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Central Lima is the central area of Lima, Peru. It comprises the districts of Lima (Cercado), Breña, Jesús María, Lince, La Victoria, San Luis, El Agustino and Rímac.

Get in

Map of Lima/Central Lima

Get around

Lima Metro

In Central Lima, Line 1 of the Metro has 5 stations. It runs every day from 6AM to 11PM. You need to purchase a rechargeable card for S/.5.00 to use the service and each trip costs S/.1.50.

Station District Location
Arriola La Victoria Av. Aviación / Ca. 25 de Diciembre (near Óvalo Arriola)
Gamarra La Victoria Av. Aviación / Jr. Hipólito Unanue
Miguel Grau Lima Cercado / El Agustino Av. Miguel Grau / Av. Nicolás Ayllón
El Ángel El Agustino Av. Locumba S/N - Cementerio El Ángel
Presbítero Maestro Lima Cercado Museo de Sitio Cementerio Presbítero Maestro


Lima Cercado

  • Correo Central, Pasaje Piura, next to the Palacio de Gobierno. galss covered shopping arcade. 19th century. copy of one in Brussels
Facultad de Medicina San Fernando UNMSM
  • 1 Facultad de Medicina San Fernando UNMSM, Av. Grau between Huanta and Cangallo (12º 03' 21 S 77º 01' 22 W). Requires ID for entry, botanical garden at rear, some nice old buildings.
  • El Molino de Santa Clara, Jr. Ancash.
  • Portada China.
  • Quinta Heeren (12° 02' 58 S 77° 01' 4 W), Cuadra 12 del Jr. Junín.
  • Teatro Felipe Pardo y Aliaga, cuadra 4 del Jr. Apurímac.
  • Teatro Municipal, Jr. Ica.
  • Teatro Segura, Huancavelica 261, Lima, Perú.

Churches and Convents

  • 2 Convento de San Francisco (Museo del Convento de San Francisco de Asis de Lima, The Franciscan Monastery or Catacombs), Plaza San Francisco, +51 1 426 7377. Monday to Sunday 9:30AM to 5:45PM. Fans of colonial churches will be pleased with the architecture of this well-known church in downtown Lima. However, the more compelling reasons to visit this cathedral include underground catacombs featuring over 25,000 real human skeletons (buried between the late 16th and early 19th centuries) arranged in artistic patterns, and also a beautiful library with mysterious, oversized books and spiral staircases in Harry Potteresque form.
  • Catedral de Lima, Plaza de Armas, +51 1 427 9647. Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-1PM.
  • Convento de Santa Clara, Jr. Huanuco.
  • 3 Convento de los Descalzos (Convento de los Padres Franciscanos Descalzos). Tourists have access by the museum entrance.
  • Convento de Santo Domingo, Corner of Jr. Conde de Superunda and Camana, +51 1 427 6792. Mon-Sat 9AM-1PM, 3PM-6PM, Sun 9AM-1PM.

Cultural Centers

  • Centro Cultural Educativo (Estacion Cultural Desamparados), Jr. Ancash 207, +51 1 311 3900 ext 805. T-S 9AM-7PM.
  • Centro Cultural Español, Jr. Natalio Sánchez, Cdra.1., Santa Beatriz., +51 1 330 0412.

Houses and Palaces

  • Casa Barbieri, Jr. Callao at Rufino Torrico.
  • Casa Goyeneche (Casa de Rada), Jr. Ucayali.
  • Casa Negreiros, Jr. Azángaro 532.
  • Casa del Oidor, Corner of Jr. Junin and Jr. Carabaya.
  • Casa Osambela, Jr. Conde de Superunda 298.
  • Casa Pilatos, Jr. Ancash 390.
  • Casa la Riva, Jr. Ica 426.
  • Casa de las Trece Monedas, Jr. Ancash 536.
  • 4 Palacio de Gobierno, Plaza Mayor, +51 1 311 3908. Monday to Thursday 8:30AM to 1PM and 2PM to 5PM. The changing of the guard at 11:45AM can be seen from the Plaza Mayor.
  • Palacio Municipal, Jr. Cailloma 125, +51 1 427 0958. Mon-Fri 9AM-3PM, Sat 9AM-2PM.
  • 6 Palacio de Torre Tagle, Jr. Ucayali 363.

Museums and Art Galleries

  • Casa de la Gastronomía (El Museo de la Casa de la Gastronomía Peruana), Jr. Conde de Superunda, one block north west of the government palace (plaza de armas) (Antiguo Palacio de Correos de Lima (the old post office)). Thursday to Sunday 9AM to 5PM.
  • 7 Casa Museo Jose Carlos Mariategui, Washington near Plaza Jorge Chavez.
  • Casa Museo Miguel Grau, Jr. Huancavelica 172, +51 1 428 5012. Tus-Sun 9AM-5PM.
  • Galeria Juan Pardo Heeren, Jr. Cusco 446.
  • Galeria Pancho Fierro, Pasaje Santa Rosa 114.
  • 8 Museo Andres del Castillo, Corner Jiron de la Union and ?.
  • 9 Museo de Arte Italiano, Parque Juana Larco De Dammert. Paseo de la República 250. S/.4.
  • 10 Museo de Arte de Lima, Paseo Colón 125, Parque de Lima (12º 03' 38 S 77º 02' 13 W). Tuesday to Sunday 10AM to 8PM, Saturday close 5PM, Closed Mondays, 1st of May, Easter Thursday and Friday, Christmas 24th and 25th of December and New Years 31st of December and 1st of January. Has permanent and temporary exhibits of Peruvian art, covering pre-Hispanic, colonial, republican and modern art. Adult S/.6.00, Child S/.4.00.
  • Museo de Arte y Tradiciones Populares (Instituto Riva Agüero), Jirón Camaná 459, +51 1 626 6600. Mon-Fri 10AM-1PM and 2PM-7PM. An interesting collection of popular arts, including masks and costumes from current festivities in the Andean region. The Institute is housed in a very old colonial townhouse. One of few of its kind open to the public. Adults S/.2.00. Students and children S/.1.00.
  • 11 Museo del Banco Central de Reserva, Jr. Ucayali 271 (corner of Jr. Lampa and Ica) (12º 02' 53 S 77º 01' 49 W), +51 1 613 2000. Tuesday and Thursday 10AM to 4:30PM, Wednesday 10AM to 7PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 1PM. Free entry.
  • Museo del Banco de Crédito del Perú (Sala Numismática y Sala de Acuarelas Pancho Fierro), Corner Jr. Lampa y Ucayali, +51 1 349 0606 ext 2210.
  • Museo del Banco Wiese, Jr. Cusco 245.
  • Museo del Cementario Presbitero Matias Maestro, Jr. Ancash, cuadra 17 (4a puerta), +51 1 385 2117, +51 1385 2084, +51 1 427 3798 (Night tours). Mon-Sun 8:30AM-5PM. Adults S/. 5.00, Students S/. 3.00, Children S/. 2.00.
  • 12 Museo de los Combatientes de Arica, Corner of Conde de Superunda and Cailloma.
  • 13 Museo de los Descalzos (Museo del Convento de los Descalzos, Museum of the Barefoot Friars), Calle Manco Cápac 202-A, Alameda de los Descalzos, +51 1 481 0441. Monday to Sunday 09:30-12:30 and 14:00-17:00. Adults S/.7 , Seniors and Students S/.3 , Children S/.2 ..
  • 14 Museo de la Cultura Peruana, Av. Alfonso Ugarte 650, corner of Sanchez Pinillos. Monday to Friday 10AM to 5PM, Saturday 10AM to 2PM.
  • Museo Grafico del Diario - El Peruano.
  • 16 Museo Metropolitano de Lima, Parque de Lima, Corner 28 de Julio and Garcilaso de la Vega.
  • 17 Museo Militar (Centro de Estudios Historicos Militares), Parque Juana Larco De Dammert, 9 De Diciembre, Lima, Perú (12º 03' 34 S 77º 02' 14 W). Monday to Thursday.
  • Museo Municipal del Teatro, Teatro Segura, Jirón Huancavelica 240, +51 1 426 7206.
  • 18 Museo Nacional Afroperuano, Simon Rodrigez, opposite Plaza Bolivar.
  • 19 Museo Postal y Filatélico del Perú, Pasaje Piura, next to the Palacio de Gobierno, 426 7264. Tuesday to Sunday, 9AM to 5PM.
  • Museo de Sitio del Parque de la Muralla, Parque de la Muralla, Jr. Amazonas cdra. 1, on the south bank of Rio Rímac, just west of the Abancay Avenue bridge (12º 02' 40 S 77º 01' 34 W). Monday to Sunday 9AM to 9PM.
  • Museo Universitario de la Universidad Nacional Federico Villareal, Jr. Cañete 697 esquina con Nicolás de Piérola, +51 1 425 1725.
  • Sala de Exposiciones en el Colegio Real.


  • 20 Parque de la Exposicion (Parque de Lima), Bordered by the avenidas Paseo Colón, Garcilaso de la Vega, Paseo de la República y 28 de Julio, Santa Beatriz (12º 03' 44 S 77º 02' 11 W). Wednesday-Sunday, closed Monday-Tuesday. Features a large fountain, Japonese gardens, Teatro La Cabana. Museo Metropolitano de Lima is in the south east corner and Museo de Arte de Lima is in the north of the park.
  • 21 Parque Juana Larco De Dammert, Bordered by Garcilaso de la Vega, Paseo de la República and 9 De Diciembre (12º 03' 32 S 77º 02' 14 W). Features a fountain and is home to the Museo Militar and the Museo de Arte Italiano.
  • 22 Parque de la Reserva (Circuito Magico del Agua), Bordered by Paseo de la República, Sanchez Cerro, Arequipa and Madre de Dios with Petit Thouars running right through the middle. (12º 04' 16 S 77º 02' 04 W), 427 1993 or 427 1021. Wednesday to Sunday, closes 11PM, light shows at 7:15PM, 8:15PM, 9:30PM, 10:30PM. Re-opened on July 27, 2007, with 13 fountains and a Guinness World Record for the highest public fountain at over 80m tall. Best time to go is right at sunset and stay till dark to see all the lights in full effect in each one of the fountains. The laser show at the Fuente de la Fantasia fountain lasts about 30 minutes. S/. 4.00.
Parque Universitario
  • 23 Parque Universitario, Intersection of Abancay and Nicolás de Piérola (12º 03' 15 S 77º 01' 53 W). Features three monuments and a clock tower. Theres some street art across the street from the south east corner of the park.
  • 24 Parque de la Muralla.
  • 25 Alameda Chabuca Granda.
  • 26 Alameda de los Descalzos.
  • 27 Paseo de Aguas.
  • Paseo de Nuestros Heroes Navales.


  • 28 Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor) (12º 02' 45 S 77º 01' 50 W). This is the main square of downtown Lima. In the Spanish tradition, it's bordered in four sides by Government/Presidential Palace or Palacio de Gobierno, the Cathedral and Archbishop's Palace, the Municipalidad or City Hall, and assorted businesses.
  • 29 Plaza Bolivar, Corner of Abancay and Junin.
  • 30 Plaza Bolognesi (Plaza Francisco Bolognesi) (12º 03' 37 S 77º 02' 30 W). A large round park with a statue in the center, surrounded by curved buildings. A few blocks west of Parque de la Exposición.
  • Plaza Carrion, Corner Av. Grau and Huanuco.
  • 31 Plaza Dos de Mayo (12º 02' 47 S 77º 02' 34 W). A large round park with a statue in the center, surrounded by curved buildings. Similar to Plaza Bolognesi.
  • 32 Plaza Francia, Corner of Villaran and Camana, next to Iglesia de Recoleta.
  • 33 Plaza Italia, Corner of Huanta and Junin.
  • 34 Plaza Peru, next to the Palacio de Gobierno, adjoining the north corner of Plaza Mayor.
  • 35 Plaza San Martín, 9th block of Jirón de la Unión (12º 03' 05 S 77º 02' 05 W). A beautiful plaza in the historical district of Lima. A walk along Jirón de la Unión will take you to the Plaza de Armas and past many historical buildings.

Jesús María


  • Museo Andrés Avelino Cáceres, Avenida República de Portugal 258 - Breña, +51 1 423 5884.
  • Museo Multidisciplinario del Colegio La Salle, Av. Arica 601 - Breña, +51 1 424 5750. Wed-Sun 10AM-2PM Thur&Sat 10AM-5PM. Natural History Adults S/.3.00, Students S/.2.00, Children S/.1.00.

La Victoria

  • Trattoria El Italiano, Jr. Enrique León García S/N Urb. Santa Catalina - La Victoria. Delicious italian food.


La Victoria

Gamarra is a fantastic area to shop for a bargain. It's a busy area with street side shops. It doesn't have the security or the price tags of the modern shopping malls. Take only essentials and exercise caution in Gamarra.

  • 1 Polvos Azules, Av. Paseo de la República esq. Jr. Garcíaa Naranjo - La Victoria. A crazy indoor market. Buy cheap clothes, cd's, dvd's, software, games, shoes, backpack's, spirits or perfumes. Most things are counterfeit, but nevertheless of good quality. There are several similar markets in, or near, central Lima.

Lima Cercado

Jesús María


  • La Rambla Breña, Av. Brasil cuadra 6 (6 blocks from the Plaza Bolognesi.). 9AM-11PM. Plaza Vea, Ripley, Paris, Promart, Cineplanet, shops.


Lima Cercado

Atlantic, Jr. Huallaga 146, +51 1 426 9627.


  • El Rinconcito de Chela, Jr. Chamaya 1208, Breña, +51 1 423 0748. Seafood

Jesús María

  • Todo Perú, Av. Santa Cruz 179, Jesús María, +51 1 719 8906. Criollo


  • Norkys. Chicken, chips, salad, steak, deserts, delivery
  • Rústica, Real Plaza Centro Cívico. Pizzas, pastas, chicken, grilled meat, buffets.


Around the Plaza Mayor you can find some nice bars. Around Plaza San Martin you can find "El Directorio", "De Grot" and "Mao Bar", which are small rock pubs occasionally hosting shows from local bands and low-priced beer, when compared to similar places in Barranco or Miraflores.


Lima Cercado

  • 1900 Backpackers Hostel, Av. Garcilazo de la Vega 1588, +51 1 424 3358, . It´s the only Hostel in the Historic Center and in front the Lima´s Museum of Art. It was recently opened in a fantastic Colonial Mansion. It blends perfectly the comfort of new amenities and services with the old charm of colonial architecture. It´s clean and with English speaking and well educated staff which is really helpful in a City were not many people speaks English.
  • 1 Gran Hotel Bolivar, Jr. De La Union 958, Centro Histórico, Lima, Peru (At the Plaza San Martin, 650 m. from Plaza de Armas). The cocktail Pisco Saur was invented here. Royalty stayed here, and the Rolling Stones had to leave for bad behavior.
  • Hotel España, Corner of Ancash and Azangaro (across from San Francisco Convent), +51 1 428 5546. Traditional hotel with wide range of accommodation options. Lots of rooms including dorms starting at 18 soles/night, although prices for all rooms have almost doubled in the past year. Internet cafe and travel help on site. Rooms a bit outdated at times but decorated with paintings, a minimal amount of furniture and the occasional Greek statue. This family run hotel/hostel is full of greenery and generally has guests from all over the world. The restaurant serves only breakfast which can be inconvenient if you want to sit anywhere outside your room after 11AM. The crowd of guests is a great mix of different cultures and backgrounds. It can get a bit noisy with traffic around the downtown area and the constant bird noise from the two parrots who live in the rooftop courtyard. The wifi is unreliable and only reaches a few rooms.
  • Hotel Mandarin, Av. Petit Thouars 1301 esq. Teodoro Cárdenas, Urb. Santa Beatriz - Lima, . A large, very good value hotel located in the Santa Beatriz neighborhood, near to the water fountain park. One block from Arequipa, the boulevard that runs between downtown and San Isidro/Miraflores. A large supermarket, cinemas, bars and restaurants are a few blocks away. Clean, modern rooms with cable TV, WiFi, etc available for S/.40.00

Jesús María

  • El Inn-Ka Bed & Breakfast. A new, family owned and run, vegetarian/vegan friendly Bed & Breakfast in the eclectic neighborhood of Jesus Maria. They offer affordable rates, city tours, taxi services, Wi-Fi, many vegetarian/vegan options (as well as advice on where to find the best veggie eats in the city), and more.


  • 2 Casa Ana, Jr. Pichincha 415, Breña, Lima. (Near Hospital del Niño in Av. Brazil. Take Jr. Independencia, one block. Turn right into Jr. Pichincha. Almost one block. Casa Ana is to the right at 415.), +51 1 423 0718, . Check-in: 12:00, check-out: 11:00. A friendly, quiet bed and breakfast in central Lima. Run by a Peruvian family, with help by Hein (Dutch). At walking distance from historic center (walking map available for free). For budget travellers. From US$14 (single room with breakfast). Hot showers, roof terrace, free wifi. Pick up from airport possible at any time of day or night. US$14.
  • El Sol, Av. Rep. de Portugal 169-171, Breña (Two blocks from Plaza Bolognesi). Clean, modern rooms with cable TV and WiFi S/.35.00.

La Victoria


  • Office of Tourist Information, Psje. Los Escribanos 145, +51 1 315 1542.
  • Tourist Protection (Protección al Turista), 224 7888. Its my understanding if you've had a problem with shonky tour operators, a bad hotel, etc, then these guys might help you out.


  • Emergency (Central de Emergencias), 105.
  • Security (Central de Serenazgo), 318 5050 or 3185055 or 3185491 or free call from public telephone 0-800-1227-0.
  • Fire (Compañía de Bomberos), 116.
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