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  • within Europe and (usually) less than two weeks worldwide. DHL is also available. Postage for an inland postcard is €0.40 (value of the "B" stamp); for an
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  • Popular brands are Smart, Simpel, Diil and Zen. Start-up packages are in a range of €1.55-10. Within Estonia, the postage cost for a letter up to 50 grams
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  • United Kingdom (category Britain and Ireland)
    size and weight. You can find size charts at all post offices but bear this in mind when sending a larger envelope, parcel or packet. Postage stamps for
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  • from Roman Catholics throughout the world. It also sells postage stamps, tourist mementos, and publications. Fees for admission to museums also go into
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  • to an ounce, $0.47. "Forever" stamps are available for the first ounce of both domestic and international postage, and protect against future increases
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  • red postal logo. Mailboxes are red with the postal logo, and most of them are emptied once every workday, a few of them even saturdays, sundays and holidays
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  • (and there is no guarantee that they are emptied at all, even if you spot one). Nevertheless, Turkish Post (PTT) prints some beautiful stamps. Postage
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  • Nations". Nevertheless, the Switzerland of Asia is for many a welcome respite from the poverty, dirt and corruption of much of the Asian mainland. If you
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  • Airport as they'll never be delivered, despite taking your money for postage stamps. Postboxes on streets seemed to be a more reliable means to send postcards
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  • Phnom Penh (category Mekong Lowlands and Central Plains)
    and are open 7 days a week. Postage for international postcards is 3,000 riel. Very nice picture stamps are available. Philatelists: ask for mix and match
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