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Skåneleden is a 1000 km (600-odd miles) hiking trail that goes around all of Skåne. The trail runs from the west to east and from north to south and passes through a highly diversified landscape such as rocky coastlines, undulating ridges, deep forests and white sandy beaches.


Hammars backar hills, seen from Ystad

The trail is included in the 6,000-km-long North Sea Trail, which passes through Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.



The trail is 1250 km long, and divided into five separate trails, with a total of 107 sections.

The trail can easily be recognized by the orange trail marks along the footpath. Parts of the trail are accessible by wheelchair.

The trail is divided into several sub-trails:

  • Kust till kust (coast to coast trail)
  • Ås till Ås (ridge to ridge trail)
  • Nord till syd (north to south trail)
  • Österlensleden (Österlen trail)
  • Öresundsleden (Öresund trail)
  • Vattenriket (being constructed)

Along the trail, there are about 90 permanent shelters at camp sites.


Map of Skåneleden

Kust till kust[edit]

Between Helsingborg and Rydebäck

The Coast-Coast trail, totalling 370 km, is divided into two main sections:

  • Part 1 of the Coast-to-Coast trail begins at the Yndre rest stop in 1 Sölvesborg. The last stage ends at the campsite at 2 Hårsjön lake.
  • Part 2 of the Coast-coast trail begins at the campsite at Hårsjön lake. The final stage ends at Örlid.

Yndre to Hårsjön[edit]

Hårsjön to Örlid[edit]

Ås till Ås[edit]

Starts in 3 Åstorp on Söderåsen and goes to Agusa on Linderödsåsen, totalling 162 km. Passes through Söderåsens nationalpark.

Röstånga to Åstorp[edit]

This section can also be used as a separate weekend hike. Fantastic trip that goes through one of Skåne's most beautiful national parks called Söderåsen (known as Skåne's Grand Canyon). A lengthy hike but not too hard if you are fit. About 45 km.

  • Day one: Take the bus to 4 Röstånga on Friday afternoon, hike to Liagården and camp there. 6 km (3.7 mi)
  • Day two: Hike from Liagården to Krika skog (Krika forest) and camp there. 17 km
  • Day three: From Kirka skog hike to Åstorp and take the train back. 23 km

Trains leave to Malmö/Lund/Helsingborg every hour. Change trains in Helsingborg or Ramlösa if you are going to Malmö/Lund.

Nord till syd[edit]

The North-South trail, totalling 325 km, is divided into two main sections. Part 1 of the North-South trail begins at the campsite in Hårsjö. The last stage ends at the campsite in the Rövarekulan nature reserve. Part 2 of the North-South trail begins at the campsite in Rövarekulan. The final stage ends at S:t Knutstorg square in Ystad, where you also find the town's tourist information office (but according to Wikipedia it goes to Trelleborg).

Härsjö to Rövarekulan[edit]

Rövarekulan to Trelleborg[edit]

  • The route passes 5 Dalby Söderskog Dalby Söderskog National Park on Wikipedia, a small national park, oldest in Skåne.


The Osterlen trail begins in 6 Ystad totalling 188 km. The last stage finishes at Snogeholm, a few hundred meters from Raftarp farm. In the northern part it passes through the hills of Brösarp.

Ystad to Simrishamn[edit]

Simrishamn to Kivik[edit]

  • The route passes through Stenshuvuds nationalpark.

Kivik to Snogeholm[edit]


The route goes from Utvällinge in the north to Malmö in the south (172 km). There is also a part not contiguous to the rest from Foteviken to Falsterbokanalen.

Utvällinge to Malmö[edit]

Foteviken to Falsterbokanalen[edit]


Vattenriket is planned to be ca 150 km long, and to be inaugurated in 2023. The route goes from Bökstad through Vattenriket in Kristianstad to Drakamöllan. The first four sections, Norra Lingenäset to Nyehusen, were to be finished 2020.


There are some 100 lean-to shelters along the route, as well as many hotels and hostels.

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