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  • Lake Elsinore (category Listing with hidden unicode character)
    Lake Elsinore is a city in Riverside County. Ontario Airport Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, 105 North Main St. Eat authentic grilled
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  • Phippsburg (category Listing with hidden unicode character)
    Phippsburg is a coastal town and popular beach destination in Sagadahoc County on Maine's Mid Coast. The town includes some of the best beaches in the
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  • Barcelona/Inland Suburbs (category Listing with hidden unicode character)
    Inland Suburbs refers to the districts that ring the main part of Barcelona. To the southwest, it includes Les Corts and Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, and to the
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  • Cap-Haïtien (category Listing with hidden unicode character)
    Cap-Haïtien is the second largest city in Haiti. It lies along a bay on the northern coast of the country. When Haiti was the French colony of Saint Domingue
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  • for two reasons: 1. to ease the learner into nastaliq, and 2. because Unicode does not support nast'aliq. Vowel diacritics do exist, mostly used to modify
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  • The new Azerbaijani manat (AZN) symbol, , has been assigned to U+20BC in Unicode but m. or man. are sometimes used as a substitute for the manat symbol
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  • Unfortunately, the proper Roman diacritic doesn't appear to be supported yet by unicode. It can be found in श्री कृष्ण (śrī kṛṣṇa) - "Lord Krishna"). For now the
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  • Vowel Name IPA Ind. Dep. with /k/ Letter Unicode ਅ (none) ਕ Mukta A (IPA: [ə]) ਆ ਾ ਕਾ Kanna AA (IPA: [ɑ]) ਇ ਿ ਕਿ Sihari I (IPA: [ɪ]) ਈ ੀ ਕੀ Bihari II
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