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Hi. Welcome to Wikivoyage. Thanks for your edits to Madang. You will see I have made a few minor edits to your edits. One thing confused me. What are "missionaries" with good views? I changed it to " missionary stations". Was I correct? The CONTACT section is more for Internet cafes, international phone calls, etc. so I moved the Madang Tourism Bureau to another location in the article. Anyway, I hope your South Pacific travels will enable you to make a lot more improvements. The articles all need personal experiences. It is years since I was there. (WT-en) Shep 16:58, 22 June 2010 (EDT)

Looks good to me :)

Western Highlands and Tari Basin[edit]

Please revert your recent changes. First, Ambua Lodge is not in Western Highlands so you have created a page with no reliable information. (See [1]). Second, I don't think it very helpful to have a page on Tari Basin when we do not even have a page on Southern Highlands. Tari Basin is surely better covered under GET OUT of Tari. (WT-en) Shep 02:04, 29 January 2011 (EST)

Thanks for catching my mistake on the Western Highlands. Oops.

I originally created a page called Tari. However, when I considered that the activities of interest in the area (birds and village visiting) are situated in the valley surrounding Tari, I decided a page called Tari Basin was more apt (I stole the idea from the lonelyplanet website.)

Tari itself is of little interest. A transportation and trade-store depot that services the villages in the valley - the real centers of interest to the traveler.

Do you know how I can delete the Tari page I created?

I would like to get a page up on the Southern Highlands, however my schedule is hectic at the moment and I'm just trying to get info up on the villages I visited (and promised I'd promote somewhere on the internet.) They need the business. Feel free to create a Southern Highlands page and link in Tari Basin.

I know there is a new province to be created with Tari as its capital. Not sure when that's going to be official. Again, as time allows, I'll edit/create pages to get that info up. Wikivoyage was of little use to me when I visited PNG. It has been of great use in other places I've visited. I plan to return to PNG in a years time and be in a position to provide updated info.


Your comments on safety are uninformed. The cities you mention can be just as dangerous. Traditional tribal warfare in the Highlands has become worse as guns have come into the country. Not for nothing is Mt. Hagen known as the Wild West of PNG. Madang has had an influx from people outside the area, just like Lae and Port Moresby. Take a look at [2] and [3] for Tari, [4] for Madang, and [5] for Mt. Hagen. Descriptions of cities you claim are safe culled from the web in two minutes. (WT-en) Shep 08:10, 22 March 2011 (EDT)

== Safety == (Response)

Your references are for inter-tribal violence. None are for violence towards missionaries, backpackers, or foreigners (users of Wikivoyage.) The likelihood of being caught up inter-tribal violence is quite small. When I was in PNG a year ago, I got a lift from a Catholic Priest from India who has been working the Tari Basin for years. He told me as much.

When were you last in PNG? I read your profile. I've likely traveled to the same or more countries than you have and stayed in the villages and bush huts of most. Furthermore, you state that you wish more people to travel to PNG yet you use extreme language that has the opposite effect. The violence in PNG is no different than what one would risk if they took a visit to a dark alley at night in Chicago, USA. I think your true purpose is to deter travelers from visiting. Are you Australian or do you work for Exxon Mobil?

I walked all of the cities that I mentioned alone during daylight hours and did not feel an atmosphere that merits the use of such a hyperbolic word as "violent".

My comments on safety are "highly informed". Yours, sir, are uniformed and intended to keep travelers - and potential hopes of progress - away from PNG.

When was your last visit to PNG?