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Cities (from city list in the Punjab (India) article)[edit]

Star Guide Usable Outline Redlink
Article Status To do
Chandigarh Usable This city is, properly speaking, not part of Punjab. From the article: "It is the capital of both Haryana and Punjab, but the city itself is not part of either state, being a union territory, i.e. administered directly by the central government." In any case, it's quite an interesting city because of its architecture. This is a good Usable article, but it has some way to go before it can be a Guide, still less nominated for Destination of the Month, which really should be our goal for such an interesting place. "See", "Eat" and "Sleep" are mostly listified, but the process isn't quite complete, and particularly in "Sleep", many of the listings need more information.
Amritsar Usable This article needs a lot of work before it could be reasonably nominated for DotM, as it should be when ready. First, it needs a thorough copy edit, especially in hotel listings, Many Of Which Are Full Of Gratuitous Initial Caps and other signs of touting. The "Sleep" section is arguably too long to be user-friendly, too, so perhaps hotels with touty descriptions or none should be unceremoniously deleted. "Buy" could use a little work, too, again for readability. (Should each type of item to buy be bolded, for example? And where should the shopping centre listing be put? Its current placement is without explanation.) Under "Do," what is "Amritsar Heritage Walk"? There is no explanation. If this is an itinerary, its route should be explained. If it's a paid tour, it should be deleted. "Old City Shopping" seems like a "Buy," not a "Do." What activities do people do in Amritsar, other than walking, studying (covered under "Learn") and praying? Since all of these problems still apply a year (as of November 2015) after they were first noted, the article has been downgraded to Usable.
Barnala Outline Completely pathetic. Essentially no content whatsoever. This city has now been deleted from the list of cities in this state, but regardless, it's an embarrassing article, if you can even call it one.
Jalandhar Usable Usable as of 21 November 2015 and much improved. However, it still needs thorough copy editing and it would really help if more information was given in many of the listings. Also needs a pagebanner.
Kapurthala Outline Intriguing though overly brief descriptions of "See" listings, but most sections are blank.
Ludhiana Usable Now a fairly decent Usable article, but still needs polish. Listification is substantial but not yet complete, some listings could use more info, and the article needs more copy editing, a custom pagebanner, and more images if possible.
Machhiwara Outline Lacking in basic info; most sections are blank.
Mohali Outline "Get in" and "See" are now listified. However, there seems to be a discrepancy, in that, for example, the Bus Stand is described as being in Sector 8 but shown on the map to be in Sector 62. It might also help for there to be a basic "Orientation" section of the now-empty "Get around", explaining how the city is divided into sectors. It's probably easy to understand, but the explanation should be given.
Pathankot Usable This is a district, apparently not a city. Should it be treated like a city article? In any case, this article has a fair amount of information, but it needs to be better listified and copy edited. Also needs a pagebanner and could use more good images, if available. Most of the end of "See", starting with "One can stop over in Pathankot en-route to Dharamshala", should be edited for a move into the now-empty "Go next" section, but what about Kath Garh Temple; is that in Pathankot? It seems like from then on, what's in "See" should either remain there, with location information, or be moved to "Eat".
Patiala Usable Though this article is weakly Usable, it contains a bunch of lists of names, quite a few of them still with little or no description and little if any location info. It also needs a pagebanner, and "Connect" and "Go next" are blank.