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This maintenance tag shows articles with no links or few links from other main space articles.

It is created manually, or through semi-automated bot, adding {{orphan}} to the bottom of an article.

Articles with this template will be added to Category:Orphaned articles.

The article may have links to it from Talk or Wikivoyage project pages, so may not show up in Special:LonelyPages.

Action to be taken:

  • Check the "What links here" tool on the left margin of the page.
  • If a city or park page then add to the bottom level region it is in.
  • If an extraregion article, see if there is a page or pages that makes sense to link to it, else simple remove the tag.
  • Disambiguation pages do not need links to them.

Once fixed removed the {{orphan}} tag manually from the page (it is not updated automatically).