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Hello, and welcome to my user page!

My name is Saqib and I’m from Pakistan, living on and off in the United Arab Emirates.

I am an administrator here on the English language Wikivoyage and enjoy going through recent changes and looking out for vandalism. I also get a great deal of satisfaction at improving our articles as much as I can with what I know, particularly those related to Pakistan. I feel that articles relating to Pakistan need a lot of work right now, so I'll focus on those. Besides, I'm on an expedition and so far, I've brought two articles (Karachi and Mohenjo-daro) up to featured status.

I also co-manage Wikivoyage official Twitter handle and occasionally draw Wikivoyage-styled travel maps. If you think that I can help out with any maps, or have any other questions, please leave a message on my talk page, or else you can contact me by e-mail if confidence is required, but I prefer to communicate on Wikivoyage if possible.

What is more, I'm not really fond of travelling, however, I would really love to go to India someday. So far, I've visited Japan, Greece, Germany, Austria, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia many times and been once to Hungary, Turkey, Philippines and Bahrain.

Cheers, and happy traveling.