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I'm a 29 years young, seasoned traveller from the land of Vikings, or more specifically Copenhagen, Denmark. Apart from living in Japan for a while, I believe the journey can more just as rewarding as the destination itself, and because of this I have done some fantastic journeys (see the best ones below).


Yeah I have a shiny delete button on my screen, but I'd rather not use it, I'd also rather prefer not to be dragged into discussions as an "Authority" - i'm not - think more in the terms of groundskeeper Willie from the Simpsons.


I'm a docent and couchsurfing host[1] for Copenhagen where I live, and Hillerød where i grew up. Both in Denmark. Please contact me through my talk page. If you need any help or advise on Denmark in general, drop me line, and I'll see if I can help.




I have a goal of doing a circle around the world, from Copenhagen to Copenhagen without flying. Since I'm not Paris Hilton, I've been doing it in stages over the last couple of years - and I'm currently scheming how to overcome the pacific.

Other trips:
Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, as well as Petra in Jordan combined with some diving in the Red sea. And for a big trip; Botswana, South Africa & Mozambique in one sitting;


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