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Interstate 80 is a fictional "city" in the Midwest, on Interstate 80. Less than a hundred people live in the city, but in its urban area there are over 3,000 inhabitants, due to its position along the interstate freeway.


The downtown area; notice Interstate 80 in the foreground. The "modern" district is on the other side of the hill

(the boring part)

Interstate 80 is a beautiful mixture of historic structures and modern shopping malls, constructed on the basis that careful urban planning and varied routes for various modes of transport (like trains and wagons) was the perfect combination for modern American living. During the 1950s and 1960s, a new home design known as the "shanty" was pioneered to increase the comforts of suburban living. These great improvements were continued following the ways of the great pre-Edison inventors, and in 1974 the first gas lighting was used in the town of Interstate 80.

A huge step was made into the space age for the town when the first UFOs were spotted in the town (later they were identified to be balloons and kites). Then, the first huge step towards a local "Industrial Revolution" was made in 2012 when the first computer was constructed in the city.

What you actually need to know[edit]

(Known by some individuals as trivia, but in this case it's no trivia)

  • It's the cheapest place in the Midwest (in other words, the local economy is not an economy)
  • It has the lowest crime rate in the region (in other words, there's nothing worth stealing)
  • It has the lowest local tax rates in the United States (in other words, there's no money nor any form of government)
  • It's the quietest place in the state (you can guess what that means)

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Get around[edit]

All the shopping malls are along the interstate.


  • Interstate 80's only UNESCO heritage site; the freeway is a little hard to identify in this picture, but it's there...somewhere
    Shopping mall district after the "floods" of 1996
    The UNESCO World Heritage Site. It got onto the list by accident, but it takes so long to delist a site that it's actually still on there. The fact that it's on the list is more surprising to most tourists than the place itself.
  • The famous architecture of the city. A group of people come to the city every year to "visualize" the city according to their city plans that never come into existence, thanks to the "Interstate 80 Development Committee", which allows construction of only shopping malls.
  • Company headquarters. Several of the largest world's companies are based here — at least in theory.


Go somewhere else.


Shopping is one of Interstate 80's high points. Its combination of the freeway, low population, cheap housing, and flat ground made it ideal for "low-rise".

  • Jane Doe's Stores. We are known for having the "largest discounts in the country", yet are also known for feeling spacious. At checkouts we have the shortest lines in the Midwest. Now permanently closed as of the date shown to the right >>
  • John Smith's Stores. Much better than Jane Doe's Stores, and we're not closed either. Price: free, unless you are looking to make a purchase? If you are, please contact us at our website [dead link]. Parking, seating, looking through our stores, are all free until one of our salesmen finds you.


  • John Smith's Restaurant. Was voted "Nebraska's Best Restaurant of 1956" (even though it's not in Nebraska). Every year, it is voted the best local restaurant in Interstate 80.
  • There are other restaurants, but according to Wikivoyage's policy about reviewing bad restaurants, they are not allowed to be included here. Especially that section about "grave defects" applies well to some of the restaurants in Interstate 80.


  • John Smith's Restaurant — yeah, there are not too many decent options around here


The only option is the UNESCO heritage site. It's scary, but if you want to sleep indoors for the night, you have no other choices...

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