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  • VoIP instead of including mobile voice in the plan. Many carriers offer "evenings and weekends" flat-rate local voice for a monthly fee. Some carriers
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  • and simply wandering around for experiencing the modern Japanese urban phenomenon. Each of these areas have unique characteristics, such as dazzling Shinjuku
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  • data from your ID, while you get a bill and a rental agreement. A new phenomenon has been the development of "mini-hotels" in large Russian cities. Such
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  • non-smoking areas or defiance of smoking bans. Air rage: A fairly recent phenomenon particular to China is groups of passengers displaying both verbal and
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  • coming in May or June, when San Diego is covered in clouds most days, a phenomenon referred to by the locals as "May Grey" or "June Gloom". September is
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  • Street markets are a phenomenon in Hong Kong, usually selling regular groceries, clothes, bags or some cheap electronic knockoffs. Ladies Market-
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