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The old name of Madyan was "CHORAI". It was due to the musical sound of water flowing everywhere in Madyan and where ever you go there is splashing sound of water. The name of Madyan was given to it by Badshah Sahib.

              Madyan is situated at the end of upper Swat from where Swat Kohistan is started. It is the last village of upper Swat. Madyan is 54 Km from Saidu Sharif (The Capital of Swat). While anyone who wants to enjoy the natural beauty, charmfull scenery, waterfalls and attractive spots, Madyan is the gate way which provides you an oppertunity to enter the paradise on earth.
              Madyan having this magnetic attraction is a tourist resort situated on the bank of river Swat. It is 1321 meter (4335 feet) above see level.The climate of Madyan is moderate. It is neither very cool nor very hot but pleasent through out the year. Madyan is a peaceful village. There is no extremism may it be Religious tribal, ethic, sectarian etc.
             The people of Madyan are social, generous, accommodative, tolerant, loving and hospitable. Due to all these qualities Madyan being a small village is famous in western world in particular tired western tourists have two choices to relax one is Madyan in Pakistan and the other is Gowa in India.
              The total population of Madyan village is 1600  . The area of Madyan village is 1699 acre.

By Imran Ahmad Madyan Swat 0092 345 9527616