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  • Ensenada (Spanish: Ensenada De Todos Santos) is the city seat of the largest municipality in Baja California, Mexico on the Pacific Coast south of Tijuana
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  • border with California. Bahia de Los Angeles Cabo San Lucas Colonet Camalu Ensenada - the city seat of the largest municipality in Baja California Guerrero
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  • another unless they stop in a foreign country - try cruises from Ensenada, Baja California or Vancouver, British Columbia). It is also worthwhile to troll
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  • Baja California is the northern half of the Baja California peninsula. Its capital is Mexicali. Tijuana Tecate Mexicali Puerto Nuevo Rosarito Beach
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  • Tecate (category Baja California (state))
    Tecate is a small city in Baja California (state) on the border with California, about an hour east of Tijuana. Unlike most US/Mexico border crossings
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  • Santa Rosalia (category Baja California Sur)
    Santa Rosalia is a city in Baja California, Mexico. 27.338889-112.266944
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  • Colonet (category Baja California (state))
    implications on the Port of L.A., according to the report. The sprawling Baja California beach has the potential to become a major player in maritime trade
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  • Guerrero Negro (category Baja California Sur)
    Guerrero Negro is a city in Baja California Sur, on the edge of the Vizcaino Desert just south of the state border about halfway down the peninsula. It
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  • Puerto Nuevo (category Baja California (state))
    Puerto Nuevo is a city in Baja California, which is described as the "Lobster Capital of Baja", with numerous restaurants serving the large pan-fried
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  • Camalu (category Baja California (state))
    a city in Baja California, Mexico. Camalu is one of several 'beach towns' between Colonet and El Rosario, about 2 hours south of Ensenada. At the stop
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  • Valle de Guadalupe (category Baja California (state))
    Valle de Guadalupe is in Mexico outside the city of Ensenada and is the premier wine producing region of Mexico. San Antonio de Las Minas Francisco Zarco
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  • Playas de Rosarito (category Baja California (state))
    Rosarito is a city in Baja California, Mexico. First thing, buy liability insurance. This can be purchased online1 or at numerous agencies at the border
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  • San Felipe (Mexico) (category Baja California (state))
    from California, into Baja Mexico, there are two simple routes. 1. San Diego/Tijuana Border Crossing: Drive South on the Mexican 1-D to Ensenada. Then
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  • Tijuana (category Baja California (state))
    accommodation. Tijuana is a city in Baja California Norte, Mexico, just across the border from San Diego, California, USA. Visitors can expect an ideal
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  • Mexicali (category Baja California (state))
    Baja California, Mexico. It is the capital of the state of Baja California, and is located immediately across the border from Calexico in California.
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  • is known for its entertainment, casinos, shopping, and restaurants. Baja California — whether it's to experience the high energy of Tijuana, the beach
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  • those in the Copper Canyon area. Baja California has a number of hot pools and hot springs; San Carlos, near Ensenada, Guadelupe Canyon west of Mexicali
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