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  • village atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and luxury resort hotels. Fans of the Beach Boys will recall the mention of the city in the song "Surfin' Safari". In
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  • artist as Natalie Cole, Andrea Bocelli, the Beach Boys, Lionel Richie and Julio Inglesias among others. The club also hosts a small casino which includes
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  • 352-0441. Annual event held the last weekend in July until the end of the first week in August. 2013 includes: The Beach Boys concert, car show, demolition
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  • reasonable. Especially noteworthy are the hand-carved backgammon and mancala boards. Beach boys stroll the beaches, selling anything they think you will
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  • beach. Narrabeen. Appears in the Beach Boys' song Surfin' USA and holds many professional surfing events here. There are really two sections to the beach
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  • Huntington Beach is also mentioned by name in the Beach Boys song "Surfin' Safari", where "at Huntington and Malibu they're shooting the pier". The year-round
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  • and/or offensive less so. Girls may find themselves the source of unwanted attention on the beach from boys if not accompanied by a man, especially girls that
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  • St. Louis (section The Hill)
    Cyndi Lauper, the Goo Goo Dolls, the Black Eyed Peas, and the Beach Boys have performed in the past. A dazzling fireworks spectacle caps off the night while
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  • half and well worth it due to the locals you meet on the way. Watch for the young boys selling homemade samosas on the beach. They are delicious! b) Lamu
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  • around the historic district. Past performers include Ray Charles, The Beach Boys, Lynyrd Skynyrd, George Clinton, Ludacris and much more. The food is
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  • Schools along the beach, which all employ Beach Boys who will help you to start and launch the kite. It is widely common to tip the Beach Boys with US$1/day
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  • Honolulu (category Articles needing the Geo zoom defined)
    makes for the perfect getaway if the hot climate is too much for you. There are great surfing beaches around Waikiki. For lessons, beach boys give private
    39 KB (5,960 words) - 20:15, 14 September 2015
  • chilled-out beach atmosphere (fewer beach boys and merchants on the beach). Paje is experiencing a boom in tourism as more tourists come to kitesurf (the first
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  • after the debut of the movie "Where the Boys Are." It is now an anchor of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metropolitan area, the nation's 6th largest
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  • sale might mean the difference between all the vendor's children going to school this year or just the boys. If possible, try to buy in areas where there
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  • PBR tall boys, definitely go to "Polk Gulch" in the Tenderloin and work your way north through bars such as Mayes and Hemlock. Head to the Marina for
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  • smoking girls and boys and a price-fixing tuk-tuk cartel. Sihanoukville Airport (IATA: KOS) is 17 km to the east of town, on the edge of Ream National
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  • Toronto (category Articles needing the Geo zoom defined)
    Madonna, U2, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, The Three Tenors, Radiohead, Simon & Garfunkel, Garth Brooks, Backstreet Boys, Roger Waters, Black Sabbath
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  • Chennai (redirect Marina Beach)
    One of the oldest churches in Chennai which was built by the British. Its also has a higher secondary school in the campus which has both boys and girls
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  • Sydney (category Articles needing the Geo zoom defined)
    sandy surf beaches. The city is also home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, two of the most iconic structures on the planet. Sydney
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