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This is a Wikivoyage user page.

Quick statistics[edit]

28,819 articles on Wikivoyage right now (see Article status statistics page for more information)

Articles I plan to create[edit]

See also: Wikivoyage:Requested articles

Major article improvements[edit]

Currently working on[edit]

  • COTM
  • Gazetteer: not sure where to go with this
  • Mountain ranges: fairly general improvements, adding mountain ranges that weren't included, etc.

Sort-of current[edit]

Haven’t started on yet[edit]

Involving the creation of new articles[edit]

Minor article improvements[edit]

Currently working on[edit]

  • Motorcycle speedway: per talk page of that article. I've done some work but it could still be better before being at guide status

Not currently working on[edit]

  • Jazz: could do with more content in "Venues" section
    • Include a couple more universities per Talk:Jazz
  • Pleasanton: more content in some listings would make it better, per the nomination for OTBP



Proposed future DotMs, OtBPs, or FTTs[edit]

No more room for other OTBPs

Possible more propositions longer-term[edit]

  • I have improved Thimphu significantly from a formatting perspective, but being a DOTM is another matter altogether

Possible future star articles[edit]

Proposed future CotMs[edit]

See also[edit]