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I'm from Sydney, Australia and my purpose here is to try and create an article for every single Tourist Drive in Australia. I detest vandalism, especially from User:ThePikerWorm and making stupid unrelated COVID-19 rumours. I also hate, the fact that us people from the eastern coast sometimes treat Western Australia like a "stepsister". I've travelled to almost every part of Asia and North America but I still haven't been to WA yet. I've visited four of the six states and been to four of the ten territories in Australia.

TravelAroundOz's articles and planned articles.
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My records[edit]

My records Place
Southernmost Flag of Australia.svg Southern tip of Victoria
Northernmost Flag of Norway.svg Just north of Oslo
Easternmost Flag of Kiribati.svg via air
Westernmost Flag of Kiribati.svg via air
Longest flight SYD - OSL (21.5 hours)
Longest train ride Sydney - Newcastle (2 hours)
Longest bus ride Cairns - Townsville (6 hours)
Longest journey by bike Sydney - Parramatta (60+ kilometers)