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Volunteer, Wikimedia movement

About me

I've been contributing on and off to the wikimedia movement since 2004, first on Wikipedia, then on Wikisource, and finally on Wikidata. My professional field is systems engineering, however lately I have been shifting towards *human* systems engineering, emergence, and generally, to just be happy.

My work

My first steps were on the Catalan community, later on I broadened my scope to focus more on international issues. During 2013-14 I helped to establish the Wikisource Community User Group thanks to an IEG grant in order to empower the volunteer community, and to voice user concerns/priorities. Currently I am interested in community building issues, and how to bring harmony between internal emergent factions. In the end if we put ourselves to it, we can make love prevail.

Contact me

  • Email: dacuetu(_AT_)
  • facebook: dacuetu