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I am Timosch89.

I constantly try to challenge myself and search for meaning as well as for knowledge. I want this to be reflected in my voyages. I like reaching remote places with substantial effort, but of course also relaxing with the amenities of a western lifestyle:)

I try to engulf the different cultures I encounter and I try at best to live sustainable and uncommercial, sometimes relinquishing the use of money as far as possible, e.g. couchsurfing, no beers, hitchhiking and hiking.

On the other hand I am a computer person and I love food- I try to taste everything (mostly vegetarian) I can get hands on and i love wine. So sometimes I travel more mainstream and enjoy the amenities of a western, developed area to enjoy and learn about art and science- I can spend days in a good museum.

I am from southwest Germany and I experienced extensive voyages of middle, northern and southern Europe, Israel and Jordan as well as India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Georgia (The one next to Turkey) and southeast Asia.

My favorite cities are: Vienna, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Pai, and I am looking forward to travel to: Mexico, Marocco, Kirgistan, Yemen, southeast europe.

Feel free to contact me about my travels or if you are an expert for my next destinations!