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Westville is a 'hood in the Northumberland Shore region of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Get in[edit]

By Car Westville is easily reached via the Trans-Canada 104, and exiting via the Westville Road.

But you really shouldn't.

Get around[edit]

After suitably arming yourself, Westville is fairly easily traversed via any vehicle of armored car durability or above. Venturing through the streets of Westville in an vehicle not prepared for combat or, god forbid, on foot, is not recommended. The indigenous population, while poorly armed, are superb ambushers and the lackluster cover of their cardboard huts still hides them in ample shadow.

Even in a secure ground vehicle, drivers should be wary on the roadways; the streets in Westville are incredibly narrowed by the local habit of parking cars as far from the curb as possible.


A safari tour of Westville will allow the sightseeing traveler a fascinating look at the tribal, proto-society that the indigenous Westvillers have created. Any of the residential streets (Drummond, Foxbrook, Church) can provide a clear idea of the unique sheltering methods the tribals have used to protect themselves from the element. Crumbled, ancient pre-fab homes litter the streets, patched and held up with the incredible local ingenuity for cardboard applications. More recent constructions are facades of modern trailers built entirely from the endless cardboard reserves the natives appear to possess.

Certainly, Westville's most interesting site is the Wall, a low stone structure the aboriginals have held as a worshipping ground for generations, the adolescents of the Westville tribes residing there on an almost permanent basis. The long held reverence of the site and the unique, modern construction have led some archaeologists to request permission to access the site, believing it may be evidence of a more modern civilization in Westville.


A short sojourn down any Westville street will provide a variety of 'street vendors' selling a variety of illicit drugs, weaponry, and donairs. While interaction is not recommended, a well-armed looting party can pull an excellent haul.

Eat and Drink[edit]

Acropole Westville is one of the few confirmed bastions of civilized establishment in the region. Inside a variety of pub foods can be acquired in an establishment of gambling and heavy alcoholism. Indeed, such a step up it is from the tribal surroundings the only cardboard the building contains is that which makes up their pizza crust.

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