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I'm a sailor originally from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. In 2007 I purchased my cruising sailboat Chiara Stella (italian for Bright Star) and in late 2013 I set out from Sydney to travel around the South Pacific.

Voyage Plan[edit]

My voyage plan is to travel through New Zealand, French Polynesia, Cook Islands, American Samoa, Samoa and Fiji, and finish in Vanuatu in November 2014.

The route for the second season (commencing in April 2015) has yet to be decided but will probably include Cairns, Queensland, Australia, then Darwin, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and possibly Vietnam.

My sailing blog is here:

Current Position[edit]

My current position is available in 3 ways:

MarineTraffic: -- This is updated automatically every few minutes with some tracking information while we are in AIS (line of sight) range of an AIS station, and updated twice per day when we are offshore via email. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to hold our position very well and so if there are no position updates for a few hours it may show us as somewhere odd such as Egypt or the central Atlantic. While we are updating the position it should be accurate however.

YOTREPS: however it only shows the position to the nearest nautical mile. That means, for example, that when I send a position report from the Newcastle Marina it shows me as being on Maitland Rd. The position is updated every time we reset the sat phone, as well as once or twice each day when I send a manual position/weather update to YOTREPS. The track is held and displayed for 30 days.

Iridium Tracker: A tracking link labelled "Iridium position" is posted to the blog each time we reset the sat phone. The tracking link contains the current lat/long and will hang around forever but is only accurate at the time it is received (check the time stamp on the blog post).

Ship Details[edit]

Radio Callsign
VJN 3212
Australian Registration
ON 859995
NSW Registration
AEW 611N

EPIRB details[edit]

GME 401FF automatic EPIRB in float free housing (auto launches at 4m depth)
Del's personal locator beacon

Description (can be relayed via voice to search and rescue authorities)[edit]

Red hulled sailing boat, with white topsides. Large wooden doghouse above the centre cockpit. Cutter rig (two headsails), each headsail has a blue protective solar strip. Distinctive red loops on either side of the mast. The name of the vessel and the NSW registration number are visible along the hull sides.