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28,631 articles on Wikivoyage right now (see Article status page for more information)

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Minor article improvements[edit]

  • Jazz: could do with more content in "Venues" section
  • Pleasanton: more content in some listings
  • Lofoten: article listing order could be better, clarification on each village



None, as far as I know


  • Antarctica (complete, except for some minor fixes, static map changes, and regionlist improvements)

Proposed regionlist (see Talk:Antarctica):

  Antarctic Islands
Antarctica's principal destination, nearest to Tierra del Fuego, with the impressive topography of the Antarctic Andes, island hot springs, and the continent's densest concentration of research stations
  Antarctic Mainland
the Eastern Hemisphere's vast icy desert wasteland that makes up most of the continent is probably the least well known to tourists, but there are a few interesting destinations, including Mawson's Huts and the Southern Pole of Inaccessibility

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No more room for other OTBPs

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