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Mah epic username.

Hi. I'm the Master Ceadeus of Wikia. You can find me semi-active here, working on pages that have been vandalized or pages which I have knowledge of. (As in, knowledge of the location) On Wikia, my main places are Community Central, Monster Hunter Fanon (Admin) Monster Hunter Theory Wiki (Admins Board Post rights, past admin), Monster Hunter Wiki, and Zeldapedia. I'm the original "founder" of the alliance/unition that exists between the wikis with the "Monster Hunter" prefix (MHFanon, MHTheory, MHWiki). I'm admin at MHFanon, so if you're from there and would like to talk to me when I'm here and not there, or would like to discusss a block or ban, contact me here, at my talk page or on wikia. Happy editing!

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Jonathan Lambert
Admin of MH Fanon Wiki, Editor at Wikia, Wikipedia, and Wikivoyage, Wikia
"All laws are useless, for good men do not need them, and bad men are made no better by them." -Plato, 450 B.C.

About me

I'm an active contributor and administrator at Monster Hunter Fanon. I'm also an editor on many individual Wikia wikis and I edit Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.

My work

I Administrate Monster Hunter Fanon, and I call myself a "Security gaurd" of the place (Considering the fact that I constantly watch the logs and WikiActivity).

Disclaimer: I'm not the nicest ever. :V

Contact me

Use the talk page here or on my Monster Hunter Fanon Wiki Talk page.

Monster Creations

The Great Hunting Depression

Random bits

I'm a semi-useful bot operator. I like to experiment with MediaWiki code, and I intend to put up my own MediaWiki powered Wiki someday.