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Hi, I'm sort of an expert on travel in the middle east, hence the name...

My content contributions

I watch most pages related to middle eastern destinations, and regularly update them to keep the traveller in the know about possible changes to their travelling.

مستعملتي اسم "[أربين] متوسّطة", أنا أحرف في الأغلب المرشدات للبلاد عربيّة.

benim kullanıcı ad bkz. be " ortadaki şarkî I yayına hazırlamak ekseriya belgili tanımlık kılavuz -in belgili tanımlık Arapça ülke

اسم استفاده کننده ام است عربی میانه من عمدتاراهنماهاکشورهاعربی تصحیح بکنم

If you need any information on the Middle East, I usually can help with the more obscure details like emergency contacts, embassies and train/bus travel, as well as more common information. Just ask! :)

I can also contribute to phrasebooks on request, in Turkish, Farsi, Arabic.

My Other contributions

I waste spend a lot of my time on Wikivoyage watching recent changes, there is a significant lack of Vandal bots here so the more manual monitoring we have, the better.

My view on Wikivoyage

I think this site is a brilliant idea, it lets the traveller get comprehensive information on practically any destination! I'm still fairly new, but I'd like to some day become an established user and maybe administrator!

If you need help, ask me!

If you need general help with Wikivoyage, I know quite a lot about policy and wikicode now - so new users are welcome to Ask me here!

I can also offer more specialised advice and services like:

  • If you need any help with Arabic or Persian languages, I'm a native arabic speaker and very good with Farsi(Persian). I also have a diploma in Turkish.
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