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= Rail pass activation?[edit]

Related to this edit [1], is it actually possible to activate a Japan Rail Pass in Wakkanai? It's not on the list of stations with exchange counters, [2] - Asahikawa's the nearest, which would unfortunately negate the advice given. - (WT-en) D. Guillaime 20:49, 9 January 2010 (EST)

They activated mine, but he might just have been friendly. --(WT-en) Stefan (sertmann) talk 04:20, 10 January 2010 (EST)


I'm so happy to see someone has actually used this guide - and thank you so much for the additions, one pointer though, avoid me, we or us - and personal accounts - when writing here - it's a collaborative effort.

Really useful guide, way more interesting than just city info. JadeDragon (talk) 00:42, 28 January 2013 (UTC)[reply]