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Im living in Denmark. I was born and grew up in Aarhus.

I have written an extensive Wikivoyage guide to this particular city of mine. I'll readily admit that I did it mostly for personal reasons and not a sudden outbreak of manical altruism or desperate self-sacrifice. I found WikiVoyage convenient as an on-line storage for a free, neutral, quick, comprehensive and useful guide, suitable for a very broad audience, including myself, friends, newcomers, immigrants, leisure and business travellers, recurring visitors, foreign students, foreign workers, etc.. It is written in English, because this is the most widely used and understood language internationally, not because I wanted to prioritise those having English as their first language, be it Americans, Canadians, Australians or the British for that matter. My Aarhus guide is meant for everyone, including a Danish audience. The guide was eventually found too long for WikiVoyage and the Aarhus page has now been trimmed extensively. If you are not satisfied with superficial information and want to know more about the city of Aarhus (or Denmark in general), perhaps even some inside tips and tricks, you are most welcome to contact me on my TalkPage or by mail.

  • Are you interested in beer? (Did you know that Aarhus has three local microbreweries making craft beers? No, you can't get them everywhere.)
  • You really like coffee? (There are several exceptional coffee-spots out of the ordinary and I know where they are. Tea? Juice? I can tell you too.)
  • Dining? (Perhaps you have the money but can't figure out what restaurant will suit your interests?)
  • Danish cuisine? (Did you know that on 11 November every year, duck is served in the Danish-style restaurants? In the summer you should really try "Koldskål".)
  • Some out-of-the-way places? (Have you heard about Brabrandsøen, Egå Engsø or Skjoldhøjkilen? Even if you have, they have more to offer than you would think.)
  • Non-alcohol activities in the nightlife? (Did you know that Aarhus has a board-game café? Or a mini-golf course right in the city center? You can also attend salsa-nights or gamble in a casino.)
  • You need some simple tips on guided tours in Aarhus or other stuff that WikiVoyage can't provide? I can help point to guided historic walks, cycling tours and the like. Even ideas on how to do it yourself for free.

Whatever your general interests are. Write a little bit about it and I might drop you a few special tips.

RhinoMind (talk) 22:13, 4 August 2017 (UTC) (mail: astroman at stofanet dot dk)

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