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From Ireland. I lived in Australia for two years, and London for 6. Back in Ireland now.

Train travel:

If using public transport, I'll always take a train where possible, unless it's unjustifiably more expensive than buses (in the UK). I keep a good record of all routes travelled.


Something of a novice hitchhiker, having only done two meaningful trips by this method of travel - Georgia/Armenian and also Israel. Typically hitchhiked alone, but on occasion hitched with others who I met at stops etc.

Places travelled Year Accommodation Transport
Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria 06/2010 Hostels Trains
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Country NSW) 2011-13 Hostels, campsites, farms My car/buses/trains
Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia 12/2012 Hostels Buses/trains
Singapore, Malaysia 09/2013 Hostels Trains
Israel 12/2015 Hostels, couchsurfing Buses/trains
Finland, Estonia, Latvia 04/2016 Hostels Trains
Serbia, Romania 07/2016 Hostels Trains
Ukraine 11/2016 Hostels, friends' Trains
Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic 04/2017 Hostels Trains
Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia 08/2017 Hostels, camping Trains, hitchhiking
Namibia 12/2017 Hostels, camping Rental car
Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland 07/2018 Hostels Trains
Georgia, Armenia 05/2019 Hostels, guesthouses Hitchhiking, marshrutkas
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kaliningrad, Poland 08/2019 Hostels Cycling, trains
Israel, Palestine (West Bank) 12/2019 Hostels Hitchhiking