 (Downtown). A monument building. Based on the plans of Mende Valer built between 1911-13, secession style. Now, Reformed Primary School.
  • 40 Former Craftsman Home (Iparosotthon, Otthon Mozi), Széchenyi tér 7., Kossuth tér 4.? (Next to Trinity Greek Orthodox church). Now 'Home Cinema'. This was built according to the plans of Komor Marcell and Jakab Desi 1906-07 in Art Nouveau style.
  • 41 Municipal ​​Cinema (Városi Mozi), Rákóczi u. 15. (Downtown). A monument building.
  • Monument Houses (Műemlék Lakóházak), Munkácsy u. 19., Nagykőrösi út 24., Kecskeméti Végh Mihály tér 1.Bánk bán u. 6.,Lechner Ödön u. 1., Kápolna u. 6., Kápolna u. 15., Jókai u. 9., Széchenyi tér 9..
  • 42 Hotel Három Gúnár (Hotel Three Gúnár), Batthyány u. 7 (Downtown). eclectic style.
  • 43 Jewish cemetery entrance building (Izraelita temető bejárati épület), Szép utca 4 (NW). Eclectic style monument
  • 44 Former Main Realschool (Katona József Gimnázium volt Főreáliskola), Dózsa György út 1-3 (SW). Now Katona József High School. Built according to the plans of Kálmán Löllbach in 1912-14 - Art Nouveau.
  • 45 Press House (Sajtóház), Szabadság tér 1. (Downtown). Listed monument. Art Nouveau style
  • 46 Palace of Law and Prison (Törvénypalota, Bács-Kiskun Megyei Büntetés-végrehajtási Intézet, Királyi Törvényszék), Rákóczi út 7. , (Downtown), +36 76 519519, . Listed Monument Former Royal Court built in 1904.
  • 47 Post office (Posta), Kálvin tér 2. (Downtown). Neo Baroque monument building.
  • 48 Reformed Old college (Református Ókollégium,), Kálvin tér 1 (Downtown). Former Protestant school, high school and Law Academy. Based on Eugene Szappanosy plans built between 1928-30.
  • 49 Regional Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Small Area Information Centre (former Economic Association Headquarters, MTA Regionális Központ és a Kistérség Információs Központja, volt Gazdasági Egylet Székháza, kaszinója és bérháza), Rákóczi út 3-5. (Downtown). Secession style. Former was a Casino and tenements. Built according to the plans Jánszky Bela and Tibor Szivessy in 1910-11.
  • 50 Former Reformed bazaar (református bazár, Liberté Kávéház), Szabadság tér 2. (Downtown). Now 'Cafe Liberte'
  • 51 Former Officers' Club (Tiszti Klub, Magyar Honvédség Kulturális Szolgálata), Lechner Ödön u. 3. (Downtown). A Monument House. Now here working the Cultural Service of the Hungarian Defence Forces.
  • 52 Town Hall (Városháza), Kossuth tér 1. (Downtown). An Art Nouveau Monument building. Built by Odon Lechner and Gyula Pártos in 1892-96.
  • 53 Thomka-ház (Thomka-ház), Lestár tér 1.. Built in 1871. On downstairs post office operated between 1890-1930.
  • 54 Trinity cemetery (Szentháromság temető), Küküllő u / Ipoly u. (SW 500 m from Center). A memorial park in Late Art Nouveau style.
  • 55 Wine Growing and Viniculture Research Institute (Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem Szőlészeti és Borászati Kutató Intézet, Nemzeti Agrárkutatási és Innovációs Központ), Úrihegy 5/a. (SE-S 18 km), +36 76 494 888. Now National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre. Protected monument building complex.
  • 56 Former Military riding school of Archduke Ferdinand (Ferdinánd főherceg katonai lovarda), Czollner tér 3. (Downtown). Built between 1817-1818. Now high school.


  • 1 Arboretum (Arborétum), Nyíri út 48., +36 76 492455, +36 30 6897347 (mobile), . 08:00-17:00, 08:00-18:00, 08:00-19:00 (spring and fall), 08:00-20:00 (in the summer), 08:00-16:00 (winter); December 1-25 closed. The arboretum was only announced in advance groups can visit between May 15 and Jun 15. There is, guided tours available in Hungarian, German and English, Area: 62 ha. Sights: Lookout, Mary - chapel (1718), calvary, wooden playground, nature trail, plant collection. No admission.
  • 2 Kiskunsági National Park and House of Nature (Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park Igazgatósága és a Természet Háza), Liszt Ferenc u. 19., +36 76 500-068, +36 76 482611, fax: +36 76 481074, . Oct 15-Apr: M-F 08:00-16:00; May-Oct 15: Tu-F 08:00-16:00, Sa 8:00-14:00. Visitor permits and tour guide order, Organisation of tours. Exhibits in House of Nature Adults Ft 250, students and pensioners Ft 150 (2014).
  • 3 Nyíri forest (Nyíri erdő) (From Hetényegyháza), +36 76 707872 (forester's house). Mar 15 - Oct 6: W-Su 09:00-17:30. Area: 1,200 ha. Attractions: 48's memorial museum, Arad Martyrs Memorial, St. Hubertus - Chapel, mille centenary memorial. Admission: No.
  • Football: Kecskeméti TE play soccer in NB 1, the top tier. Their home ground Széktói Stadion (capacity 6300) is just west of the railway station and shared with the town rugby team.
  • 4 ZOO (Vadaskert), Műkerti út 1. (SE 1.5 km), +36 76 320121. Jan 1 - Mar 11: 09:00-16:30; Mar 12 - Mar 31: 09:00-17:30; Apr 2 - Sep 30: 09:00-18:30, Oct 1 - Oct 31: 09:00-17:30, Nov 1-Dec 31: 09:00-16:30. Adults Ft 1,000, children under the age of 3 - Ft 100, children 3-18 years and senior Ft 600, (2014).
  • Spring Festival (Tavaszi Fesztivál) held every March, usually coinciding with Budapest's annual Spring Festival. Features local art, theater, as well as plenty of music from Kodály.
  • 5 Kecskemét Fun Baths and Water Slide Park (Élményfürdő és csúszdapark), Csabay Géza körút 5, +36 76 500 320. Open late May to September. Complete entrance ticket (Experience bath, sauna, thermal bath, swimming pool) Ft 3­600, Season ticket (Experience bath, thermal bath, swimming pool, strand) Ft 3­600, Experience bath, thermal bath, swimming pool Ft 2­600, experience bath, thermal bath Ft 2­200, Experience bath, swimming pool Ft 2­200, swimming pool, thermal bath Ft 2000.
  • Air show of Kecskemét (Kecskeméti Repülőnapok). A major air and military air show, also displaying tanks and several kinds of armoured vehicles and artillery pieces. The air show not only displays Hungarian aircraft but is attended by several foreign air forces (20 in the year 2010 including Austrian, Belgian, French, Dutch, Croatian, German, Romanian, Swiss, Spanish, Serbian, Turkish, US, Ukrainian, Israeli Air Force). It takes place in August, often on the 7-8th every 2 years.
  • 6 Visit the Mercedes-Benz factory, Mercedes út 1, +36 76 301022, . The Mercedes-Benz factory, which builds the CLA and B-classes, offers free factory tours. The tours in English take place on Thursdays at 09:30 and last 2 hours. There are tours on other days and at other times in German and Hungarian. To take part, you need to preregister at their website.



Besides buying pálinka or postcards, the town is wanting in any souvenirs specifics to Kecskemét. There are several places to buy folk crafts, especially during the Spring Festival in late March.




  • 4 Alföld Department Store (Alföld Áruház), Deák Ferenc tér 6. (Downtown).
  • 5 Immochan Trade Center (Immochan Kereskedelmi Központ), - Dunaföldvári út 2. Auchan, CCC, Háda, Media Markt, Nike, Optic World, Sebastiano
  • 6 Malom Center mall (Malom Center bevásárlóközpont), Korona utca 2. (Downtown). Shops: CBA supermarket, Deichmann shoes, Douglas, Gas, Jeans, H&M, Libri bookshop,McDonald's, New Yorker, Promod, Retro Jeans, Springfield).
  • Sever Center, Kurucz körút 8..
  • 7 Szil-coop Shopping Centre (Szil-coop bevásárlóközpont), Izsáki út 2. (SW).
  • 8 Target Center Shopping park (Target Center bevásárlópark), Izsáki út 12/b. (SW 1.5 km). Shops: Deichmann, dm, Fressnapf, KFC, Obi, Tesco hypermarket


  • 9 Aldi discount store (Aldi diszkontáruház), Izsáki út 69. (SW 2 km).
  • 10 CBA supermarket (CBA szupermarket), Korona u. 2. (Downtown), +36 76 328-431. M-Sa 07:00-21:00, Su 08:00-19:00.
  • 11 Coop supermarket chain (Coop szupermarket), Gizella tér 1 (SE 2 km), . More eleven units: - Aradi vértanúk tere 4, Bíró Lajos utca 1, Czollner köz, Deák tér 6, Dobó körút 1, Énekes utca 1, Horváth Cirill tér 1, Kossuth Lajos utca 83, Nyíri út, Rávágy tér 1, Széchenyi sétány
  • 12 Lidl discount store (Lidl diszkontáruház), Szolnoki út 18 (E 1 km), . Discount store chain.
  • 13 Penny Market discount stores (Penny Market diszkontáruház), Katona József park (Near to Kecskemét Train Station). Discount store chain. More two units: Csíksomlyói utca 22, Kossuth körút 60.
  • Reál discount stores (Reál diszkontáruház), Boróka utca 10. More two units: Izsáki út 2, Kard utca 30.
  • Spar supermarket (Spar szupermarket), Március 15. utca 5/a. Other unit: Nagykőrösi utca 2.





Have some fruit. The town is in the centre of a fruit growing region.


  • 1 Főzelék-Ház Kft., Deák Ferenc tér 6.
  • 2 DharmaVega, Mária u. 2.
  • 3 Thai-Burger, Rákóczi út 9.
  • 4 Himalája Étterem és Kávézó, Katona József tér 20.


  • 5 Bagatelle Restaurant (Bagatell Étterem), Lestár tér 1. (Center), +36 76 402-553, . M-Sa 10:00-23:00, Su 11:00-16:00. Flowing wines (1 dl) Ft 420-1100, draft and bottled beers 0.5 L Ft 800-1000/700-900, Champagne (0.75 L)/spirits (4 cl) Ft 4500-6500/1200-2000. Starters Ft 1000-2200; fish / beef dishes Ft 3200-4300/4000-4500; poultry dishes Ft 2600-4500, desserts Ft 1100-2000 (prices as of Aug 2014).
  • 6 Caesar's Restaurant (Cézár Étterem), Kaszap u. 4. (Center), +36 76 328849, fax: +36. M-F 12:00-23:00, Su 12:00-22:00. Italian food. Three-course menu Ft 1350 (Aug 2014).
  • 7 Italia Pizzeria (Itália Pizzéria), Hornyik János krt. 4. (Center), +36 76 327328, . 11:00-22:00. Appetizers, soups, pasta, meat dishes, fish. vegetarian, garnish, sauces, desserts, salads, pizzas, drinks. Free delivery. +36 20 947 6847. Every weekday between 11:00 and 14:00 two-course menu Ft 990 (Aug 2014).
  • 8 Kisbugaci Restaurant (Kisbugaci Étterem), Munkácsy u. 10. (Center), +36 76 322-722, . Appetizers Ft 900-1800, soups Ft 500-900, meat dishes Ft 1600-2400, sauces, desserts Ft 500-700, salads Ft 500-900 (prices as of Aug 2014).
  • 9 Labirintus Pizzeria (Labirintus Pizzéria), Kéttemplom köz 2 (Center), +36 76 417-404, fax: +36. Air-conditioned basement. More than 100 pizza with Hungarian flavors in three sizes, a variety of salads and pastas. Delivery.


  • 10 48 Étterem és Bár, Bánk bán u. 9.
  • 11 Vincent Étterem, Izsáki út 3, +36 30 570 0518.



Kecskemét is the home of palinka (Hungarian fruit vodka).

  • 1 Kecskeméti Tavern and Winehouse (Kecskeméti Csárda és Borház), Kölcsey utca 7. (Center), +36 76 488686, fax: +36 76 488686, . M-Sa 12:00-22:00, Su 12:00-16:00. 170-year-old listed building.100 types of traditional Hungarian food, 100 types of Hungarian wine. Soups/starters Ft 1200/1400-3800; fish/veggie/beef dishes Ft 2400-3700/2200-2700/3500-6400; poultry dishes Ft 2600-6000, desserts Ft 1200, soft drinks (2 dl) Ft 400, draft and bottled beers 0.5 L Ft 500-700, spirits (4 cl) Ft 1100-1500.



Kecskemét kiadó szállás Private houses and hotel

  • 1 Boutique Hotel Center, +36 76 222 555. In the centre of the city, close to the main square and the railway station. The hotel provides convenient accommodation all the year round under favourable conditions.
  • 2 Hotel Aranyhomok. Overlooking the main square of Kecskemét.
  • 3 Four Points by Sheraton Kecskemet Hotel and Conference Center, Izsáki út 6 (SW 500 m). Pretty much everything you need to know is in the name - what needs to be added is that the hotel is in an industry estate out of town (but not the one where the Mercedes factory is), on the Izsáki út leading up to the M5 motorway from Budapest.
  • Gokart Hotel, Szent Laszlo krt 64, +36 306511490. Modern (2012) and clean hotel on the outskirts of Kecskemet. Gokart's racetrack, which is next to hotel, can be viewed from restaurant.



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  • Bugac — a small village near the steppelands (puszta) of the Kiskunság National Park, and the site of the annual Kurultáj, a celebration of the Hungarians' nomadic and warrior forebears
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