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Hello, Wikipedians, Wikivoyagers, and Wikians (Hopefully ^_^). I'm known as Ceadeus Slayer on Wikimedia sites, and Master Ceadeus 27 on Wikia. Feel free to leave a message.

Hi. I'm the Master Ceadeus of Wikia. You can find me semi-active here, working on pages that have been vandalized or pages which I have knowledge of. (As in, knowledge of the location) On Wikia, my main places are Community Central, Monster Hunter Fanon (Admin) Monster Hunter Theory Wiki (Admins Board Post rights, past admin), Monster Hunter Wiki, and Zeldapedia. I'm the original "founder" of the alliance/unition that exists between the wikis with the "Monster Hunter" prefix (MHFanon, MHTheory, MHWiki). I'm admin at MHFanon, so if you're from there and would like to talk to me when I'm here and not there, or would like to discusss a block or ban, contact me here, at my talk page or on wikia. Happy editing!

Your very large signature[edit]

" Ceadeus Slayer Sea of Blood -Underwater Ruins 19:47, 7 March 2013 (UTC)" seems a bit on the large size. Would you reduce it a bit and reply here on this your user talk page when you have done so? I shall be watching this page, so please don't reply anywhere else until you have reduced your signature's size and prominence.

PS: On the face of it, your signature also seems to breach the spirit, at least, of our policy on external hyperlinks - but perhaps that might be overlooked if I can see some reduction in prominence... -- Alice 20:02, 7 March 2013 (UTC)

I hope you just meant the height... Anyway, done. Also would there be any way to add a button to my editor to insert a certain template? Ceadeus

Slayer Sea of Blood -Underwater Ruins

Thank you for slightly reducing the height of your signature in your new template.
Personally, I think it is still too tall (at twice line height) and rather too lengthy horizontally. All, in all, it will still tend to overwhelm any surrounding text on discussion pages.
I have reverted your excision of what I wrote above, for two reasons:
1) You removed the example of what I was talking about which means any third party reading my comments later will be seriously misled and
2) It's a breach of talk page etiquette to change another's comments without a very good reason. See here: UUTP
I can't help you with your button question - especially if you want to use that button to make slapping a large "signature" (without a time stamp) in a lot of places, easier still! -- Alice 20:32, 7 March 2013 (UTC)

Seems I forget not everyone is on wikia. And anyway, I just remembered a code for it. Anyway, the large signature's code is smaller if I use it's template. Ceadeus Slayer Sea of Blood -Underwater Ruins

Pine City[edit]

Hi, I took a look at the Pine City listing deletion—from a quick review site search, it looks like it's closed. --Peter Talk 20:17, 12 March 2013 (UTC)