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Zirius Pizza[edit]

Note about Zirus Pizza (this happened in the San Gil one but the head office is Bucaramanga I wrote an email to the head office explained what happened and requested an apology and that the waitress be disciplined, they did not respond so I'm assuming they are okay with racism and that is the image they want their company to project. This is not typical of the people of Colombia or the people of San Gil, it was 1 person and a company.

I go into the place (I am Canadian not Latino), there are 3 tables of people, 1 is eating, 1 is finishing and paying and 1 has yet to order. Waitress comes out to take the order, the people can't decided, she says she will come back, she looks over at me (the snide kinda I see you and I'm going to ignore you look) and goes in the back. She comes out, takes their order, is standing there with 5 menus in her hand, they are at the table beside me, she looks at me again, takes the menus and goes into the back. I don't get one and she doesn't say a word. A Latino family comes in, she goes over and gives them menus and looks at me again. At this point I have been waiting for 20 minutes. I had enough snide looks from the woman so I tossed a chair onto the ground stood up made sure I made eye contact with her and gave her the international FU finger salute and left. I wanted to make sure everyone in there knew that I knew what she was doing.

Whatever culture you are from, if you think racism is wrong then please boycott Zirus Pizza, they have several locations. The only way they will change is if enough people let them know that it is unacceptable to do nothing. {{unsigned|]]