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"Born too soon to explore the cosmos, yet too late to explore the Earth. Our frontier is the human mind" ~Unknown


I'm relatively new to the wikiediting universe. In the past my bordem has been kept in check by scrolling through Wikipedia for hours just reading and researching. Making plans to things to check out on day trips and the like. Then I found Wikivoyage. At first I was simply finding more places to check out and explore faster and easier. On day though I decided to add a locally famous pub to my hometown's page. That changed everything; after several weeks of anonymous editing I made my account and my meandering adventures took new purpose. My trips are more than just satisfy my urge to not sit still, they will server the purpose to go out and find locations that exist but only the locals know about and show them the light of day. To explore the places that have existed for years but are so small, or remote that no one but the people who live there know about them. The small towns we only stop in for gas and the nameless neighborhoods we drive past to our hotels.

To Do[edit]


  • Add Dynamic maps to articles
  • Add map coordinates to locations to listing
  • Expanded on articles with limited or no content


  • Go out and explore locations that have nothing more than an address.
  • Talk with locals to find places not listed on search engines, or without websites.
  • Put boots on the ground to give 1st hand accounts of locations.

Areas of Operation[edit]

My feet can only take me so far in a weekend. I'm limited to a specific AO for physical research. Obviously holiday travels and the like will expand upon this and as will long weekends. If you would like to request I research a specific place in these AO drop me a message and I will plan a trip. At this time my AOs are as following:

  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • D.C.
  • Southern Pennsylvania
  • Eastern West Virginia
  • Chicago, IL (06 JUL 17 - 17 JUL 17)