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Mohamed algboree[edit]

Hiding Compressed Data in Images Media [عدل | عدل المصدر]^ Data compression is extensively used in current computer networks. This is due to bandwidth limitations and the need for effective transportation. Data is also compressed to minimize storage size all kinds of files are being compressed before transmission or storage. Steganography is the technology to embed the secret information in digital data so that it cannot be perceived visually or audibly. Information hiding techniques have recently become important in a number of application areas. The System proposed in this thesis depends on the ways of Compression assigned in the dictionary by encoding Huffman., One of the common methods of data compression. Steganography technology. it is also used Image certain you know the cover (Cover) Hide Message called confidentiality (Secret) inside the final Image (Stego), which is based on the similarity between the Image pixels and rapprochement between the size of the bit. The program is designed based on the integration of the compressed message in the picture, If there is no kind of compressed (zip) and a copy of the type (jpeg) program does not work correctly The results showed convergence with performance Compression manner Huffman, matched in the process of Lossless ways Compression current standard, were obtained ratio Compression good of this proposed system, depending on the nature of the message, and the number of repeat characters message system, data compression proposed tested on Messages of different sizes. The results of the calculations size is by looking at Image, is a proposed system acceptable as Image final which contain Message Compression resemble greatly Image original so it can be sent without raising any doubts. The recovered data was exactly the same Message that were hidden, and that is the goal of Steganography system, in addition to the proposed system is more stable compared to the previous regulations, Images were used many different sizes The proposed system in this thesis is designed of two programs in Visual basic working fast and easy without complexity in usage between the sender and the recipient. In this thesis described design and application system Compression and decompression and also describe the design and application system embedded and extracting A Thesis submitted to St. Clements University as Partial Requirements For Master Degree in Computer Science

By Mohammed Thamer Algboree

Supervised by Dr. Ismail Khalil Ali