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Citizendium is a wiki-based encyclopedia project started in 2007 to build a "better" alternative to Wikipedia.


Although we use the same software, share many ideals, use similar collaborative processes, and may have contributors in common, there is no formal relationship between Citizendium and Wikivoyage.

Sharing content[edit]

In any case, think carefully before doing this, and discuss it with others. Citizendium and Wikivoyage have distinct goals, and copying large amounts of content from one project to the other creates wasteful duplication. In most cases, linking from one to the other would be a better choice.


Linking to Citizendium allows people to access encyclopedic information that doesn't fit into the framework of a travel guide. For example, the entry on the United Kingdom should have a thumbnail sketch of the country's history, but detailed information on Henry VIII is inappropriate. A link to Citizendium's UK article would allow readers to find non-travel related information about their destination of choice, without stretching Wikivoyage beyond recognition into an "everything you need to know about everything" guide.

However, don't use links as an excuse to be lazy. Wikivoyage entries should be useful and self-contained; links should provide additional information. Writing "Everything you need to know about Belize is here, except that there's a good pancake place in Belmopan" is not helpful.

If there's a page on Citizendium that covers the exact same subject as a page on Wikivoyage, but from an encyclopedic rather than travel guide point of view, consider making a twin link to the page. And if you link to Citizendium, it's also nice to link back to Wikivoyage as well. See links to and from Citizendium for how to do this. You can also just add regular links to Citizendium in the text of a Wikivoyage article, using Wiki markup.

If making a choice between linking to Wikipedia and linking to Citizendium, link to the better article, not the overall project you personally prefer.

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