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  • Bear Island (category Svalbard)
    Bjørnøya, is an islet in the Arctic Ocean, between Northern Norway and Svalbard. The island has no permanent population, except some meteorology crew.
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  • Sveagruva (category Svalbard)
    mining settlement in on the south coast of the main island of Spitsbergen on Svalbard, with a population of about 200. Sveagruva is a company town
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  • Ny-Ålesund (category Svalbard)
    Ny-Ålesund is a tiny settlement on the west coast of the island of Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Located at 78°55′N 11°56′E, Ny-Ålesund is by most measures
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  • Finland and the northwestern tip of Russia, as well as a long border with Sweden to the east. Norway also includes the Svalbard islands. Oslo - the
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  • Greenland (category Outline countries)
    territories are Iceland to the South-East, Canada to the West and the Svalbard islands of Norway to the North-East. Greenlandic places
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  • Midnight sun (category Outline topics)
    seen in two areas: Arctic; parts of the following: Alaska, United States Canada Greenland Iceland Norway including Svalbard Sweden Finland Russia Antarctica
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  • Winter in the Nordic countries (category Outline topics)
    who want to experience winter sport and other activities. Greenland and Svalbard in the Arctic, politically associated with Denmark and Norway respectively
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  • Hammerfest (category Outline cities)
    in the north. In 1790, Hammerfest sent its first hunting expedition to Svalbard, and the city was a pioneer in arctic trapping, although Tromsø took over
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  • 12,000 km² (7,500 sq miles), and the fascinating national parks of the Arctic Svalbard are not far behind, while Yugyd Va National Park in the Russian
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  • Jakobstad (category Outline cities)
    Arctic museum" is a museum dedicated to the explorers of the North Pole, Greenland and Svalbard. adults 6€, children 3,50€.  Pedersore Church.  (updated
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  • Signs (category Outline topics)
    or “ALTO”. Signs notifying of dangers that are not commonly found around the world like the polar bear signs on Svalbard are also worth a photo. Relatively
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  • Nordic countries (category Outline regions)
    The Nordic countries are a group of countries with close cooperation in the north of Europe. They include Scandinavia, a region specifically comprising
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  • Mining tourism (category Outline topics)
    and Falun in Sweden, Norilsk in Russia or continued human presence on Svalbard. On the other hand many former mining communities are deserted once resources
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  • on Svalbard can be reached from several cities, once or twice weekly with a single stopover in Oslo. Similar in culture and sharing large parts of history
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  • Northern Norway (category Outline regions)
    if you try really hard. North to the North pole (not recommended) or Svalbard, east to Russia, Finland or Sweden Domestic south in Norway 69.66666666666719
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  • Franz Josef Land (category Outline cities)
    part of Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. About 300 km east of Svalbard and 400 km north of Novaya Zemlya, Franz Josef is one of the remotest parts of the
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  • not reach the fjord itself as do glaciers in Svalbard and Greenland. One exception is the Engabreen arm of Svartisen glaciers in Nordland county almost
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