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  • requires installation of (usually free) software and signup to a voice service provider (VSP). Be sure to test your configuration before departing. A headset
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  • pirated software is legal in Iran. However, bringing the software home may be illegal and carry large fines or jail sentences. In addition, the software many
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  • foreigners frequent with drug testing kits, with detention and deportation the likely consequence of a positive drug test. Due to the fast pace of change
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  • strongly advised during your stay. Most cities have affordable or free testing and treatment centers for STIs, though hours may be limited and waits may
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  • cheapest option. Free calls are possible if both of you have the same calling software/app installed on your respective devices, and are online at the same time
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  • "voice-over-Internet" applications. Any device with the ability to install software, a speaker, a microphone and a decent Internet connection can be turned
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  • image, or just crops off the edges for you. If you have photo editing software on your computer, you can do a better job of that at home. Optical zoom
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  • or fastest for the current conditions. If using a GPS device, mapping software, or websites to plan your route, always double-check it yourself against
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  • are higher. However, there is a wider selection here of other products: software, games, electronics, etc. This market also has a number of tailor shops
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  • last number of the license plate. All cars must pass emissions testing and precise tests of brakes etc. Police may remove the plates of vehicles that have
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  • sexual health clinics (known as GUM clinics), which also provide free STI testing and treatment, even if you are not eligible for other NHS services. Tap
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  • fishman still plying the waters from Pierce Island, and new economy jobs in software and biotech at Lonza Biologics which is now one of the area's largest employers
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  • ship's service to download major files of any kind, e.g., video clips, software updates. Networked gaming will be a joke. On board with your own laptop
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  • be, but software and DVDs are still widely available. It is also a good place for digital cameras, gadgets, printers, MP3-players, etc. Test out whatever
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  • Kalaripayattu Malayalam and its rich literature Cheap advanced computing/software training! Opportunities for foreigners to work in Kerala used to be very
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  • sold at this market. You can also purchase fake Swiss watches and pirated software at low prices. It's located away from normal tourist areas, but motodop
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  • very long shopping mall, notorious for selling pirated movies, music and software. The Parkson department store here occupies 4 levels. It has food outlets
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  • Centre is the largest computer mall in Hong Kong, with both hardware and software vendors competing extremely vigorously. This is a Mecca for nerdy-trainspotter-types
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  • upper floors are almost exclusively mobile phones (1st floor), computer software and MP3/video CDs (4th floor), and computers and handheld electronics (2nd/3rd/5th
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