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  • James Bond beach, which is close to what was the home of his creator, Ian Fleming. There are many different adventure-type activities from rafting to
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  • details. "My name is Bond... James Bond." James Bond's original author Ian Fleming wanted to write the "spy story to end all spy stories", and produced
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  • former residents include Kingsley Amis, William Blake, John Constable, Ian Fleming, William Hogarth, John Keats, Anna Pavlova and Alfred Tennyson. Those
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  • stuck in a snowstorm for five days in Çerkezköy outside Istanbul) and Ian Fleming's "From Russia with Love" — one of the James Bond series from the Cold
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  • Sunday lunch. The pub is reputedly referred to as the "Channel Packet" in Ian Fleming's novel "Goldfinger"[29]. Alternatives include the Oak Hotel (Harbour
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