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  • later. World War I lives in infamy as the war that introduced weapons of mass destruction — poison gas — onto the battlefield. It was also the first war
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  • Libya (redirect State of Libya)
    and as Libya announced that it would abandon programs to build weapons of mass destruction in December 2003. Almost all US unilateral sanctions against
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  • See also: European history The Holocaust was a mass murder campaign during World War II, carried out by Germany's Nazi regime and some other Axis states
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  • empire) among other designations. In the later phase of the war, Allied bomber raids brought destruction to nearly every larger German city (as the German
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  • California (category United States of America)
    battle between the earth shaping forces of creation and destruction.    Redwood National Park. Stand at the base of a coast redwood and even the huckleberry
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  • thousands of civilian casualties and that even saw the destruction of the House of Commons chamber of Parliament. In addition, the UK lost much of its prestige
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  • inferior weapons mass-produced for the Japanese military and Manchurian soldiers in World War II or modern Chinese copies. At the right price, any of such
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  • three-month siege towards the end of World War II resulted in the death of over 38,000 civilians and the destruction of much of the once so lively city. After
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  • leader Choibalsan in the 1930s. There are plenty of sombre exhibits of those that died and the destruction of monasteries and religion. Very little is in English
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  • 1773 to its destruction by fire in 1885. Originally built as the first medical facility in North America constructed solely for the treatment of the mentally
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