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  • are in certain directions, you can use them too. Those not confused by geometry can also use the moon: as the moon gets its light from the sun, you could
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  • some of your own. Bold designs, bright multicolored patterns, a touch of geometry, and the insinuation of royalty make kente the icon of African cultural
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  • Similarly to North Minneapolis, numbered avenues run east-west. Due to the geometry of the river, these numbers are lower than the numbers of the North Minneapolis
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  • changing it's moderate collection. Right now, it features an exhibition about geometry, with such artists as Bridget Riley, and Kenneth Noland. River Trail:
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  • building. A piece of advice: freeing your mind from the confines of Euclidean geometry won't make it any easier to find your way through the place, but you will
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  • theology and the seven liberal arts (grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music). The cartouches under the window ledges are adorned
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  • math-student neighbors of the department, if particle physics and algebraic geometry is your idea of a fun discussion on a night out, this should be right up
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  • a school in Niesky, Saxony, in the 1830s, probably as a project for a geometry lesson. Eventually, it was adopted by the Moravians as a symbol of Advent
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  • other at the embranchment towards the island. The reason for this unusual geometry is the fact the small extension to connect to Margaret Island was hastily
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