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In the courtyards of the Royal Palace

Buda is the western side of the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary.


Buda main parts are:

The Mount area (Hegyvidék) comprises all of the 12th & 2nd districts. It is the most exclusive area, with villas, embassies and foreign residences. This is the 'greenest' part of the city. Here is the city highest hill János hegy (527 m above sea level). It is situated in Buda the northwestern part. In north and northeast the III. district called Old Buda (Óbuda), in the east the Danube river by XIII. and V. district,-Downtown (Belváros),- bounded. To the southeast is the I. district called Inner Buda (Belbuda). To the south the XI. district New Buda (Újbuda) is bounded. The neighboring communities is Budakeszi and Budaörs.

Old Buda (Óbuda officially called Óbuda-Békásmegyer) is the entire 3rd district, the core around Kolossy square Protected Area, with lot of centuries-old buildings. In the east Danube, and IV. and XIII. district is bounded. In the south and southwest by the II. district the Mount area (Hegyvidék), in northwest Solymar and Üröm in north Budakalasz its neighbors. Belongs to its field the Óbuda Island as well. The district center: Florian Square and the Main Square

Inner Buda (Belbuda) including Watertown (Vízíváros, Fő utca), Castle Hill (Budai Várnegyed), Taban (Tabán) and Kristinatown (Krisztinaváros). The borders of the district are Gellért Hill, Déli Railway Station and, at its northernmost point, the Margaret Bridge's bridgehead on its Buda side. Administratively in the northwest II. and XII.district, the Mount area (Hegyvidék), on south the XI. district (Újbuda) while in the east is bounded the Danube, by the V. district the Downtown (Belváros). - - New Buda - Tétény (Újbuda-Tétény), which comprises most of the south and southwestern parts of Buda, is a flat area. The construction of a new residential area started in the 1900s, the present district was formed in 1930. In the north the Mount area (Hegyvidék) and Inner Buda (Belbuda) bounded. In the east on the Pest side by IX. (Ferencváros) district with four Danube Bridge connected. Also in the southeast, on the Pest side, by XXI. (Csepel) district bounded. Covers an area of ​​33.49 km ², of which eight districts in line. Until 1930's, was named the Saint Emeric City (Szent Imre város). The names of the district parts - Gellert Hill, Lágymányos, Albert's village (Albertfalva), Eastern's land (Kelenföld), Eastern's Valley (Kelenvölgy), Rich meadow (Gazdag rét), Guard Field-Orson (Őrmező-Őrsöd), Eagle Mountain (Sas-hegy), Sasad - or other names like: Rupp Hill (Rupp-hegy), Chamber of forest (Kamaraerdő), Stone end grove (Kőérberek), Bird Hill (Madár-hegy)- these the nice-sounding words is still living medieval names of district's settlements and landscapes. - Tétény officially called Budafok-Tétény is the southernmost part, with small hills and famous wineries. The neighboring communities is Diosd and Érd. -

Get in[edit]

Only Metro line 2 (red) crosses the Danube from Pest to the Buda side at present. (A fourth line linking Buda and Pest is currently under construction.) It stops at three major transport hubs: Batthyany Square (gaze at the view to the Parliament before changing to the HÉV suburban train for Szentendre), Szell Kalman Square (former Moszkva Square, gateway to the Castle Hill) and South Railwaystation (Déli pályaudvar) (southern railway station).

You can take trams BKV villamos symbol.svg: no. 4, 6, 47, 49 from Pest all these lines (except no. 4) cross at the southern hub Moricz Zsigmond körtér, south of Gellérthegy. BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4 & 6 now run modern Siemens Combino trams in contrast to some of the other rolling stock in use. BKV villamos symbol.svg: 47 and 49 run from Deak Square (the central hub for Budapest metro lines) through Freedom Bridge (Szabadság Híd) to South-Buda.

Clark Adam Square is at the western end of the Сhain Bridge (Széchenyi Lánchíd), which is considered to be the most beautiful of the bridges over the Danube. The tér is also home to the zero statue that signifies the start (or end) point of journeys from the capital as shown on the roadsigns on major roads.

Buda has two railway stations: South Railwaystation (Déli pályaudvar), already mentioned, is the terminus of metro line 2 (red). Situated in the outskirts, Kelenföldi Railwaystation is becoming more and more important. (Many trains leaving from Keleti pályaudvar stop here.)

Batthyany square (Batthyány tér) a combined transport hub there is M2 station, the BKV hev symbol.svg5 end terminal - only this BKV hev symbol.svgstation is underground, in all Budapest, - for north direction to Obuda, to suburbs, to Szentendre where is the southern end of the very nice Danube Bend. A couple citybus & two tram lines end stop also here.

  •    Széna Square Bus Station (Széna tér autóbusz-állomás), II. Széna tér 2. (M2 'Széll Kálmán'),  +36 1 201-3688. Ticket office: M-F 6.00-18.00; Sa, Su 6.00-16.00. Bus services covering the Zsámbék basin region. - Services: Public toilet M-F 12:00-18:00, Sa, Su 8:00-14:00. - Buffet 6:00-18:00 - News stand 6:00-18:00
  •    Volánbusz Kelenföld Bus StationXI.Somogyi u. 35. +36 1 382-0888. Ticket office: workdays: 6.00-21.00, Sa, Su 6.00-16.00. Bus services are operated between this bus station and the towns of Biatorbágy, Érd and Százhalombatta and their respective regions.

Get around[edit]

Two convenient trams BKV villamos symbol.svg: 19/41/18 go along the Buda bank of the river. There is also a bicycle route in parallel to it. Buses number 7/173 (or the 7E/173E express service) run a very frequent service via Buda to Eastern (Keleti) Station in Pest and they are a very easy and convenient way to get around, though during the rush hours it can get quite crowded.

Other transport modes[edit]

Budapest Cog-wheel train
  • Cogwheel tram (Fogaskerekű) (To    Bottom station (Városmajor). take M2 Szell Kalman Square further bus 56 or BKV villamos symbol.svg: 59, 61. - From station M2 Szell Kalman Square take bus 21 to stop 'Ordas út' and walk 500m, -near the Children's Railway terminal,- to the    Upper station (Széchenyi-hegy). ). Using in the Buda Hills is a great escape from the city. The cogwheel tram, which is officially tram 61?, leaves from Varosmajor, accessible by BKV villamos symbol.svg: 59 or 61 from Szell Kalman Square. It climbs through the wooded Buda Hills and at the top. - Some history Since 1868 a horse tramway ran on schedule from the Lánchíd to Zugliget set in operation by the Budai Közúti Vaspálya Társaság (~ Public Railway Society of Buda). Nikolaus Riggenbach (the designer of the first European cog-wheel train line of Vitznau-Rig opened in 1871) with a colleague applied for the construction of the cog-wheel train line leading to Svábhegy. The first introductory vehicle ran from 4 p.m. on June 24, 1874, and regular traffic began on the following day. The whole line was built according to Riggenbach's cog-wheel system. The normal-gauge single track railway was 2883m long all the way uphill with a difference in height of 264 m. The terminal point was built at the present Városmajor. - Extended in 1890, when traffic started to the Széchenyi Mountain increasing the length of the line to 3700m. From July 2, 1929, the new electrically powered vehicles ran every 15 minutes. 1973 saw a full reconstruction, during which the whole track was renewed using the Strub cog-wheel system, and new vehicles introduced.
  •    Children's Railway (Gyermekvasút officially MÁV Zrt. Széchenyi-hegyi Gyermekvasút), Hűvösvölgy (m2 Széll Kálmán tér further BKV villamos symbol.svg: 61 to stop Hűvösvölgy 5 min walk to Lower Terminal also here a suburb bus station for buses 29, 57, 63, 64, 64A, 157, 164, 257, 264- - To    Upper station (Széchenyi-hegyi állomás). take Cogwheel tram (see above) to the Upper station and 200m walk),  +36 1 397 5392fax: +36 1 397 5396, e-mail: . May-Sep all day, other only T-Su. Using in the Buda Hills is a great escape from the city. If you feel like doing it, take the Children's Railway through the hills to Hüvösvölgy and take tram 61 back down to Széll Kálmán tér. The cogwheel tram accepts local travelcards, but the Gyermekvasút does not, and fares can be found here. Also if you have an old map, you're supposed to find Pioneers' Railway (Úttörővasút) instead of Children's Railway in it, which is the former name of the railway from the soviet era. More info: Budapest#Get around - The Gyermekvasút (English: Children's Railway) or Line 7 is a narrow gauge railway line in Budapest, which connects Széchényi-hegy and Hűvösvölgy and is 11.2km long. The former name of the line was Uttörővasút (English: Pioneer Railway, in reference to the communist scouts). Except the train driver, all of the posts are operated by children, beside adult supervision. - History: In 1947, the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) socitey decided that a railway operated by children would be built. The first section, from Széchényi Hill to Előre station (now Virágvölgy) was inaugurated on July 31, 1948. The second section, to Ságvári-liget (now Szépjuhászné), was completed one year later, and the last section, to Hűvösvölgy, was opened in late August 1950. OW/RW HUF700/1400, student half price.




Distrificy in progress see Hegyvidék


  •    Albertfalva Roman military camp (Albertfalvai római katonai tábor és település), Hunyadi Janos Street (Near to Savoya Park Shopping Centre). 24/7. Archeological site. First camps made at reign of emperor Claudius,- B.C. 30's. It was one of the earliest Pannonian limes (border) forts. Rebuilt until emperor Trajan at the end of his reign. All place is bad condition, sometimes under water. Free.
  •    CitadellaXI. Citadella sétány 1 (Gellérthegy, the Hill south of the Buda Castle, bus 27 from either Sánc Street, bus 8, 112, 239 from Ferenciek tere or Astoria Metro stations. To Móricz Zsigmond körtér: tram 6 from Metro station Corvin-negyed (former Ferenc korut) or from Nyugati palyaudvar Metro station. From Kalvin ter Metro station, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 47, 49. The bus stop is called Busulo Juhasz stop & 600 m on foot along Szirtes Sreet). 24/7. the former fortress on top of Gellerthegy, offers a superb panorama over Central Budapest including bank of the Danube River, Buda Castle and Pest city. To get good views up and down the Danube, take the steps going down in front of the Liberty Statue in front of the Citadella. There are several outposts offering good photo opportunities.
Hotel Gellért, built in Art Nouveau style
  •    Gellért Hotel and Bath (Gellért Szálloda és Fűrdő), XI. Szent Gellért tér, Kelenhegyi út 4 (tram 47, 49 from Kálvin tér Metro station, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18 from Széll Kálmán tér (former Moszkva tér) or BKV villamos symbol.svg: 19/41 from Batthyány tér),  +361 466-6166. is a very popular spa among tourists. Worth seeing even if you don't intend to swim (in summer, the outdoor part is open to visitors; entrance to indoor part is paid). See the Baths section in Budapest for details. - About the hotel: Hotel Gellért is a famous, first class four star hotel in Budapest, Hungary. The hotel was erected on the right bank of the river Danube between 1916 and 1918 in the (Secession) Art Nouveau style with some biomorphic elements, at the foot of Gellért Hill, next to Szabadság Bridge. The four star Danubius Hotel Gellért, onetime Saint Gellért Hotel and Spa, was renovated in 1962 and in 1973. The spa, swimming pool and plaza built to the hotel is one of the most beautiful spas in Budapest. Hotel Gellért got the name „the first lady of Hungarian tourism”. Gellért is one of the most famous historical hotels in Europe, which is well-known among businessmen and tourists as well. - Inside of the hotel is built in Art Nouveau style with high glass cupola and wrought iron decoration. The characteristic, oriental cone-shaped towers of the hotel and eventful frontage attract the look from long distances. Inside the hotel less, but more in the spa the original Art Nouveau furnishing stayed with artistic mosaics, colourful windows and statues. The ornament of the stairs starting from the reception in the hotel is the glass window, made on the basis of layouts of Bozó Stanisits, representing the Chase of the Miraculous Deer from the famous old Hungarian legend. At the beginning of the 20th century the apartments of the nobles were characteristically magnificent, while the other rooms were simply furnished with carefully designed pieces. The stylish furnishing of the rooms does credit to the work carried out by artists under the direction of Ferenc Szabja. The domed hall opened to a formal courtyard which was used as a conservatory with its sliding glass roof. The semi-circular lawned courtyard was surrounded by an alcove for the orchestra and a colonnade of the pump-room. The Indian maharajahs with their numerous attendants visiting Europe frequently put up at the luxuriously comfortable Hotel Gellért. During and after World War II the richly coloured coffered ceiling of the galleried foyer and the domed hall reminiscent of the great halls of the Roman thermal baths suffered almost irreparable damage. At the end of the 50’s the reconstruction of the hotel was started. Nowadays the Gellért Hotel is characterized by cosily furnished rooms in which the materials and colours of the textiles, furniture and coverings combine to radiate a sense of calm.
  •    Rock Church (Sziklatemplom), XI. Szent Gellért rakpart 1 (At the southeastern edge of Gellért Hill, go to Gellért tér, turn towards Gellért Hill and look for the big white cross or the statue of King Saint Stephen - you can find the church below the cross and next to the statue.),  +36 1 385 1529, e-mail: . Mass time, daily: 8:30, 17:00, 20:00. The church was created from a natural cave system, following the Lourdes cave as sample in 1926.
  •    St. Gerard's Church (Szent Gellért-templom), XI. Bartók Béla út 149 (Kelenföld - From m2 'Batthyany ter' take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 19 to stop Szent Gellert Templom or From m1,2,3 'Kalvin ter' BKV villamos symbol.svg: 49 to stop Szent Gellert Templom),  +36 1 203-3701. Built between 1984 and 1992, architect Andrew Kiss
  •    Hungarian Advent Church (Magyar Advent Temploma), XI.Október huszonharmadika utca 5 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4,18,41,47; bus 53,86,150,150E,212,250),  1 209-6361. M, Tu, Th 10.00-14.00, F 10.00-13.00. Built in 1928-29, architect Medgyaszay István
  •    Kelenföldi Reformed Church (Külső-Kelenföldi Református Gyülekezet temploma), XI. Ildikó tér 1. (Bus 7E, 173E, 103 141 terminal Etele ter or BKV villamos symbol.svg: 19, 49 terminal Etele ter). Built between 1979 and 1981, architect Istvan Szabo
  •    St. Imre Church (Budai Ciszterci Szent Imre Plébánia, Szent Imre templom), Villanyi street 25 (Szentimreváros quarter.),  +36 1 466-5886, e-mail: . Pastoral Office (XI. Himfy u. 9. 200m away) is open: M 8:00-12:00, 15:00-19:00, Tu, W, Th 10:00-12:00, 15:00-18:00, F 8:00-15:00.
  •    Church of the Holy Angels, Gazdagrét (Szent Angyalok Templom, Gazdagrét), XI.Gazdagréti út 14 (Gazdagrét quarter. - From Móricz Zsigmond körtér bus 153 to Csíkihegyek utca), e-mail: .
  •    Albertfalva St. Michael's Parish (Albertfalva Szent Mihály Plébánia), XI. Bükköny u. 3. (From Moricz square tram 18, 41, 47 or bus 114, 213, 214, 7),  +36 1 208–1279fax: +36 1 464-3320, e-mail: . Parish hours M, Th 16:00-18:00, Tue 9:00-12:00, 16:00-18:00, Fri 9-12:00, 16-18:00, Wed 9-12:00, 16:00-18:00.
  •    St. Sabina ministry and St. Benedict's Study House (Szent Szabina lelkészség és Szent Benedek Tanulmányi Ház), XI. Péterhegyi út 67. (From Kosztolányi Dezső tér bus 150 or 250 to 'Kápolna út' or From m2 Batthyány tér BKV villamos symbol.svg: 41),  (1) 227-5726.
  •    'Mushroom' building (Gomba épület), XI. Móricz Zsigmond körtér (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 19, 41, 49). 'Mushroom' is the name of the building on the center of the roundabout. Built in 1942. The suburban trains arriving from Fehervari street passing through the statue St. Imre bypass tracks and the Szent Gellért Square loop line turned back. In 1963 the suburban railway lines was transformed into tram lines.
  •    Albertfalva Local History Collection and School Museum (Albertfalvi Helytörténeti Gyűjtemény és Iskolamúzeum), XI. Pentele utca 8. (From Moricz square tram 18, 41, 47),  +36-1 208-66-35. Tu, Th 16.00-18.00.
  •    Etele XI. District Local History Society Exhibition (Etele XI. Kerületi Helytörténeti Kör Kiállítóhelye), XI.Erőmű utca 4. (From m3 Corvin-negyed take tram 4 to stop 'Újbuda-központ'),  +36 1 365-6126.
  •    Museum of GAMMA (GAMMA Múzeum (A GAMMA Finommechanikai és Optikai Művek történetének emlékei)), XI.Petzvál József utca, 52? (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 41, 47 to stop 'Etele út / Fehérvári út'). GAMMA was a Precision Mechanics and Optics Works.
  •    Molnár C. Paul Art Studio Museum (Molnár C. Pál Műterem-múzeum), XI. Ménesi út 65 (Tram 61 to stop 'Pető Intézet (Villányi út)'),  +36 30 2011073.
  •    Hungarian Museum of Transport and Technology, Technical Education repository (Magyar Műszaki és Közlekedési Múzeum - Műszaki Tanulmánytár), XI. Kaposvár utca 13-15. (From Móricz Zs körtér bus 33 to to Dombóvári út, m3 népliget bus 103 to Dombóvári út),  +36 1 204 4092.
  •    Military History Museum of the Department of Military Affairs, History of the Hungarian Military Supply (specialist collection) (HM Hadtörténeti Intézet és Múzeum - Magyar Katonai Ellátás Története (szakgyűjtemény)), XI. Daróci út 5 (Bus 212 to stop 'Ortopédia, Vérellátó'). Closed ?.
  •    Karinthy Salon (Karinthy Szalon), XI. Karinthy Frigyes út 22. (From Móricz Zsigmond körtér walk),  +36-1 209-3706, e-mail: . M-F 11:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-14:00.
  •    Bartók 32 Gallery (Bartók 32 Galéria), XI. Bartók Béla út 32 (From Móricz Zsigmond körtér),  +36 1 386-9038, e-mail: .
  •    Gazdagréti Community Center (Gazdagréti Közösségi Ház), XI. Törökugrató u. 9 (From Móricz Zsigmond körtér take bus 153 to stop 'Törökugrató utca'),  +36 1 246 5253fax: +36-1 246-5253, e-mail: .
  •    Kelenvölgy Community Center (Kelenvölgyi Közösségi Ház), XI. Kardhegy u. 2 (Bus 140, 150, 250 to stop 'Torma utca'),  361 424-5363, e-mail: .
  •    Kelenvölgy Library (Kelenvölgyi Könyvtár), XI. Bazsalikom u. 24 (Bus 140, 150, 250 to stop 'Torma utca'),  +36 1 228-7340.
  •    Ormezo Community Center (Őrmezei Közösségi Ház), Cirmos u. 8 +36 1 310-0644fax: +36 1 309-0007, e-mail: .
  •    Budapest Cultural Centre (Budapesti Művelődési Központ), XI. Etele u. 55 (Bus:7, 7A, 7E, 33, 107E, 114, 213, 214 to 'Kelenföld, városközpont'),  +36 1 371-2760.
  •    Natural History Museum of the Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science (ELTE TTK Természetrajzi Múzeum), XI. Pázmány Péter sétány 1/c. (Bus 103 to 'Pázmány Péter sétány'), e-mail: . Collections: Mineralogy and Petrology storage found 1744, Biological and Paleontological Exhibition


  •    Bekasmegyer St. Joseph's Church (Békásmegyeri Szent József templom), III. Templom u. 18 (H5 to Bekasmegyer further bus 186 to stop Templom utca),  +36 1 454-0571, e-mail: .
  •    Obuda, Mountain Trinity Parish (Óbuda-Hegyvidéki Szentháromság Plébánia), III. Vörösvári út 110. (Tram 1 toVaradi utca),  +36-1 388-6126. Founded 1946. Perczel Dennis designed the wall plaster and mosaic of sanctuary, with the risen Christ figure. About the plaster the white circle indicating the Father, the Holy Spirit citations in flames. In the altar placed the Relics of St. Ladislaus and St. Boniface. There are three bells, the largest of the Holy Trinity 363kg, 160kg named in St. Ladislaus and the 74kg made ​​in honor of St. Boniface.
  •    Újlak Visitation of Our Lady Parish (Újlak Sarlós Boldogasszony plébánia), III.Bécsi út 32. (Bus 29, 86, 160 és 206, tram 17, HÉV5.),  +36 1 335-3573, e-mail: . Masses M-Sa 6:30 and 18:00, Su 9:00, 10:30 and 18:00. - St. Stephen's Chapel Masses Weekdays 17:30, Su 9:00 & 11:00. Above the main entrance of the church in Latin inscription ( 1705 Creature Creator ) marks the year of founding of the parish. For builders, mostly German-speaking Újlaki ( Neustift ) little more than fifty yearsfaithful took to build and furnish this church. The building Christopher Hamon Nepauer Matthew was raised in 1746-1766. The main altar was designed by Christopher Hickisch in 1799. The tower formed hard: The first, which began to build above the center of the front facade had to be demolished before its have fallen. Place it on the south side of the connector tower can still be seen. Instead made ​​on the south side an other tower, this can still be seen nowadays. Top of the tower, "helmet" part,- due to natural disasters,- should be renewed twice. Present form of the tower was completed according to the plans of Ybl Miklós in 1877.The "Water level" indicator plaque located in the little church, a memory for 1875 rainstorm that causes serious damage. The frescoes made in 1920s.
  •    Heart of Jesus Parish (Csillaghegyi Jézus Szíve plébánia) (H5 to Csillaghegy),  (1) 368-3144, e-mail: . Mass Order: Mo, We 08:00 Tu, Th-Sa 09:00, 18:00 Su 11:00, Official hours in the parish office: M, We, Fr 08:30-11:30, Tu, Th 16:00-17:00.
  •    Immaculate Virgin Mary Chapel (Csúcshegyi Szeplőtelen Szűz Mária kápolna), III. Menedékház utca 24 (H5 to Csillaghegy, Bus 260, 260a to Virágosnyereg út),  +36-1 388-61-26, e-mail: .
  •    Farkastorki St. Donat Chapel (Farkastorki Szent Donát kápolna), III. Farkastorki út 56. (Bus 137, 237 to Királyhelmec utca).
  •    Kiscelli Calvary (Kiscelli Kálvária), III. Doberdó út (Bus 160, 260, 260a to stop Szent Margit Hospital).
  •    Kövi Virgin Mary Church (Kövi Szűz Mária plébánia), III. Szentendrei út 69-71 (H5 suburban train, or bus 34, 106 to stop Kaszasdulo),  +36 1 388-6535, e-mail: . Official hours in the parish Mo 14:00-18:00; Tu 9:00-11.00 (except. Jul-Aug), Th 10:00-13:00, F 14:00-18:00. Father office hours: Thu: 14:00-17:00..
  •    Florian's Square and surrounding legionary camp (Flórián tér és környéke légiós tábor), Vörösvári út. 24/7. Today's Florian Square was the site of the center of former camp of the Aquincum Legion of II. Adiutrix. Now here is an archeological park where can see the remains of the camp from 2nd-3rd century, Officers flats, tabernas and the camp big baths. Free.
  •    Former medieval market square, Budapest Gallery Exhibition Hall (középkori piactér, Budapest Galéria Kiállítóháza), Lajos Street 158, e-mail: . The market emerged in the XII-XIII. century, the Danubian harbor and anchorage with Esztergom highway connecting streets. The line of houses on the south side led to the Clarissans convent. Lajos utca 158 was one of the buildings of the former marketplace, at the beginning of the 18th century worked as a beer house. In 1790's converted into an apartment house. In 19th century extended with additional extensions. At this time, during the restoration of the building preserved the most important medieval details. The house is now the Budapest Gallery Exhibition Hall.
  •    Clarissa monastery ruins (Klarissza templom és kolostor romjai), Kiskorona utca/Mókus street, 2. Since 1334 Clarissa nuns from the monastery stood here. This was one large three-nave church, each ship has a polygonal apse. Queen Elizabeth (Charles Robert's wife) was founded, who was buried here in 1380. - Beautifully preserved basement walls canbe see on courtyard of Ilona Andor General Music and Arts Elementary School (Mókus street, 2). The center of Hungarian Clarissa monasteries destruction beyond 1541 can do. The monastery was home of the altar of Queen Elizabeth, which now can be see in the New York Metropolitan Museum.
  •    Óbuda Chart former 'Crown and the lions' Inn and Cafe (Óbudai társaskör, Korona és Oroszlán fogadó és Kávézó 'Zur Kronen und löwen'), III. Kiskorona street, 7 +36 1 250 0288, e-mail: . The inn and cafe built between 1816 and 1818, in Classical style. The building has been refurbished in 1990, since that It is the home of tje Óbuda social club.
  •    Monument quarter aroun the Parish (Lajos utca, Kiskorona utca, Dugovics Titusz tér, Mókus utca, Templom utca), Lajos utca, Kiskorona utca, Dugovics Titusz tér, Mókus utca, Templom utca. Around the parish neoclassical, eclectic, and baroque residential buildings built in 19th and 20th centuries. At the Dugovics Titus Square found remains of the south gate of the Roman camp.
  •    St. Florian and St. John of Nepomuk Statue (Nepomuki Szent János és Szent Flórián szobra), III. Lajos Street ~168. Bebo Károly (1712-1779) the sculptor works. Before the parish in the park can be seen.
  •    Antonio Bonfini Tombs Plaque (Antonio Bonfini (1427–1502) síremléke), Lajos Street 168 (At Sts. Peter and Paul's Church (West side)). The renowned humanist own testament according buried to Obuda, the former St. Margaret chapel. His sepulchral monument, which the sculptor John Seres works, can be seen at the left side of the parish.
  •    Remains of the medieval castle (Középkori Vár maradványai), III. Kálvin János köz 2-6. (Inside the Protestant church.). By appointment. - Óbuda first regal, later in 11-14th centuries was king and queen headquarters. The Royal Castle was a lowland castle, shaped for regular ground, square form. Which is bounded by a double walled moat.
  •    Protestant church (Református templom), III. Kálvin köz 4. The temple was built in 1785-86. The front facade of the church, a tower was erected in 1788. The donations of the faithful in 1878 was made a spire with a helmet. The building made with one nave.
  •    Ruins of Franciscan Church and monastery (Ferences templom és kolostor romjai), Vöröskereszt utca 1 (m2 Batthyany further Bus 86 to Flórián tér).
  •    Trinity statue (Szentháromság szobor), Szentlélek tér (Bus 34, 106 from m3 Árpád híd, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 from m3 Árpád híd, H5 to stop 'Szentlélek tér'). - The original statue of the Holy Trinity was made ​​from the Zichy family donations, after the 1738–39 plague. Due to the construction of the Árpád bridge the statue was demolished in 1956. The pieces of it to Kiscelli Museum transported. In 2000 renovated and this was set up near the old location. The sculpture composition in three columns: St. Roch, St. Sebastian and St. Felix figure, in the guardian stones: St. Charles of Borromeo, St. Francis of Xavier and St. Florian can be seen. The relief showing the Penitent David and the Good Shepherd. The altar-like front part showing Virgin Mary and under of it, Saint Rosalia.
  •    Remains of the Roman camp eastern gate (Porta Praetoria lit. The gate of the headquarters, keleti táborkapu maradványai), Kórház utca 7 (Bus 86, from m2 Batthyany to Flórián tér). Now there is the Arkad Beergarden and Café. The gate built in the second half of the 3rd century. It was the Roman legion camp's main gate looking for Danube river. This was a three-span structure. Both two edges a storey, octagonal tower flanked. The middle passage used for the car traffic, the two extremes made for pedestrians. Across this was accessible the Danube bridge.
  •    Kassak Museum (Kassák múzeum), Fô tér 1 +36 1 368 7021.
  •    Zichy castle (Zichy kastély), Fô tér 1.. This is a baroque castle was built between 1740-1757 for Zichy Miklos. The engineering and construction did John Henrik Jäger, stonemason. The main building of the building was surrounded by wings. Later, The the two wings symmetrically terraced garden houses joined (in 18-19th centuries). A park stood opposite the castle facade.
  •    The waitings (Várakozók Varga Imre szobra), Laktanya utca 7.. 24/7. This is a sculpture by Varga Imre. The girls with umbrellas, is a sculpture group located at the mouth of northwest corner of the Main square (Fő tér), the Laktanya street. Free.
  •    The main square (Fő tér és környéke), Fő square (tér). 24/7. The main square and the surrounding streets (Laktanya utca, Hídfô utca lit. Barrack street, Bridgehead Street) with its cube stones, lampposts, remaining neo-classical and eclectic-storied houses faithfully evoke the eighteenth and nineteenth. century Óbuda atmosphere. - The Main Square 4 is a classicism ('copf style'), storey, corner house, which built around 1780, currently home of the 'Zsigmond Kun apartment museum'. The Main Square 5 is a story, eclectic neo-classical house with balcony, now residential building. Under cobblestones of the main square is the medieval Chapter district, from 11-14th centuries. The former provost's palace, and Peter and Mary Church stood here, remnants are no longer visible. The remains of the church buttresses found in Zichy castle's (Main Square 1) Cellar Gallery (Pincegaléria). Free.
  •    Town Hall (Városháza), Fő tér 3. (BKV hev symbol.svg5: to Szentlelek Square),  +36 1 4378 500, e-mail: . The old one-story Town Hall, demolished in the early 1900s. Built in 1906 on the site a new representative building. This building is today Óbuda-Bekasmegyer Mayor's Office
  •    Aquincum Civil Town Amphitheatre (Aquincumi polgárvárosi amfiteátrum), Szentendrei út 150/Zsófia u. 1 (H5 to station Aquincum or bus 34, 106, 134 to stop Aquincum). 24/7 (inside by appointments guided group tours). The amphitheater was located outside the city walls, from the north of it. This is built in 150's, and in the third century renovated several times. Nearly circular floor plan, axis based sizes: 86.5 × 75.5 meters. It can be classified as earth amphitheater. The arena itself was surrounded by three-meter high stage wall. Free (from outside).
  •    Aquincum Roman Military Amphitheatre (Aquincumi katonai amfiteátrum), Bécsi út, 2 (Bus 160, 260, 260A From Metro2 Batthyány Square to stop 'Katinyi mártírok parkja' or BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 from Margit bridge, buda side). 24/7. The military amphitheater located south of former Roman military camp. Tis is in III. District. Bounded by Nagyszombat street-Pacsirtamező street-Viador street- Szőlő Street area. Around 145 the training ground, rebuilt in stone amphitheater during the reign of emperor Antoninus Pius. The construction work was performed by the Legio II Adiutrix technical corps. The longitudinal axis 131.8m, cross axis 108.4m of the outer walls of the stand. The arena size of 89.6 x 66.1 m. Molded walls of its cabinets were built by fishbone vaults. The walls were huge stone pillar supported. Free.
  •    Obuda synagogue (Obudai zsinagóga), Lajos utca 163 (From M3: Arpad Bridge take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or BKV hev symbol.svg5: to Szentlelek Square),  +361 268 0183. Not open to visitors. Budapest's oldest, still existing Jewish temple, and one of the masterpieces of European neoclassical synagogue. The neo-Classical facade decoration of the six Corinthian columns supported by an open portico tympanum closure. - The neoclassical synagogue built between 1820-1821 according to the design of Landherr Andrew.Today, there a television studio works.
  •    Former Obuda silk rounder (filatórium) historic building (Selyemgombolyító), III. Miklós tér, 1 / Harrer Pál utca 46 (bus 9, 86, 118 to stop Raktár utca).
  •    The ruins of the early Christian chapel (Cella trichora, Ókeresztény kápolna romjai), Raktár utca-Hunor utca-Kunigunda utca, 6-Körte utca (bus 1V, 137,160, 218, 237, 260, 260A,901 to'Óbudai rendelőintézet'). North side of the Raktár street once been one late-Roman Christian cemetery. There was the outskirts of the ancient Christian chapel. A typical cloverleaf-shaped building raised in 360's, in memory of the martyrs and saints.
  •    Sts. Peter and Paul's Church (Szent Péter és Pál templom), Lajos Street 168 (tram 1 or BKV hev symbol.svg5: to Szentlelek Square).
  •    Museum of Architecture (Országos Műemlékvédelmi Hivatal - Magyar Építészeti Múzeum Budapest), Mokus Street 20. (bus 206, or 86 to 'Kiscelli utca' stop, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or BKV hev symbol.svg5: to Szentlelek Square),  36 (1) 388 6170.
  •    Museum of Aquincum (, Szentendrei út 135 (Bus nr. 134 (From: Árpád bridge, Szentlélek square) Záhony street bus stop With Bus nr. 34, 106 (From Árpád bridge Pest side) Záhony street bus stop With BKV hev symbol.svg„Szentendrei HÉV / H5” to Kaszásdűlő or Aquincum stops (The museum is between these two stops.)),  +361 250-1650, e-mail: . 1st Apr - 31 Oct, Tu-Su 10:00-18:00; other time partly closed and just until 17:00. The remains of Aquincum the former capitol of Pannonia Inferior, built by the Romans. Exhibitions, Archaeological park and Painter's house. Guiding available only if booked in advance (English, German, French). Season €5.5, off season €3.3.
  •    Bath Museum (Fürdő Múzeum, Thermae Maiores), Flórián tér 3-5, Underpass (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 from Metro Árpád híd OR bus 86 from Metro2 Batthyany tér to Flórián tér stop),  +361 250-1650. Outdoor exhibition Free.
  •    Museum of Commerce and Catering (Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeum), Korona tér 1 (bus 206, or 86 From Metro Batthyány Square to Kiscelli utca stop, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or BKV hev symbol.svg5: to Szentlélek tér from),  +361 375-6249, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10.00-18.00. Commercial posters, trade history photos, approximately 9.000 pieces a large amount of Hungarian coins and bills, menus, menu cards, price lists and program guides, certificates archive materials, a fine art collection related to both the trade and the catering industry Adult: 800HUF, Students: 400HUF, Photo: 1.000HUF, Video: 2.000HUF.
  •    Tomb of Gül Baba and Rosegarden (Gül Baba Türbe és rózsakert), Mecset utca 14. (entrance: Türbe tér 1.) (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 from Margit híd, buda side to Szent Lukács Gyógyfürdő stop),  +361 237-4400, e-mail: . 10:00-18:00. Built around 1548 by the Turkish occupants of the city. It is the northernmost place of Muslim pilgrimage. The beautiful view and the peacefulness of the place makes a visit worth. Free.
  •    Béla Bartók Memorial House (Bartók Béla Emlékház), Csalán út 29 (5-minute walk on the Csévi street, coming from the bus terminal (no. 5), at Pasaréti square, 1st bus 5 take at Metro Széll Kálmán tér),  +361 394-2100, +36 (1) 394-4472, e-mail: . Tu-Sa 10:00-17:00. The final home of one of the greatest Hungarian composers. Located at a very beautiful place and has a big garden. - Bartók's sheet music, books, CDs, DVDs, postcards are available in the Museum Music Shop. Evening concerts: at 6PM. Adult €4, student €2.
  •    Budapest Galéria Exhibition House (Budapest Galéria Kiállítóháza), Lajos utca 158 (From Metro Batthyány Square bus 206, or 86 to Kiscelli utca stop, From Metro Árpád bridge BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or From Metro Batthyány BKV hev symbol.svg5: to Szentlélek tér), e-mail: . Contemporary Art Gallery. HUF 800.
  •    Budapest Gallery, Imre Varga Collection (Budapest Galéria Varga Imre Gyűjteménye), Laktanya utca, 7 (- From Metro Batthyány Square bus 160 or 260 to stop 'Florian ter'),  +361 250 0274fax: 36-1 250-0274. Tu-F 10:00-16:00, Sa-Su 10:00-16:00. HUF800.
  •    Museum Kiscelly (Kiscelli Múzeum), Kiscelli u. 108 (From Margaret Bridge on the Buda bridgehead of the BKV villamos symbol.svg:17 to Margaret Hospital stop - From Metro Batthyány Square bus 160 or 260 to the Margaret Hospital stop - From Kolosy Square, bus 165 to Remetehegyi stop),  +361 250-0304, e-mail: . Apr 1 - Oct 31: Tu-Su 10.00-18.00, (in offseason just to 16.00). Furniture, chests, Signboard, Silver, Architecture Collections, Photo Gallery, Toy, Technology, Ethnography, Poster, Ballroom Dancing Collections, maps, manuscripts and printed matter, Textile and flags, Glass, ceramic and porcelain, Mixed Lifestyle Collections. A beautiful complex of baroque style buildings originally built for Trinitarian monks. The museum exhibits fine arts and items of modern history. Exhibitions on the ground floor reachable by wheelchair. On the ground floor for disabled basin site. €3.3 plus photo or video ticket.
  •    Museum of Óbuda (Óbudai Múzeum), Fő tér 1. (Same as the Museum of Victor Vasarely),  +361 250-1020, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10.00-18.00. A museum of the local history in the Zichy Castle. For disabled the permanent exhibition is accessible. Furniture history collection, Technology history collection ( · household and work appliances· office equipment · clocks · entertainment appliances), Glass, ceramics and porcelain collection, Trades collection, Textile collection, Numismatics collection, City history, association and party badges, Music collection , Household collection, Stone collection. Adult €3, student €1.4, free of charge on the first Sat of every month.
  •    Textile Museum (Textilmúzeum, Textil- és Textilruházati Ipartörténeti Múzeum, Goldberger Textilipari Gyűjtemény), Lajos utca 136-138 (From M3: Arpad Bridge take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or BKV hev symbol.svg5: to Szentlelek Square),  +36 1 250 1020fax: +36 1 250 1020, e-mail: . Tue-Sun 10:00-18:00. This is an institution for care the Hungarian textile and clothing industry in material and spiritual memories.
  •    Museum of Victor Vasarely (Vasarely Múzeum Budapest), Szentlélek tér, 1 (Take BKV hev symbol.svg5 from 'Batthyány tér' and get off at 'Árpád-híd' stop. The museum entrance is just next to the square. There stop BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1, bus 29, 106, 134 A, 137, 118, 218, 237. and 'Flórián tér' stop for bus 6, 86),  +361 388 7551; 439 3310; 439 3311; 439 3312. Tu-Su 10:00-17:30. The museum contains the work of Vasarely, a figure of 'op art'. The works are excellent and are fun to watch. Adult €3, student €1.4.
  •    Óbuda District Cemetery (Óbudai temető) (Bus 118, 160, 218, 260, 260A to stop 'Óbudai temető').


Soviet Soldier in Statue Park
  •    Memento Park (Szoborpark), XXII. Balatoni út and Szabadkai utca corner (Public Bus Transport from “Újbuda Központ” – corner of Fehérvári út – Bocskai út (Allee Shopping Mall) with BUS No.150 to Campona, get off at Memento Park stop or direct bus from downtown),  +361 424 7500. Daily, from 10:00 till dusk. Memento Park is an open air museum in Budapest, dedicated to monumental statues from Hungary's Communist period (1949–1989). There are statues of Lenin, Marx, and Engels, Dimitrov as well and several Hungarian Communist leaders. The Statue Park, was first conceived by the literary historian László Szörényi in 1989 when he suggested the various Lenin statues from all over Hungary could be gathered into one "Lenin garden." According to Ákos Eleőd, the architect: "This park is about dictatorship. And at the same time, because it can be talked about, described, built, this park is about democracy. After all, only democracy is able to give the opportunity to let us think freely about dictatorship." Visitors may well interpret this as an assertion that the Hungarian spirit is stronger than communism. Possible souvenirs are CDs of Hungarian communist fight songs, reproduction Hungarian Communist Party membership booklets, funny postcards and posters. HUF1.500, Students with ISIC card: HUF1.000, accept: Budapest Card, Hungary Card.
  •    Nagytétény Mansion (Nagytétényi Kastélymúzeum), XXII. Kastélypark u. 9-11 (Bus No. 33 or 33/A from Budapest's Móricz Zsigmond körtér and alight at the Petőfi S. utca),  +361 207-0005, e-mail: . From 1 March: Th-Su 10:00-18:00. The 18th-century Száraz-Rudnyánszky Mansion. Look inside a Baroque castle: in its rooms can be seen the show entitled "The History of Furniture Art". Don't miss it! €3.5, €1.7.
  •    World War I memorial of Budafok (I. világháborús emlékmű Budafokon), XXII. Savoyai Jenő tér. (Bus 33, 58, 114, 141, 213, 214, 233E, 250, 250A, 251, 941 or tram 47 to 'Savoyai Jenő tér').
  •    World War I memorial of Nagyteteny (I. világháborús emlékmű Nagytétényben), XXII. Szentháromság tér. Bronze mythical 'Turul' bird
  •    Cave House Museum (Barlanglakás-múzeum), XXII.Veréb utca +36 1 226-8634.
  •    Cellar system of Budafok (Budafoki pince rendszer), XXII.Nagytétényi út ~64?. Much of the food industry exploits. The experts called "360 cellar." It is home to the world's largest barrels of traditional sizes in use.
  •    Czuba-Durozier mansion (Czuba–Durozier kastély), XXII. Péter Pál u 2–4..
  •    Gloriette of Nagyteteny (Nagytétényi Gloriette), XXII. Kastélypark u.. Made by Nepomuki Szent János
  •    Sacelláry Palace (Sacelláry-kastély), XXII. Anna utca 1.
  •    Ceramic park (Kerámia park), XXII.Bartók Béla út 174-192 (Bus 213 to 'Baross Gábor-telep, Török utca'),  +36-1-362-2413, e-mail: .
  •    Former Torley Palace (Törley-kastély, Országos Frédéric Joliot-Curie Sugárbiológiai és Sugáregészségügyi Kutató Intézet), XXII. Anna utca 3. +36-1 229-1944fax: +36-1 482-2003, e-mail: . Built in 1890-1904. Now this is the "Frédéric Joliot-Curie" Radiobiology Research Institute
  •    Torley Mausoleum (Törley-mauzóleum), XXII. Sarló utca 6. (bus 251 to 'Plébánia utca').
  •    Budafok Town Hall (Budafoki városháza), XXII. Városház tér 11 (From M1,2,3 Deák Ferenc tér take Tram 47 to Budafok, Városház tér (half hour journey) or from Déli R.S. to 'Budafok-Belváros' train stop),  +36 1 229 2611.
  •    Roman Catholic church of Budafok (Budafoki Római katolikus plébániatemplom), XXII. Savoyai tér (Bus 33, 58, 114, 141, 213, 214, 233E, 250, 250A, 251, 941 or tram 47 to 'Savoyai Jenő tér').
  •    Reformed Church of Budafok (Budafoki Református templom), XXII.Demjén István utca 2, (Bus 33, 58, 114, 141, 213, 214, 233E, 250, 250A, 251, 941 or tram 47 to 'Savoyai Jenő tér'),  +36 1 229 2278.



Gellert Bath
  •    Gellért Baths (Gellért fűrdő), Buda, XI. Kelenhegyi utca 4 (Gellért Hotel at the base of Gellért Hill, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18,19,41,49 Bus 7, 86),  +361 466-6166. 06.00-19.00 weekdays; 06.00-17.00 on Sat and Sun (between Apr 30 and Sept 30).. While the Kiraly baths may be a more authentic Turkish bath experience, the famous Gellért Bath can't be beaten in terms of style. This is among the finest Art Nouveau baths in Europe, part of Spa Hotel Gellért. Ask the information desk to clarify if you're not sure about how to proceed as the procedures, dignified by tradition, are not always straightforward. - If you rent a towel (resembling a bedsheet) or a bathrobe, you will need the original receipt ticket for getting back your deposit. You'll need to get your receipt ticket back from the attendants inside when you return your item, otherwise you forfeit your deposit. Unfortunately, the managers are quite unforgiving in this matter and won't believe you if you try to collect your deposit without your item or a receipt. Changing: Individual lockers, single-person cabins, and family cabins are available. Indoors: From 01.01.2013 every part of the spa is common for men and women. Common area for men and women has a 50m(?) swimming pool and a soaking pool with massage bubbles, both with 36-38°C water. Wearing swimming caps is technically obligatory, but not always enforced. There are common Turkish-style thermal baths for men and women, offering several different areas: two soaking pools (one with 36°C, another with 38°C), the showers, the dry sauna and Turkish steam bath, and the cold pool (designed to scare the living daylights out of you after a happy warm soak - it is sure healthy). Outdoors: A large open-air complex of pools (open only in summer time). The full entrance price to both the swimming pool and the man and woman thermal facilities is HUF3500, which also includes a cabin rental, where you can change clothes and a towel (bed sheets style). On weekdays this ticket is 4050 HUF Ticket and 30 minute massage can be reserved in advance. The massage: from 2500 HUF for Refreshing, 15 min. to HUF3800 for Powder, 30 min. They also offer a very good Tai massage. 1h is HUF11500 and 1.5h is HUF15500 (march 2010).
  •    Danubius Grand Hotel/Thermal Hotel MargitszigetXIII. Margaret Island (Margitsziget) (northern end of the Margaret Island (Margitsziget), Bus 26 from M3 Nyugati or Bus 34, 106 from M3 Árpád híd),  +361 889-4700fax: +36 1 889-4939, e-mail: . until 21:30. . High-level and modern baths and spa also offers a great choice of medical treatment. Thhre are two body-temperature soaking pools and a cold-water corridor with stones on the floor; one swimming pool; separate steam baths; common sauna. There's a drinking fountain with mineral water extremely rich in minerals--find on a way from baths to the gym. -Changing: Towels are handed at reception--without fee or deposit. Also, there seems to be bathrobes available for rent--ask at the reception. For changing clothes, only lockers are available, without attendant--you have a key. There's no cabins (as families typically live in the same hotel). Every shower cabin have a curtain, and there's some liquid soap available. - Visitors mix: Almost no locals; in New Year season (and 1-9 of May?) about 80% are Russians who are also residents of the hotel. Admission fee (5,700 HUF weekdays, 7,000 HUF weekends) doesn't limit your time inside, and gives access to all spa facilities including a great gym (remember to bring your fitness suit). Solarium and medical treatments should be paid separately, remember before entering the changing rooms (1,300 HUF for 10 minutes).-.
  •    The Palatinus Outdoor Baths (Palatinus Strandfürdő), XIII. Margaret Island (Margitsziget) (M3: Nyugati further Bus 26 on the Margaret Island (Margitsziget)),  +361 236 0040, e-mail: . have three pools filled with therapeutic water—and a total of 11 pools (totaling 17.5ha). In front of the baths is a beautiful rose garden, and nearby, an open-air stage where opera and ballet performances are held, plus an open-air cinema used during the summer. Services: Pedicure €6.5, Value Storage €2, Towel rental €1 (deposit: €4), Swimwear rental €3 (deposit: €9).Number of pools: 11. Wave pool, Thermal spa pool, Margaret pool, two Children's Pool, Teaching Pool, Adventure pool, Outdoor swimming pool, Slide Pool. Adult €9-11,student €6.5-7.3, adult afternoon from 16:00 €6.5,.

Beaches, Outdoor pools[edit]

  •    Aqua fitness (Aqua fitness a Nyugdíjasháznál), III. Szérűskert u. 39. (Metro2 Batthyany tér further H5 to Kaszasdulo station),  +36 1 367-1522. usualy Wed morning 06:45-07:45. HUF5000 per group, cca. HUF300 p.p..
  •    Obuda Beach (Óbudai Strand), III. Laborc u. 2 +36 1 388-9770. Weekdays: 10:00-20:00, Weekends: 9:00-19:00, High Season. 2014th in June. 30 - August 15: Weekdays 16:00-20:00, Weekends: 09:00-19:00. Under 6 years free admission. Open From June until end of August HUF1300 (High Season).
  •    Romai Beach (Római Strand), III. Rozgonyi Piroska utca 2 (Metro2 Batthyany tér further h5 to Romaifürdo or Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Romaifürdo 0.5km),  388-9740, e-mail: . Opening: June 8th. The Number of pools: 3. - Leisure pool with slide, neck shower and effervescing. Sauna. Steam Room. - Children Pool/ Swimming pool/Beach Pool: (water temperature-water depth-size) 30°C - 0.35m - 280sqm / 21-22°C, 1.5m, 600sqm /26-27 °C, 1m, 1400sqm. - Water is composed: low solute concentration of calcium, magnesium, hydrogen-carbonate, karst, lukewarm water. Weekdays/weekends Adult HUF2300/2600. Adult afternoon (M, Tu, Th after 16.00) HUF1700/ -, Child-retired-student HUF1700/1800, Waiting beach day (Wednesday) HUF1700/-, Family (2 adults, 2 children) HUF6300/7000, Family (one adult, two children) HUF4600/5200, Campers ticket HUF1000, Cabin Ticket HUF600.
  •    Aquincum hotel, Spa wellnessIII. Árpád fejedelem útja 94 +36 1 436-4130, e-mail: . 10.00-22.00. There is special thermal water derived directly from nearby Margaret Island. Services include a swimming pool, two thermal pools, a Finnish sauna, steam baths and Jacuzzi Adult entry for swimming pool HUF4700, (weekend HUF5800).
  •    Csillaghegyi Outdoor swimming and Swimming Pool (Csillaghegyi Strandfürdő és Uszoda), III. Pusztakúti út 2-6. (h5 to Csillaghegyi station or Bus 160, 134, 234), fax: +36 1 250-1533, e-mail: . - Children's Pool, Aromatherapy Massage, Infrasauna, Value Storage, Massage helping for blood circulation. - The number of pools: 3. Green Area: 90,468 sqm. Datas: Outdoor swimming pool 21-22°C, 1.45-1.95 m, 782sqm, Children's pool at 22°C, 0.25-0.6 m, 113sqm, Swimming pool 21-22°C (summer), 25-26°C (winter, under tent), 370sqm, 1.20-2.40m. - This beach is the oldest of the capital. It has worked since 1850s. Last reconstaction was in 2000. Adult ticket HUF1700, Children's, retired and student HUF1300, after 17.00 (weekdays) HUF1300, combined entrance ticket incl. 20 minute massage HUF2800, Wednesday HUF1200.
  •    Punkosdfurdoi beach (Pünkösdfürdői Strand), III. Királyok útja 272 (h5 to Bekasmegyer station further bus 34),  +36 1 388-6665. - Children's Pool, Adventure pool, Outdoor swimming pool, Sauna, Value Storage, Catering units. M-F/Sa-Su. Adult admission HUF1700/1800, Adult afternoon (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 16 am) HUF1300/-, Children's retired and student HUF1300/1400, Wednesday Strand 1300/-, Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) HUF4700/5000, Family ticket II. (1 adult, 2 children) HUF3400/3600, Cabin Ticket HUF500.


  •    Bottomless Lake (Feneketlen-tó), XI, Kosztolányi Dezső tér (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 61, bus 7, 212). Its area of 1.1 ha and a depth of 4-5 meters. Play tennis, gym's, try fishing or just relaxing.
  •    Arboretum of Buda (Budai Arborétum), XI. Villányi út., (Near to Móricz Zs. tér, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 61 one stop).
  •    Görzenál Skates and Leisure Park (Görzenál), III. Árpád fejedelem útja 125 (H5 to stop 'Tímár utca'),  +361 250 4799. M-Th Closed, F 14:00-dusk, Sa-Su: 9:30-dusk. - Skating, BMX, speed skating, streetball. - Area 14,000m2. - Roller skate rental: HUF500/3 hours /pair, Protective Equipment: HUF100/3 hours/pair - In Rainy time closed the park. -For more info +36-20-982-6979. HUF400/day.
  •    Margaret Island (Margitsziget), XIII. district, Pest? (From metro 'Széll Kálmán tér' BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4 or 6 to 'Margaret Island' stop and walk in acrooss the two lanes wide bridge consol OR from Metro Nyugati tér take bus 26 which stops several times on the Island). 24/7. Margaret Island is connected to the city by Árpád Bridge to the north and Margaret Bridge to the south. You can stroll for hours in its large parks. There are Sportcomplex, Outdoor 'Palatinus' bath, minizoo, flower garden, hotel, pubs. Free.
  •    Óbudai or Hajogyar Island (Hajógyári-sziget) (Take HÉV from Batthyány tér and get off at Filatorigát stop. Follow the crowd acroos 'K' bridge). Island on the Danube, Budapest hosts the Sziget fesztivál every August. It is Central Europe's most popular summer festival attracting more than 300,000 visitors. Young and old, Hungarian and foreigner can find his/her entertainment. Other times some recreational option like biking, kayaking, fishing, tennis playing.
  •    Kopaszi dam (Kopaszi gát), XI. (bus 33 from Móricz Zs. tér to Dombóvári út, or bus 133 from Népliget (M3) to Pázmány Péter sétány stop). The dam is the Lágymányosi bay separated by the Danube River. There are several small restaurants and playhouse for kids. A popular resting and meeting place.
  •    Haros Island, Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve Area (Háros-szigeti Ártéri-erdő Természetvédelmi terület), 22th district (Budafok-Háros train stop, or take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 41 from Móricz Zsigmond körtér). 24/7. Area 56ha. The most famous fauna is native, protected wild grape. Now, it is in fact a peninsula, because in 1911, the northern part filled and connected to the shore of the river. This reserve is part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park Free.
  •    Sas-hegyi (Eagle Mountain) Visitor Center (Sas-hegyi Látogatóközpont), XI. Tájék u. 26. (From metro 'Ferenciek tere', bus 8, to Korompai utca (about 15-20min), walk 5 min.),  +36 30-408-4370. March 1-October 31, Tu, F-Su 10.00-18.00. Visit the Royal Eagle Mountain Nature Reserve, almost in city centre. More info Adult €5, discount €3.
  •    Csucshegy Mountain Nature Trail (Csúcshegyi tanösvény), III. (bus 218 to Urom railway station), e-mail: . 24/7. Main sights on the trail: Railway in Falconer Valley, the Old customs house at Vienna Road and Vörösvári road, the cross Ecker, Catherine source, the Roman fountain and the villa, the Stone Bridge on Harsánylejto (slope ) Csucshegy mountain chapel and Vacation Home, Army memorial stone Free.


  •    Synthetic grass football fields in Obuda (Műfüves sportpályák), III. Laborc u. 2 (From M3 Arped hid take tram 1 to Becsi ut terminal 0.7km or bus 160, 218, 260 to stop Laborc utca), e-mail: . weekdays: 8-21 h, weekends: 8-15 h. Size 20×40 m. - Further, rental artificial turf tracks: Óbuda Harrer Paul Elementary School. synthetic grass football field, Size: 12 x 24 m, Harrer Pál u. 7, tel: +36 1 388 9770, - Krúdy Gyula Primary School football field synthetic grass, size is 20 x 40 m, Gyogyszergyar u. 22-24. tel: 06 1 388 9770; - Óbuda Laszlo Nagy General School. synthetic grass football field, 20 x 40 m, Varadi u. 15/b. tel:. +36 1 388 9770 Reduced Rent: HUF6900 per hour.
  •    Tennis courts in Obuda (Teniszpályák), III. Laborc u. 2 (Bus 160,218,260 to stop Kubik utca),  +36 70 702-3719, +36 1 240 5601, e-mail: . Renting fees 07:00–11:00/11:00–16:00/16:00–22:00, HUF4.300/3.500/4.900 per hour.
  •    Óbuda Cheetahs Ice Arena (Óbudai Gepárdok Jégcsarnok), III. Kubik utca (Bus 160,218,260 to stop Kubik utca), e-mail: . Sa 10:30-11:50 & 16:00-17:50, Su 10:00-11:20 & 14:30-17:50. Skate rental. There is a 56×26m rink with modern plank system and surrounded by thick tempered glass. Used for hockey, figure skating, or the public adults: HUF900/a time.
  •    Obuda Bike Rental (Óbuda Kerékpárkölcsönző), Laktanya Street, 1 / B (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 to Szentlelek ter),  +36 20 207-3133, e-mail: . M-F 7:00-19:00, Sa-Su 9:00-19:00. - a document of the registered deposit & HUF 10,000 deposit required HUF200 per hour.
  •    Fő Square rink (Fő téri jégpálya), III. Fő Square (Before Town Hall building). Open every day: 08:00-22:00 (30.Nov.-2.Feb.). Winter outdoor skating. Skate rental is available! Free.
  •    Aquincum School – plastic ice rink (Aquincumi Ált. Iskola - Műanyag jégpálya), III. Arató Emil tér 1. (H5 to Aquincum station). Open weekdays: 15:00-20:00, weekend: 9:00-20:00 (6.jan.-2.mar.). Winter outdoor skating. Skate rental is available! Free.
  •    Kayaking at the UTE Canoe Section (Kajakozás az UTE Kajak-Kenu Szakosztályában), III. Árpád Fejedelem u. 71 (Metro2 Batthyany tér further H5 to stop 'Tímár utca'),  +36 30 8270 321. training sessions starts on Tue and Thu at 6:00, every Wed 18:30. Ask for Coach Gannoruwa Levente. 1-1.5 hour sessions three times a week Price HUF800 per time, the monthly membership fee HUF6000.
  •    Climbing in the Varga School (Falmászás a Varga István Kereskedelmi, Közgazdasági Szakközépiskola és Szakiskolában), III. Hatvany Lajos utca 7 (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Újmegyeri tér),  +36 1 243-0973. Wed 15.00-17.00. HUF1500.
  •    Dragon Boat Rentals (Sárkányhajó bérlés), III.Rómaipart 44 /entry at Rozgonyi Piroska street/ (bus 106 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Nánási út or from Metro2 Batthyany tér further to Romaifürdo station 1.0km),  +36 20 2362789, e-mail: . - Helmsman to You! - Teams undertake the preparation of the tournament! - Ask for Ms.Zsuzsa Varga. Rent a boat occasionally HUF600/person.
  •    Viking Yacht Club (Wiking Yacht Klub), III. Hajógyári sziget 606 +36 1 388 6153fax: 06 1 250 3950, e-mail: . New and used boat sales, Transcription ship, testing, vessel storage, Boat Service, Motorboat and yacht rentals (for 5-7-11 passanger capacity). Private boat hire with driver one, two, three, or more hours. - Departure: From 'Dock 11' port, beside the Elisabeth Bridge on the Pest feet or Batthyány Square, or the Margaret Island harbor. Wiking Excursion boat Budapest Sightseeing. Budapest trip HUF3000, Szentendre trip OW/RW HUF3000/4500 19 feet boat HUF17000 per hour.
  •    Water Taxi (Vízitaxi), III. Hajógyári sziget 606 +36-20 466 7929, e-mail: . Motorboat rentals six types Budapest Sightseeing 1 hour by rented Water Taxi: HUF50,000; Half-hour city tour: HUF25000, Szentendre trip: HU75000 (1 hour waiting), Szentendre trip: HUF80000 (2 hours waiting).
  •    Roman Galley Slave on the Danube (Római Rabszolgagálya a Dunán), III. Rozgonyi Piroska u. 28 ((bus 106 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Nánási út or from Metro2 Batthyany tér further to Romaifürdo station 1.0km),  +36-20-9683-685fax: 1/240-3353, e-mail: . From May 1 to October 1. Galley tour: Visegrad-Budapest, 4-6 hours journey time. Experience trips: Budapest.-Vienna-Budapest, 2-3 hours. - Sightseeing tour: Roman Coast (Római part)-Parliament-Roman Coast, two hours. Party tour: Budapest and Szentendre Island and Budapest, six-hour. Rowing tours: Budapest-Luppa island and back, two hour. - Canoe Rentals (2-4/4-7 person capacity). TC3, TC4 touring canoe paddles, barrels, one piece vest HUF2500/day, Organizations and groups: HUF2900/day, TC8 touring canoe paddles, barrels, 1 waistcoat HUF4900/ day, TK2 kayak paddles, 1 waistcoat HUF 2500/day..
  •    Romaifurdo Sportclub, Water Tours (Rómaifürdő SE), III. Petur u. 22. (Metro2 Batthyany tér further h5 to Romaifürdo or Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Romaifürdo 0.5km),  +36-1 240-3048, e-mail: . Sightseeing canoe trips on the Danube Group of 6 people - HUF 25,000 (one tour guide) - power needs accompaniment: HUF 15,000 rowing time around. 2-3 hours. - Tour I. : Szentendre - Nánási road 53. - Tour II. : Nánási road 53 - CSEPEL Boat rental 2013, Roman Spa water SE site: III. dist. Nánási road 53, Tel: 06 20 626 8255, 2-3-4 personal CANOE TOUR: HUF2500, Large 4-5 person MY CANOE TOUR: HUF3000, 7-8 person CANOE TOUR: HUF4500, 1 person kayak: 1900, 2 person kayak: HUF2200.
  •    Twelve Adult Fitnessparks (Felnőtt fitneszparkok), III. Arató Emil square (Metro2 Batthyany tér further H5 to Romaifurdo station). Each is 110m² in size and seven fitness machine is in all of them. Other places:- Huszti road and Rick u. junction, - Csobánka square, - Gladiator u., - Bécsi road 226 in Holdudvar, Laborc u. 2 in Óbuda Leisure Park, - Heltai Square, - San Marco Street 81, - Balazs Orban u. and Gyógyszergyár u. junction, Mókus Street 2, - Kerek Street 22
  •    Bekasmegyer Community House (Óbudai Kulturális Központ - Békásmegyeri Közösségi Ház), Csobánka tér 5 (Metro2 Batthyany tér further H5 to Bekasmegyer station). A branch of the Obuda Cultural Centre. Puppet shows and children’s theatre. The Békas Blues await the music lovers. The afternoon lectures give a change for learning, entertainment, and sports to people of all ages. - Andi Body Art: effective body shaping - Mon 19:00-20:00 Wed 18:30-20:00 Info: +36 30-900-9336, Hatha Yoga, Advanced - Tue 19:00-21:00. - (Polifoam required). , Zumba dance course - Tue 19:00-20:00 Thursday 18:00-19:00, - Cuban Salsa lectures, Tue, Thu 19:00-21:00; 1 session: HUF1,500; Information: Salsa Dance School Caballeros, Aniko Ground: +36-20 382-9344, 36 20 315-2781, . Vary.
  •    Csillaghegy Community House (Csillaghegy Közösségi Ház), Mátyás király útja 13–15. (Metro2 Batthyany tér further H5 to Csillaghegy station),  240‑0752. Vary. A branch of the Obuda Cultural Centre. There is a handcraft workshop, a mini playground and the transportation park, puppet shows, natural food market other exciting presentations and events. - Tuesday and Friday 19:00 to 20:00: a cross functional training training. - Painting Course for Adults, Every Friday 10:00-12:30. - Spine gymnastics - Friday 17:45-18:30, 15:00-15:45 Thursday. - Bellydance, Basics level: Tu, Thu 18:00-19:00, HUF1400 / event. Info: +36-70 206-3300. - Basketry, Thu 9:00-12:00 and Fri from 18:00-21:00. - Pilates, Fri 9:30-10:30, Info: 36 70 391-9820, - Vary.
  •    Running at OTE Sportbase (Futás a TUE pályán, OTE Sporttelep), III. Kalap utca 1. (bus 160, 218, 260 to stop Becsi road (Vörösvári road) approx. 600m walk, or from m3 Árpád híd tram 1, from Margit bridge BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 to terminus Becsi road (Red Castle Road) 700m walk, or bus 86, 109, 206 to Bogdáni road terminus approx. 500m walk, bus 34, 106 to stop Bogdáni road 600m walk),  +36 1 240-5547, e-mail: . Daily 9:00-21:00, Except Tue, Thu 15:00-17:30. [Non official site] Free.


  •    Karinthy Theatre (Karinthy Színház), XI. Bartók Béla út 130 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 19, 49 to Csóka utca stop from Móricz Zs tér),  +36 1 203-8994, e-mail: . Pioneering activities in one continuous play, independent rock theater, former cinema.
  •    MU Theatre (MU Színház), XI. Kőrösy J. utca 17 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4 stop Fehérvári út). MU, one of the well-known Budapest dance theatres hosts contemporary dance performances. HUF1,500, student HUF1,000.
  •    Theatre Szkéné (Szkéné Színház), XI. Műegyetem rakpart 3 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 19, 41, 47, 49; bus 7, 73, stop Szent Gellért tér). Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)'s theatre hall, – during the construction of metro 4 station in Szent Gellért tér use temporary stairs next to the river for reaching the building. Szkéné hosts, among others, Béla Pintér and Company (Pintér Béla és Társulata), many alternative theater goers' favourite. Book your ticket by email. HUF 1500.
  •    Cinema HallIII. Bécsi út 38-44., (- Új Udvar Conference Centre, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17), e-mail: . Vary. Cinema Hall Budapest was opened on 31/12/2010. - One of the most unique and versatile meeting venues in Budapest. - On ​​2,500sqm, a receiving space, six halls, and a gallery with big terrace (500sqm). Useable for company conferences, concerts, parties and small shows, birthdays and family events also held. - Red Room: Fully built concert and party venue, suitable for hundreds of people. - Green Room: Multipurpose hall - with a capacity of 200 people seated in rows. • Suitable for seminars, conferences, presentations and meetings. • Corporate parties, birthday parties and meetings are well suited. - Blue Room: Gallery , exclusive atmosphere , and therefore suitable for corporate events, product launches, gala dinners. - ENTRANCE Room: Seated in rows for more than 200 people - multi-purpose hall. • It's great for conferences, exhibitions and parties.• For larger events fogadótermemként function. - VIP Room: Multi-purpose hall - for theater- seating for 100 people. • For larger events can be used as a location for VIP. - YELLOW Room: Concert hall - thanks to the special design of small concerts and parties held for . - Vary. Example Marek Hemmann live HUF2900.
  •    Blue Yuk/Red Yuk (Kék Yuk / Vörös Yuk), III. Fényes Adolf utca 28 (- Bus: 86, 109, 206 or HÉV5 to Timar Street, or Metro 3 station Arpad hid, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1. - Night lines: 901, 923, 937, 960),  +36 70 771-6666, e-mail: . Fr 19:00-03:00 Sa 22:00-6:00. Events: Music Festivals - Album release concerts - Vary.
  •    Kobuci Garden Pub (Kobuci Kert), III. Fő tér 1. (Metro 3 station Arpad hid, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 to Szetlelek ter),  +36 70 205 7282, e-mail: . M-F: from 16.00, Sa & Su from 11.00. Zichy-castle yard. Pub Food / Beverages (hundred types.) - Local bands. Beers HUF300-600, Spirits, Wines, Syrups, Champagnes, Cocktils HUF400-2100.
  •    UP! The ClubXI. Fehérvári út 87 (From Móricz Zsigmond tér BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 19, 41, 47 to stop Etele út / Fehérvári út or bus 33, 103, 114, 213, 214 to stop Etele út / Fehérvári út),  +36 20 331 7004. F 22:00-08:00, Sa 22:00-12:00. Concerts, Parties on the 4th floor.
See also: New Year holidays in Hungary



  •    OTP BankIII. Flórián tér 15 (M3 Árpád híd further BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or Bus 86 from M2 Batthyany tér to stop 'Flórián tér'),  +36 1 366 6388. M 7:45-18:00, Tu-Th 7:45-17:00, F 7:45-16:00. This is the northest unit in Buda, change money or use ATM


  •    FONÓ Music House (Fonó Budai Zeneház), XI. district, Sztregova u. 3 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 41 or 47 southward from Móricz Zsigmond körtér and get off at Kalotaszeg utca stop. Walk backwards 2 minutes and take the first street on the right),  +36 1 206-5300, 203-1752, e-mail: . Cash desk for events: Mo-F 12:00-24:00, Sa 18:00-24:00. Fonó provides a high quality selection of Hungarian folk, etno and world music. They offer concerts, folk dance performances as well dance houses called táncház in Hungarian. Every Wednesday evening they have Hungarian dance club, which is an excellent place to see how young Hungarians revitalize traditional culture.


  •    Auchan Obuda HypermarketSzentendrei út 115 (Metro2 Batthyany tér further H5 to Kaszasdulo station or from m3 Árpád híd Bus 34, 106, 134),  +36 1 437 0054fax: +36-1 888 7799. M-Sa: 06.00-22.00, Su: 07.00-21.00. Services: Post Office
  •    Tesco, Óbuda (TESCO Bécsi út Hipermarket), Bécsi út, 258 (To stop 'Kubik utca' Bus: 160, 260, 260A from M2 Batthyany tér).


  •    Fehervari Road Markethall (Fehérvári úti Vásárcsarnok), XI. Kőrösi J. u. 7-9. (Near to Móricz Zsigmond tér),  +361 273-3143. M: 6:30-17:00, Tu-F: 6:30-18:00, Sa: 6:30-15:00. Flowers. Fresh food. Farmers Market. CNN Travel report
  •    Vörösvári Road Market (Vörösvári úti Piac, Óbudai Piac), III. Verőfény utca (M3 Árpád híd further BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or Bus 86 from M2 Batthyany tér to stop 'Flórián tér').

Shopping malls[edit]

  •    Florian Shopping Centre (Flórián Üzletközpont), III. Florian square(Flórián tér) 6-9 (M3 Árpád híd BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or Bus 86 from M2 Batthyany tér to stop 'Flórián tér'),  +361 439 3800. M-F 7 - 19 Sa 7 - 14 Su closed. 56 shop
  •    Eurocenter Shopping Centre (Eurocenter Óbudai Bevásárlóközpont), III. Bécsi út 154 (Tram 17 to stop 'Perényi út', Bus:160, 260 to stop 'Váradi utca').



  •    Daubner Confectionery (Daubner Cukrászda), III. Szépvölgyi út 50., Budapest, 2nd district (bus 60 at BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér metro and get off at Kolosy tér, or From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to to Kolosy tér. From Kolosy tér take buses 29, 65 or 165 to ‘Ürömi út’),  +36 1 335-2253. Tu-Su 09:00–19:00. Delicious cakes, strudels, pies, confectionery poetry and salty snacks
  •    Cziniel Confectionery and Cafe (Cziniel Cukrászda és Kávéház), III. Nánási út 55 (BKV m 3 jms.svg: Árpád híd further bus 106 to stop Nánási út or From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Romaifürdo),  +36 1 240 1188, 36 70 771 4460, 36 70 382 1467, e-mail: . Cakes takeaway ~HUF500 per slices.
  •    Don Bosco Confectionery (Don Bosco Cukrászda), III. Bécsi út 177 (To stop 'Kubik utca' Bus: 160, 260, 260A from BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér),  +36-20 771 6570, e-mail: . Tu-Su 10.00-19.00. Don Bosco Confectionery II., 1117 Budapest, Budaörsi út 117. Tel.: 06-20/390-27-77
  •    Emil Confectionery (Emil Cukrászda), III. Bécsi út 314. (from BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér bus 260 to Bóbita utca),  +36-1 240 7535. Tu-Su 10.30-18.30. - Here is the Republic of Ghana Consular Representation in Budapest
  •    Gianduia Italian Confectionery (Gianduia Olasz Cukrászda, Fagyizó), III.Szentendrei út 36/A (from BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér 86, from BKV m 3 jms.svg: Árpád híd take bus 9, 34, 106, 118, 134 to stop Bogdáni út),  +36-1 439 1840, e-mail: . M-F 10:00-20:00, Sa 09:30-13:00, Su closed.
  •    Koch Danica Confectionery (Koch Danica Cukrászda), III. Vörösvári út 41. (from BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér 160, 218, 237, 260, 260A or Bus from Szentlelek ter 137, 218, 237 to stop 'Óbudai rendelőintézet'),  +36-1 242 1731,+36-30-942-8175, e-mail: . Daily 09:00-19:00. PALEO Pastries, Pastries, cake, Round cake, Sweet biscuit, Wedding cake, Ice Creams, SPECIALS, FORM cakes
  •    Sik Confectionery (Sík cukrászda), III. Lukács György utca 1. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to 'Bekasmegyer'),  +36-1 243 2206, 36 30 991-1009, e-mail: . Daily 10:00-19:00. occasional cakes, Reduced carbohydrate-containing cakes, Wedding Cakes, Photographic wafer cakes, Form cakes, Traditional cakes, Country Cake, Wafer cakes and Parfait cakes.
  •    Zazz confectionery and cafe (Zazzi cukrászda és kávézó), Bécsi út 57-61 (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Szépvölgyi út),  +36 26 564 121. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. desserts and savoury pastries, we also serve coffee, hot chocolate and ice-cream in our shop. Our cakes are available for takeaway, too.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under €5
Mid-range €5-15
Splurge Above €15

Fast food[edit]

  •    Burger King (Bécsi BURGER KING®), III. Bécsi út 268 (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take bus 60),  +36 1 244 8809. Daily 07:00-24:00.
  •    McDonald's RestaurantÓbuda, III. Vörösvári út 52.-54 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or bus 37 to stop 'Szőlő utca'),  +36 30 680 50 06. Daily 07:00-23:00. McDrive, McCafé, McReggeli, Parking, Wi-Fi, ATM
  • McDonald's RestaurantXI. KER. MÓRICZ ZS. körtér 3. Daily 07:00-24:00. McCafé, McReggeli (Breakfast), Wi-Fi. - Other units: XI. KER. BUDAFOKI ÚT 113. (Tel: +36 1 206 4010, 07:00-23:00, McDrive, McReggeli, PParking, Wifi); XXII. KER. NAGYTÉTÉNYI út 37.-45.(Tel: +36 1 424 3242, Daily: 08:00-22:00, Parking, Wifi.), XI. KER. BUDAÖRSI ÚT 112. (Tel: +36 1 247 7110, Daily: 06:00-23:00, McDrive, McCafé, McReggeli, Parking, Wifi))


  •    Aldente Bistro ItalianoXI. October 23 utca, 8-10 (Tram 4, 18, 41, 47, 48 to 'Újbuda-központ' - Allee Shopping Centre),  +36-20-779-3356.
  •    Amaretto Restaurant (Amaretto Étterem), XI.Dayka Gábor u. 3 (Bus 40 from Mricz square to 'Dayka Gábor utca' or Bus 139 from M2 Déli p.u. to 'Dayka Gábor utca'- at the Rubin Wellness & Conference Hotel.),  +36 1 5053600fax: +36 1 5053420.
  •    Golden Bridge Restaurant Pub (Aranyhíd Étterem Pub), XI. Hegyalja út 64 (Bus 139 from M2 Déli p.u. to 'Hegyalja út' or bus 8 from M3 Ferenciek tere),  +36 1 209-6666. Borsodi (Hungarian) and Belgian beers.
  •    Asia Cafeteria (Asia Food, Asia Büfé), XI. Hunyadi János út, 19 (In Savoya Park Shopping Centre - From M2 Astoria or M3 Kálvin tér tram 48 to 'Savoya Park' or From Móricz Zsigmond tér tram 18 to 'Savoya Park'),  +36 30 547-5827fax: +36 1 887 1330. Chinese self-service restaurant.
  • Avar Pub (Avar Söröző), XI. Avar u. 31 +36 30 458-9476.
  • Cafe Badabing (Badabing Kávézó), XI. Regős u. 2 +36 70 620-4073.
  • Restaurant Bara (Bara Étterem, Bara Café), XI.Hegyalja út 34-36 +36 1 385-3445. In Bara Hotel.
  • Basil Café (Bazsalikom Vendéglő), XI. Gépész u. 32 ++36-20-978-2649.
  • Bécsiszelet Restaurant (Bécsiszelet Étterem - Sasad), XI. Bod Péter u. 13 +36 1 319-1000.
  •    Granny's pancakes (Nagyi palacsintázója), III. Szentendrei út 131. near to Auchan (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Kaszásdűlő). 24/7. Sweet and salt pancakes with various fillings for a quite low price. They have three restaurants in Buda. pancakes €0.6-1.3.
  •    Marxim Pub & Pizzeria (Marxim Pizzéria és Söröző), Kisrókus utca 23 (15 minutes walk from BKV m 2 jms.svg: Széll Kálmán tér. Follow the BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4/6 tracks and find Kisrókus utca on the left after a big ugly office building. Look for the Red Star.),  +361 316-0231. F-Sa :12:00-02:00, Su: 18:00-01:00, M-Th: 12:00-01:00. An athmospheric pub-like restaurant. It is rather smoky and usually packed with local youngs but the post-communist interior is a must. You can have pizzas like "Usonka" or "Lenin's favourite" (around 1000 Ft).
  •    Harapo Mokus Restaurant (Harapó Mókus Vendéglő lit. Squirrel Bite Restaurant), III.Zápor utca 69 (Bus 137, 218, 237 to stop Vihar utca, or bus 86 to stop Kiscelli utca or tram to the square Florian or BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 or bus 160, get off the street Varadi.),  +36 1 388 6151, e-mail: . 12-23. An ample choice awaits you. Traditional Hungarian dishes and specialties are served here, home, sweet flavor. Daily menus 900, Appetizers/Salad/Meats/Soup food HUF1600-1900/600-900/1900-3000/500-700.
  •    Hidfo Pub Restaurant (Hídfő Pub Étterem-Söröző lit. Bridgehead Pub Restaurant), III. Hídfő utca 18. (From Metro 3 Arpad hid take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 or From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany ter take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Szentlélek tér),  +36 1 250 1032, e-mail: . Appetizers/Salad/Meats/Soup HUF600-800/400-1000/1000-1300 /650-800.
  •    KataPult Restaurant (KataPult Étterem), III. Montevideo utca 9 (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Batthyany ter' take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Szépvölgyi út walk to Kolossy squre bus 29 first stop),  +36 1 242 6000. Soups/Ready Meals/Vegetable dishes HUF370-640/770-1050/400, Toppings/Roast/Garnish 130-380/360-770/280-420, Salads / desserts 320-530/190-490, mineral water 0.75 L 530, Organic fruit juices: 0.2 L 350,Cola, Fanta 0,5 L 340, cappuccino 340.


  •    Le Roy Újbuda Cafe (leroy Újbuda), XI. Október huszonharmadika u. 8-10 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4, 18, 41, 47 to 'Újbuda-központ'). More units in Buda Lövőház utca 1-5. ; Alkotás út 53
  •    Kisrablo PubXI. Zenta u. 3 south of Gellert Hotel (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 19, 41, 47, 49 to stop 'Gárdonyi tér'). 11.30-02.30. While the pirate ship decor says 'pub', the Duck in Orange Rosemary Sauce says 'restaurant'. Excellent service, great crème brûlée, and exceedingly reasonable 5 puttonyos Tokaji. A winner when you want something other than gulyás. - Draught Beer: Dreher, Pilsner Urguell, Tuborg, Paulaner Wheat, Paulaner Pils. Coffee: Italian coffee. All types cafe in decaffeinated version available. Reasonable.
  •    Bivalyos Restaurant (Bivalyos Étterem), III. Királyok útja 172. (Bus 34 from BKV m 3 jms.svg: Árpád híd to stop 'Mátyás király út'),  +36 1 368 8920, e-mail: . Daily 09:00-24:00.
  •    Bonyai Restaurant (Bonyai Étterem), III. Reményi Ede utca 3. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Kaszásdűlő),  +36-30 219 9996fax: +36-1 240 6102. M-F from 11:30, Sa from 16.00. Appetizers HUF1490-1690, Salad HUF750-1050, Steaks HUF2450, Soups HUF490-890, "Gentle" foods HUF1890, Food prices also include the price of the garnish..
  •    Boat House Night Club (Csónakház Mulató), III. Római part 30. (bus 106 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Nánási út or by BKV hev symbol.svg5 from BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér to 'Romaifürdo'),  +36 70 380 5571fax: +36-1 250 0426. M-Th 16:00-22:00, F-Su 12:00-23:00. Soups 700-1000, Main dishes 1500-2500, salads 500-1200, dessert 700..
  •    Knuckle Grill Restaurant (Csülök Grill Étterem), III. Szentendrei út 89-95. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Kaszásdűlő),  +36-1 240 0254. M-F 10:00-22:00, Sa-Su 11:00-23:00. Appetizers HUF1100-1500, Salad HUF400-1050, Soups HUF500-690, Main dishes 1300-2500, Knuckle specials HUF1200-3000.
  •    Déjà Vu Restaurant (Déjá Vu Étterem), III. Montevideó utca 3/b (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Szépvölgyi út),  +36 20 933 2091fax: +36 1 242 0102.
  •    Don Pepe Pizzeria (Don Pepe Étterem), III. Víziorgona utca 11. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Békásmegyer),  +36 20 334 4445fax: +36 1 243 66 26. Daily 11:00-23:00. FISH AND CHIPS HUF2000, chicken wings HUF2000-2800, Pizzas 32cm/55cm HUF1500/3500.
  •    Gigler Restaurant (Gigler Vendéglő), III. Föld u. 50/c (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyány tér take bus 160 to stop Szent Margit Kórház, or from Margit bridge, Buda take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 to stop Szent Margit Kórház),  +36 1 368 6078. Tu-Sa 12:00-22:00, Su 12:00-16:00, M: closed. Appetizers/Salad/Soups/Mains HUF 370-1100/300-500/320-700/1000-1600; Pork/Poultry HUF 920-1200/920-1200, Gigler Bowl for 2 people HUF 2800.
  •    Gyradiko Greek Restaurant (Gyradiko Görög Étterem), III. Királyok útja – Pünkösdfürdő utca sarok (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Punkosdfurdo or From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to 'Punkosdfurdo'),  +36 20 938 7320fax: +36 20 541 0922, e-mail: . M 13:00-23:00 Tu 11:00-23:00, W-Sa 11:00-01:00, Su 11:00-23:00. Other unit Gyradiko Estia – XIII. Victor Hugo utca. 35. +36-1 400-8809, +36-20 503-2588. Appetizers/Salad/Meats/Sea food HUF300-1500/300-1400/1300-2900/1000-2800, Pitas/dessert/Measured Wines/Quality wines(1 dl) HUF300-900/400/300/300-700.
  •    Hao Hao Chinese Restaurant (Hao-Hao Kínai Étterem), III. Lajos utca 70-72. (From M3 Nyugati take Bus 9, 29, or Metro 2 'Batthyany ter' take bus 86),  +36 1 430 0770.
  •    Humphrey’s Restaurant & Bar, Bowlingcenter (Humphrey’s Étterem & Bar Óbuda Bowlingcenter), III. Bécsi út 136. (From Margit bridge take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 Varadi utca),  +36 70 333 3330fax: +36 1 439 2445, e-mail: . Daily 10:00-24:00. American (Traditional),barbecue, breakfast, burgers, Cajun / Creole, Italian, Mexican, vegan food
  •    Kehli Tavern (Kéhli Vendéglő), III. Mókus utca 22. (From M3 Nyugati take Bus 9, 29 or Metro 2 'Batthyany ter' take bus 86 to stop Pacsirta, or BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Batthyany ter' BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Szentlélek tér, From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Arped hid take BKV villamos symbol.svg:1 to Szentlélek tér),  +36 1 368 0613fax: +36 1 250 4241, e-mail: . 12:00-24:00. Appetizers/Salad/Meats/Soup HUF1000-3600/600-800/2000-4800/700-900.
  •    Kemences Garden cafe (Kemencés Kertcafe), III. Vörösvári út 131. (From M3 Arped hid take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 to Becsi ut terminal),  +36 1 430 0611. Su-M: 11:00-15:00, Tu-Sa 11:00-22:00. - Hungarian cuisine
  •    Kerek Tavern (Kerék Vendéglő), III. Bécsi út 103. (From Margit bridge take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17, BKV m 2 jms.svg: 'Batthyany ter' take bus 86, 160),  +36 1 250 4261fax: 36 30 352 50 21.
  •    Kisbojtar Tavern (Kisbojtár Vendéglő), III.Bojtár utca 29. (Bus 118 to Kisbojtár utca),  +36 1 367 5440, e-mail: . Meats/Soup HUF1300-4000/500-900.
  •    Kisbuda Restaurant (Kisbuda Gyöngye Étterem), III. Kenyeres utca 34 (from Margit bridge, Buda take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 to Selmeci utca).
  •    Barlang Restaurant (Kőbarlang Étterem), III. Pásztordomb tér 1/a. (From Metro 2 'Batthyany ter' take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to stop Bekasmegyer),  +36 1 244 0674, e-mail: . Daily 12:00-22:00.
  •    Passport Café & Restaurant (Passport kávéház & étterem), III. Flórián tér 6-9 (From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Arped hid take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 to Florian ter),  +36-70 597-6177, e-mail: . Daily 08:00-23:00, Su 11:00-22:00. sandwiches, appetizers 600-1900, soups 580-700, salads 750-1180, meats 690-1680, meals 980-1780, fried fast food 1 180-1 380, pancakes 880, freshly baked 980-2290, fishes 1500-2000, quesadillas 1000-1200, pastas 1000-1500, desserts 500.
  •    Pasta Pizza Italian Restaurant (Pasta el Pizza Olasz Étterem, Csillagvár Étterem és Kávézó), III.Rákóczi utca 36 (BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Romai furdo or Bus 34, - Inside the Csillagvar Shopping Centre),  +36 1 250 8656. Daily 10:00-19:00?. Soups, salads, fries, ready meals, vegetables, gyros, pizzas and pancakes Cheap.
  •    Paradise pizza takeaway (Pizza Paradicsom), III. Vörösvári út 13 (From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Arped hid take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 to Varadi utca),  +36 1 439 1988. 24/7. - All days open! sandwiches 200-300, giant salads (550-750g) 700-1300, meat/cheese/veggie dishes for two (maybe four, 1.5-2.5kg!!) 4000-8000, pizzas (in three sizes, thirty types)1100-3300, desserts 500-800, juices (1 L) 400,.
  •    Puskás Pancho Sport Pub, Symbol 220 Years Old Restaurant (Puskás Pancho Sport Pub, Symbol 220 Éves Pinceétterem), III. Bécsi út 56 (From M2 Batthyany take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 to Kolossy),  +36 1 333-5656. M-F: 7.30-24.00, Sa-Su 11.30-24.00. Hungarian and Spanish food. 15 tv screen sport channels. Hungarian mains 1000-5000, Side dishes 550-1000, appetizers 1700-3000, Snacks 1500-2700, Soups 1000.
  •    Old Sipos Halaszkert (Régi Sipos Halászkert), III. Lajos utca 46. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Szépvölgyi út),  +36 1 250 8082fax: +36 1 368 6480, e-mail: . Appetizers/Salad/Meats/Soup HUF1000-3500/400-700/2000-3400/600-900.
  •    Rezpatko Restaurant (Rézpatkó Vendéglő), III. Szentendrei út 333. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Csillaghegy),  +36 1 240 9122. Daily 11.30-22.00. Appetizers/Salad/Meats/Soups/Desserts HUF1000-1500/460-600/1900-2200/500-800/500-600.
  •    Rosemaryng Garden Restaurant (Rozmaring Kertvendéglő), III. Árpád fejedelem útja 125. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg5 suburban train stop Timar utca),  +36 1 367 1301fax: +36-1-367-1299, e-mail: . Daily 12:00-23:00. 3 courses menus 4500, & a la carte.
  •    Stereochef (Stereochef), III. Bécsi út 63 (from Margit bridge, Buda take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17),  +36 70 5555518, e-mail: . M-Tu 7:30-23:00, W-Th 07:30-03:00, F 7:30-5:00, Sa 09:00-05:00, Sa 09:00-23:00. Stereo burger 2480, T-bone (0.6kg) 9980, Cocktails 1300-1900, coffee 600, teas 500-900.
  •    Su@net Restaurant? (Szü@net Étterem), III. Zápor utca 74. (Bus 9, 29, 86 to Kiscelli utca),  +36 30 605 6176. 10.00-22.00. Hungarian and international food.
  •    Wasabi Sushi & Wok Restaurant (Wasabi Wok & Sushi Étterem), III. Szépvölgyi út 15. (from Margit bridge, Buda take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 to Szepvolgyi, h5 to Szepvolgyi),  +36 1) 430 1056. 11:00-23:00 every day. - A'la Carte, - Running sushi & Wok, - Teppanyaki food. Deliveries: Lunch M-Tu/We-Fr 4990/5490 Dinner M-Tu/We-Fr 5990/6490 HUF, Weekends (and holidays) 6490 HUF, Teppanyaki MENU (all day) 7490HUF.
  •    Green Door Restaurant (Zöld Kapu Vendéglő), III. Szőlő utca 42. (from Margit bridge, Buda take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 to Selmeci utca),  +36 1 387 7028, e-mail: . Daily 10:00-22:00. Wi-fi. Appetizers/Salad/Mains/Pasta HUF1000-3500/400-700/1800-5200/500-1000, Desserts HUF600-1000, Local spirits (0.5 dl) 800-1000, Hungarian White Wines (per bottle) 1800-2900, Hungarian Red Wines HUF2600-6000, Hungarian sparkling wines HUF1000-3800.


  •    Maharaja Indian Restaurant (Maharaja Indiai Étterem), III. Bécsi út 89-91. (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take bus 160, 260 to Katinyi),  +36 1 250 7544, e-mail: . Daily 12.00-23.00. Fine foods like Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken, Dal/ Lencse, Naan, Kebab, Palak Paneer,Chicken Manchoria, Butter Chicken, Beef Vindaloo HOT Starters/Meats/Tandoories/Soup HUF800-2000/2500-4000/2700-7000/800-1300.
  •    New Sipos Halászkert (Új Sipos Halászkert), III. Fő tér 6 (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg to the Szentlelek Square. Or From BKV m 3 jms.svg: Arpad hid take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 to Szentlelek Square,),  +36 1 388-8745, e-mail: . M-F: 12:00–23:00, Sa-Su 12:00–24:00. Services: Brown Parlor "Barna terem": Charming room for company or other events, with separable units. (Holds 72 people), - Music Parlor "Zene terem": As indicated by its name, this is the room where the band plays. One of the central sections of the restaurant. (Holds 50 people) - Nice Room"Szép szoba": Suitable for smaller group and can be separated. (Holds 12 people), - Victoria Parlor "Viktória terem": This parlor creates a turn of the century cafe milieu. (Holds 40 people), - Winecellar "Borospince": Created for events which require loud music, (50 people seated, for a standing reception, 150 people), - Inner Garden "Belső kert": Charming garden, situated in the heart of the restaurand, and decorated with chandeliers and flowers. (70 people), - Outer Terrace "Külső terasz": A comfortable terrace with a view on the Fo square. (Holds 100 people). Cold starters/Soups/Hot starters HUF1200-3000/600-2500/1000-2800, Vegetarian dishes/Fish dishes/Poultry dishes HUF700-2500/1200-3700/1800-4400, Meat dishes/Pastas HUF1700-5000/1200-1700 Sides and sauces/Salads, pickles/Desserts HUF500-1000/500-1000/800-1000.
  •    Pastrami Restaurant and Cafe (Pastrami Étterem és Kávéház), III. Lajos utca 93-99 (From M3 Nyugati take Bus 9,29,- From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take bus 86 to Nagyszombat utca),  +36 1 430 1731. Daily 08:00-23:00. Giant sandwiches (250g) 1900-4000, soups 1000-1200, salads 2200-2500, pastas 2000-2900, mains 2000-3500, desserts 800.
  •    Udvar House Restaurant (Udvarház Étterem), III. Hármashatárhegyi út 2 (From BKV m 2 jms.svg: Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg to Szentlelek ter further Bus 137 to Hedvig utca),  +36 1 388 8780fax: +36 1 388 6921. Appetizers/Salad/Mains/Soups/Desserts HUF2000-3500/900/3600-6000/1000-1400/500-600.


  •    A38 (A38 étterem és bár), XI. Petofi bridge in Buda bridgehead +361 464 3946, e-mail: . M-So: 11:00-23:00. 'Artemovsk 38' Boat. Turned into a music club from an old Ukranian stone-carrier ship, A38 is floating on Danube river and considered as one of Budapest's best quality party places (and one of Europe's coolest clubs). Hosts various music performances. 3 minutes walk southwards from Petőfi bridge, Buda side. soups €3-4,.

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the summer months you can take a Party Cruise from the Pest side which, after a 1,5 hour boat tour will take you to the A38, or the Holdudvar:

  • Party on the Danube boat – Available during the high season (May to September), this boat tour allows visitors to do a bit of touristy sightseeing and party like a local afterward. On Fridays and Saturdays, guests will meet at the Danube Palace at 22:30, hostesses escort them to the ship, where they are served a welcome drink of champagne or Jägermeister. The 1,5 long cruise features music and drinking games and of course the nighttime view of the city. At the end of the cruise, the boat docks at A38 or Holdudvar, two of the most popular clubs of Budapest.
  •    Zöld PardonXI. Neumann János utca 2 (bus 103 to stop Peter Pázmány walkway),  +36 1 279 1880. Open-air bar offering "almost-free" live concerts every night. Open: from late April until middle of September. On the southern side of Petőfi bridge on the Buda side.
  •    Budapest Wine Tasting in BudafokTours meet on Deák square (M1,2,3 Deak ter),  +36 20 488 5954, e-mail: . Visit one of the largest wine cellar labyrinth of the world and taste quality Hungarian wines from several Hungarian wine regions. Take a walk around the amazing 30 km long wine labyrinth, carved deep into a limestone hill with many historic attractions. it has been a constantly working wine cellar for more than 300 years, aging wines from different Hungarian wine regions.
  •    Goldberg Pub (ex-Goldberg söröző), III. Nagyszombat utca 6 (Lajos street and Nagyszombat street corner, From M2 Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg to stop Timar utca). Retro Sports Pub - or ex-pub Goldberg
  •    Schlosser pub (Schlosser söröző), III. Lajos u. 102 (from Batthyány square Bus 60 Selmeci u. stop or BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 from Margaret Bridge to stop Selmeci u.). 11:00-23:00.
  •    Kiskorona Cafe Pub (Kiskorona Kávézó-Söröző Budapest), III. Bokor utca 2 (From Metro 2 'Batthyany ter' take Bus 160, 260 to Katinyi martirok park),  +36 1 315 9243.


Budapest Accommodation Statistics

  • Total number of hotels:
  • 3 star and below price range: $42-127
  • 4 star price range: $62-252
  • 5 star price range: $90-528

Price in US Dollars. Statistics aggregated from over 30 major hotel reservation databases. Updated Aug 2013.


  •    The Backpacker GuesthouseXI. Takács Menyhert Utca 33 (M2: Batthyány tér & BKV villamos symbol.svg: 19; OR - Metro Deák Ferenc tér & BKV villamos symbol.svg: 49),  +36 1 385-8946, e-mail: . This small-to-mid size hostel is laidback and friendly. Kitchen access, inexpensive beer for sale, a great lounge with lots of free movies to watch, hammocks in the backyard, a grocery store nearby, in a residential neighborhood near the 51/53 tramline. Dorm 11-bed €11, 4-bed:€15, double €37-41.
  •    Summer City Hostel Schönherz (Schönherz diákszálló), XI. Irinyi út 42 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4 (stop Budafoki út) from M3: Nyugati or M3: Corvin either;),  +36 30 460-3728, e-mail: . It's an 20 story high building. Mainly functions as the student hostel for Budapest University of Technology and Economics, but has some rooms for travellers (off the academic period there are more rooms), most of them however are only available for larger groups. Jul & Aug: Sgl:€21-26; dbl:€31-36 (after 2nd night discount).
  •    BEST WESTERN Hotel Orion (Napsugár Üdülő), I. distr., Döbrentei utca, 13 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, bus 15, 86 to 'Döbrentei tér'),  +36 1 3568583. Fitness Center. High Speed Internet. 67 beds, 30 rooms Dbl. from €50.
  •    Kunigunda Turist Hotel (Kunigunda Turista Hotel, Kunigunda Kollégium), III. Kunigunda útja 25. (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 from m3 Árpád híd to Bécsi út / Vörösvári út terminal),  +36-1 388 9328, +36 1 919-2362, +36 20 279-8600fax: +36-1-368-9477, e-mail: . Workers' accommodation, tourist and student accommodation. 211 beds, 3-4 beds with washbasin room, restaurant, bar, game room, parking, 24 hour reception dorm HUF2.580 for student (2010?), HUF4000-9000 per room.
  •    Iris Pension (Irisz Panzió), III. Szentendrei út 341. (From M2 Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg to Csillaghegy),  36-1 240-2597fax: 36-1 454-1012, e-mail: . Scandinavian style hotel for 26 people in 11 rooms. sgl/dbl/tpl: €28/35/45, Breakfast: €4 (Apr-Aug 2014).
  •    Mini CampingIII. Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 72/Királyok útja 307. (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Újmegyeri tér),  +36 30 200-3752, e-mail: . Check-in: 11.00, check-out: 10.00. Camper/tent/Tent + car/Adult HUF2300/1300/1950/950 (all per night).
  •    Romai Camping (Római Camping), III.Szentendrei út 189. (From M2 Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg to Romaifürdo or Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Romaifürdo),  +36-1 388-7167, e-mail: . Place for 1,500 tents and caravans. Cold-hot water, electricity, car parking and taxes are included. Free children under age of 3. Pets are free, Free WIFI. BUNGALOW 1/2/3/4 PERSON HUF3000/6000/9000/12000; CARAVAN + 1/2/3/4 PERSON HUF7220/8505/9790/11070; CAMPER + 1/2/3/4 PERSON HUF5665/6945/8230/9510, TENT + 1/2/3/4 PERSON HUF4720/6000/7285/8565.


  •    Gárdonyi guesthouse (Gárdonyi Vendégház), II. Bimbó út 25/B (From Déli pályaudvar (Southern Railway Station) Take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 59 or 61 to Széll Kálmán tér; From metro line 2 (M2) Széll Kálmán tér, tram 4 or 6 two stops further take bus 11 and get off at Füge utca (1 stop).),  +36 1 326-7742fax: +36-1-326-8895, e-mail: . breakfast included Season prices sgl/dbl/tpl € 35/45/55.
  •    Hotel CharlesI.distr., Hegyalja út 23 (Bus 8, 112 to Mészáros utca from m3 Ferenciek tere),  +36 1 2129169fax: +36 1 2022984, e-mail: . - János Restaurant (five star?) serving rich buffet breakfast at 7AM. - At noon: Hungarian dishes (goulash soup, veal paprikash), fish specialities, Italian pasta recipes, special chocolate cakes, and the ever popular Wiener Schnitzel. Room types: Standard studio, Deluxe studio, Deluxe Apartman. 73 rooms 160 beds. Sgl/ dbl €50-60/60-72 (2014).
  •    Kalmar Pension B&BXI. Kelenhegyi út 7-9 (On Gellert Hill, small climbing from Gellert square, BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 19, 41, 49),  +36 30 271-9312, e-mail: . 3-star historical pension. Garage €15/day. In high season (expcept Formula-1 weekend, large fairs) with breakfast Sgl/dbl/tpi/studio. €42/51/71/81.
  •    Luna HotelXI Vegyész utca 17 (far to the south of town, twenty minutes from the center by BKV villamos symbol.svg: 47),  +361 204-6868. A 3-star hotel built in 2001.There's a fair selection of "real" Hungarian restaurants, bars and stores nearby with prices far below those in the city center. Start at €50 incl.breakfast.
  •    Alfa Art Hotel (Alfa Art Hotel*** Superior), III. Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 102. (From M2 Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg to 'Romaifürdo' transfer bus 34 (6 stops)),  +36-1-453-0060, 36-1-453-3428fax: 36-1- 240-8150. All 42 rooms are equipped with telephone, TV, mini bar, Internet-access, safety-box and bathroom. sgl/dbl €64-97/78-108 depend type of room.
  •    Attila HotelIII. Attilia utca 20. (From Keleti train station take M2 to Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg further to Római Fürdő station, hotel is 0.4km. - From Nyugati train station take BKV villamos symbol.svg: 4 or 6, go to Margit bridge, change and take HÉV5 to Római fürdő station.),  +36 1 240 3373, e-mail: . Breakfast: HUF1.000- Free secured parking - free wifi in rooms. In the surroundings you have a choice of different kinds of sporting and hobbies like: riding, tennis, rowing, taking an open air bath, jetski, touring , thermal baths a.s.o. sgl/dbl/tpl/quad HUF9000/10000/11000/12000 tax incl..
  •    B&B Hotel BudapestIII. Rozália utca 76-78. (From M2 Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg to Romaifürdo station),  +36 1 454 1610fax: 36 1 242 1534, e-mail: . sgl/dbl/tpl/Apartment/'Jacuzzi' I./Jacuzzi II. €40/48/58/72/58/75 (2014. Apr 1 - Oct 31)incl. tax and breakfast..
  •    Hotel Noe (Hotel Noé ***), III. Királyok útja 301. (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Újmegyeri tér),  +36-1-454-0742fax: +36-1-4540745. Sgl/Dbl €43-48/48-53.
  •    Hotel Romai (Hotel Római), III. Szent János utca 16. (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Szent János utca),  +36 1 244 8182fax: +36 1 244 8183, e-mail: . Many sporting available for extra costs tennis, kayak-, canoe-rent, minigolf. Sgl / dbl / Apt (for 3/4) HUF 11.500/17.000/20.000/24.000, Halfboard HUF 3200 p.p., The prices include:. Accomodation with breakfast, local tax HUF450 p.p., Car Parking: HUF550/day. (All prices for 2014.may-sep).
  •    Hunor Hotel ***III. Pünkösdfürdő utca 40. (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Medgyessy Ferenc utca),  +36 1 243 0949fax: +36 1 244 0821, e-mail: . 140 rooms and 10 suites. Sgl/dbl HUF 8.000-10.000/12.000-14.000 (2014.may-sep).
  •    Alfred Pension (Alfréd Panzió), III.Vasút sor 20 (From M2 Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Békásmegyer station),  +36 1 436 9316, Mobil: +36 30 525 5832fax: +36 1 436 9317, e-mail: . family atmosphere, 20 rooms for 45 persons. Sauna in the pension, Horse riding, Tennis, Massage, Garden, park, Walking course, excursions. Free Wifi internet, Air condition. sgl/dbl/tpl/quad €32/49/72/78, *Family rooms €64-73 (2014.04.01.-10.31).
  •    Duna-Party Pension (Duna-Party Panzió), III. Királyok útja 93. (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Szamos utca),  +36 1 250-4622fax: 36-1-250-3667, e-mail: . Double bedrooms with shower-bath, flush-toilet and air conditioning, internet thelephone satellite TV, bar and parking dbl HUF10.000/room (all the year round except the New Year’s Eve, Formula I. and Sziget Fesztivál).
  •    Remete Hotel (Remete Panzió), III. Remetehegyi út 91. (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 17 from Margit bridge to Bécsi út / Vörösvári út, or BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 from m3 Árpád híd to Bécsi út / Vörösvári út end stop.),  +36-1 250-3437fax: 36-1 250-3437, e-mail: . Sgl/Dbl/tpl/dbl €45-50/50-55/60-65/80 incl tax & breakfast.
  •    Villa Fontana (Villa Fontana Panzió), III. Nánási út 24/a (bus 106 from m3 Árpád híd to stop Nánási út or From M2 Batthyany take BKV hev symbol.svg5 to Romaifürdo),  +36-1 453 0900, e-mail: . 9 rooms – all with air conditioning, SAT television and private bathrooms. sgl/dbl HUF9000-12000/13000-15000.


  •    The Aquincum Hotel BudapestIII. Árpád fejedelem útja 94. (Metro line 3 Árpád híd further BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 towards Buda (2 stops) to Szentlélek tér.),  +36 1 436 41 00fax: +36 1 436 41 56, e-mail: . Sgl or Dbl same €60-150 (type of room, 2014.may-sep).
  •    DanubiusXI Szent Gellért tér 1 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 18, 19, 41, 47, 49; Bus 7, 7A),  +36 1 889-5500. It's one of the most traditional hotels in Budapest and Hungary. Located at the foot of the Gellért Hill, on the bank of the Danube, is ideally situated for both business and leisure travellers. The hotel has one of the most famous baths, see the Baths section in Budapest article.
  •    Holiday Beach Budapest **** (Holiday szálloda), III. Kossuth Lajos üdülőpart 72./Piroska utca 3-5. (Bus 34 from m3 Árpád híd to stop 'Mátyás király út'),  +36 1 436-7160fax: +36 1 436-7161, e-mail: . 68 rooms and suites and closed, guarded parking area. A unique service is its luxury yacht port. Standard Sgl/Dbl EUR79/89, Superior Sgl/Dbl €89/109, Family/Executive Apt. EUR139/169 (2014 high season).


  •    Óbuda Cultural Centre, Internet Cafe (Óbudai Kulturális Központ, Internet kávézó), III. San Marco utca 81 (BKV villamos symbol.svg: 1 to stop 'Vihar utca'),  +36 1 388-73-70fax: +36 1 388-23-73, e-mail: . M-F 8.00-20.00. Supported by the Metropolitan council. Also here is San Marco Gallery with art exhibitions HUF150 per 30 min.

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