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  • Cultural attractions (category Outline topics)
    Cultural attractions allow travellers to experience mankind's physical and intellectual creations. Culture in its broadest sense is everything made by
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  • Medieval and Renaissance Italy (category Outline topics)
    experienced a Golden Age, known as the Renaissance, with wondrous feats of art and science, as well as intrigue and conflict. In the Middle Ages, Europe
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  • operated by the Science and Technology Facilities Council. It is a multidisciplinary centre for research both in physical and life sciences. It had in 1957
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  • Preston (category Outline cities)
    Environment Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences Dentistry Education and Social Science Forensic and Investigative Sciences Health Journalism, Media and
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  • Lansing (Michigan) (category Outline cities)
    outside the Main Library. These libraries include the Biomedical & Physical Sciences Library, the William C. Gast Libray, the Law Library, the Dubai Library
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  • Okavango Delta (category Outline regions)
    safari in Moremi Game Reserve or stay at one or two of the many lodges. The animals, as outlined below, the birding, flora and fauna are spectacular.
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  • probably just showing curiosity or a distrust of foreigners and have no intention of doing any physical harm. A short conversation can often be enough
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  • Greece (category Outline countries)
    lot of walking or other physical activity. (Athens, however, can still be uncomfortably warm during summer afternoons due to the predominance of concrete
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  • Kerman (category Outline cities)
    research in 16 colleges and research institutes of the university. There is about 140,000 square meters physical space available. There are about 100 different
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  • fairly recent phenomenon particular to China is groups of passengers displaying both verbal and physical aggression towards airline staff whenever there is
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  • the right has right-of-way unless your road is a priority route, shown by a road sign displaying a yellow diamond with a white outline or a yellow sign with
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  • United Arab Emirates (category Outline countries)
    UAE University Faculty of Medicine and Health Science; Al Ain Hospital (also called Al Jimi Hospital as it is in the district of Al Jimi), now managed
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  • number of Greek and Latin books were translated into Arabic between the 8th and 12th centuries, on topics including philosophy, history, science and mythology
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  • Tunisia (category Outline countries)
    ailing mental and physical state as a result of extreme old age. Nonetheless Bourghiba is still credited with the birth of the modern state of Tunisia, for
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  • Hsinchu (新竹) is a center of hi-tech industry, and one of the world's leading manufacturers of hi-tech components. Hsinchu Science Park is the home to many
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  • interactive science and technology museum that aims to make science accessible to all, stimulating experimentation and exploration of the physical world. 
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