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Østerbro is a mainly residential district of Copenhagen, just north of the inner city. With its quiet cobblestone and tree lined streets, and its excellent shopping and cafe life, it makes for a good excursion from the downtown area.


Map of Copenhagen/Østerbro

Along with Frederiksberg in the west, Østerbro has long been considered the posh or upper class district of Copenhagen. These days this is mainly due to the demographic of young, liberal leaning, well paid academics, which has earned Østerbro nicknames like the Latté district and 2100 Spelt. But it has been a neighborhood of the upper middle class since modern Østerbro's inception, when Copenhagen expanded beyond the old fortifications in the 1850s.

The district takes it name from being near the old eastern gate of the city, and translates roughly into the Eastern borough, and before the city's defenses were dismantled, the area were largely dominated by grazing cows and grassy meadows, traces of which is still visible in the huge park; Fælledparken, dominating the area. When Copenhagen was finally allowed to grow out over the ramparts following a cholera epidemic, Østerbro was not build up as quickly and disorganized as its neighbours Nørrebro and Vestebro, and it was mainly the bourgeoisie who moved here in pompous villas in green surroundings, a heritage which has stuck to the district, many of the mansions still stand today, and a lot of them are occupied by foreign embassies. When development finally took hold at the turn of the century, it was better planned, and more upscale than its counterparts, and with its big apartments and nicely crafted ornamented buildings. Even the construction of a new and dirty harbour by the waterfront and new factories could not quite take the bourgeoisie aura away from the district, something it has retained to this day. And while Østerbro is still trailing behind Frederiksberg and its posh northern neighbour, Hellerup in terms of wealthy residents, visitors should still expect it to be fashionable, rather than "hip" or "cool", but watch out for the swarms of expensive prams parading the neighbourhood!

Nordhavn is a new development on the ground of the former North Harbour.

Get in[edit]

Østerbro is almost entirely located within Zone 1 of the common ticketing system that covers both the Metro, Buses, and Trains in the Copenhagen area.

By train[edit]

Østerbro is served both by the S-train suburban services that are grouped together through the central part of Copenhagen, The circle Metro line, as well as several regional lines that terminate on Østerbro's main station; Østerport. All S-Train lines except line F stop at the three S-stations on Østerbro: 1 Østerport, 2 Nordhavn, and 3 Svanemøllen, while lines A and F also have stops on 4 Ryparken station in the northern part of Østerbro. Svanemøllen and Ryparken stations are in Zone 2, so a northbound ticket might be cheaper from those. The Metro circle line have stops on 5 Trianglen and 6 Poul Hennings Plads

By bus[edit]

The backbone of bus transport in central Copenhagen are the A buses operated by Movia[dead link], which run every few minutes throughout the day. The S Buses are express buses that operate on longer lines, with fewer stops. Trianglen square connects five major streets on Østerbro and hosts bus stops for several lines. Trianglen can be recognized by its unusual building called the soup terrine by the locals.

  • 1A Starts at Avedøre station in the western Copenhagen, and runs through all major areas of downtown before entering Østerbro at Blegdamsvej and Trianglen before running along Østerbro's main street — Østerbrogade, to Svanemøllen station. The line terminates at Hellerup station.
  • 3A This line does a half loop around downtown. Starting on Nordhavn station, and stopping at Trianglen, Rigshospitalet (the National hospital) and Panum university campus, before entering the Nørrebro district.
  • 4A Begins at Svanemøllen station, and services the northern part of the district, before it crosses Lersøpark Allé to enter the Nørrebro district. It loops all around the city center, to terminate on Amager.
  • 6A Starts in the suburb of Rødøvre west of Copenhagen, and passes the central station in downtown, before it enters Østerbro by the lakes with stops at the Rigshospitalet, the medical faculty of Copenhagen University, and the Jagtvej/Tagensvej intersection, before it enters the North-West district and continues north.
  • 150S Starts at Nørreport station in downtown, and runs through Østerbro with stops at the Rigshospitalet, Frederik Bajers Plads, The Østerbro university campus, and Ryparken station before continuing north along the highway to Kokkedal in northern Zealand.

By boat[edit]

The "soup terrine" building at Trianglen
  • Canal tours Green line is waterbus that starts in the famous Nyhavn canal downtown, and stops at some of Østerbro's main attractions: the Little Mermaid, Langelinie, and Trekroner fortresses (summer only). Tickets are 60 Kr for a single journey, and 75 Kr for a one day ticket. Runs between 10:00-17:30
  • The Arriva-operated 901 & 902 water buses are part of the public transportation system, and start at Nordre Toldbod, near the southern entrance of Kastellet, from where they cruise the inner harbour towards downtown. Prices and tickets are the same as on other buses and trains, but only if you use Rejsekortet or already have a valid ticket.

Get around[edit]

You can reach most of Østerbro by foot, but as almost everywhere in Copenhagen, biking is really the best mode of transport. Bus 1A runs every 5 minutes and stops close to most attractions and places to eat and drink.

Østerbro is the area of all of Denmark that has the fewest parking spaces relative to the number of cars owned by residents, so it can be difficult to find a place to park a car after 16:00. And if you do find a place to park your car, think twice about using it if you will be returning in the evening.


Swarms of tourists at the little mermaid statue

While most visitors head straight to the top attraction, the little mermaid statue, they are mostly left baffled on how to react by the rather unremarkable tiny statue, but all is not lost. One tip is to actually read Hans Christians Andersen's fairy tale, the statue is meant to evoke the feeling of Ariel's longing and melancholy, not impress tourists. If you have not read the fairytale you can safely queue up with the tourists, get the ritual photo over and done with, and head for the other nearby attractions.

  • 1 Brumleby (The triangle between Øster Allé and Østerbrogade), +45 35 43 14 08. Brumleby is a small quarter nestled in a triangle between Trianglen square and the National Stadium. It was built in the 1850s by the Danish Medical Association, as answer to a recent cholera epidemic, as a showcase on how to make healthy but affordable housing for the working class. It has been awarded Europa Nostra award for conservation, and it is a nice place for a brief stroll if you are in the area.
  • 2 Brumleby Museum, Brumleby 134 (block N). Sundays 12:00-15:00. Small museum in the old cooperative shop and library. It is run by volunteers living in Brumleby and they are happy to tell you everything about the museum and Brumleby. DKK 25.
  • 3 Den Engelske Kirke (St. Alban's - The English Church), Churchill Parken 6. King Christian IX's daughter Alexandra, who was became the Queen of England was the driving force behind the erecting of this church, which is home to the English congregation in Denmark. The church was completed in 1887, and was built with some impressive flint stone walls.
  • 4 Kastellet (Frederikshavn Citadel) (a stone's throw away from Østerport station), +45 33 47 95 00. 24hrs daily. A superbly preserved and restored star-shaped citadel. First built in 1626 as St. Anne's Bulwark and completed in 1664, it was the stronghold at the northern end of the East Rampart, which arched through the city and remains in the form of the many parks extending down to Tivoli. The Citadel now houses the Danish Defense Intelligence Service, and is a popular spot for picnics. As well as two small museums with limited opening hours: Livjæger Museum and the museum in the North Gate which displays Garrison's Historical Collections . Free. Kastellet (Q221812) on Wikidata Kastellet, Copenhagen on Wikipedia
  • 5 Den lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid Statue), Langelinie. This little lady is one of the most photographed in the world. Designed by Edvard Eriksen, Her statue was erected in 1913 to commemorate a play of the Little mermaid. The poor lady has lost her head several times, and is often subject to vandalism connected with political statements. Many visitors are often surprised by her modest size (1.25 m (3.3 ft) high). The Little Mermaid is a semi official symbol of Copenhagen.
  • 6 Nyboder Mindestuer (& Nyboder district) (close to Østerport station). Always open. This mini-district was built in the 17th century, and consists of long rows of beautiful 2 story yellow brick buildings. It was built to house sailors from the Navy, as it was useful to have sailors in the fleet living in a confined space, so they could quickly be called to duty. Today the houses are still owned and managed by the Danish Defence, although servicemen from all three branches are allowed to rent a flat. All streets except for two are named after animals. On Sankt Pauls Gade 24, Nyboder mindestuer showcases everyday life in the neighborhood from its inception in 1631, every Sunday 11:00-14:00.
Trekroner fortress
  • 7 Trekroner (Trekroner fortress) (12.61408), +45 38 25 44 44, . Summer: 10:00-15:00 daily, closed the rest of the year. This 18th-century fort was built to guard the sea approach to Copenhagen's harbor in 1786. It has a special atmosphere, and some gorgeous views over Øresund. There are several well-preserved military buildings and fortifications. A restaurant and a café have been opened in a renovated building. The only access is via Canal Tour's green hop on hop off route (summer only). Admission is free, boat costs 35 kr.


Walkway in National Gallery of Denmark
  • 8 Den Frie Udstilling (The Free Exhibition), Oslo Plads 3 (Opposite Østerport station), +45 33 12 28 03, . F-W 10:00-17:00, Th 10:00-21:00. This art exhibition was established in 1891, as a protest against a censored exhibition sponsored by the royal art board — hence the name. Mainly shows contemporary art. The exhibition is housed in a remarkable, restored building that resembles an ancient Greek temple. 20-45 kr.
  • 9 Den Hirschsprungske Samling (The Hirschprung Collection), Stockholmsgade 20, +45 35 42 03 36, . W-M 11:00-16:00. This collection was founded by the Copenhagen-born tobacco manufacturer Heinrich Hirschsprung (1836-1908), and moved into the current museum after his death in 1911. The museum hosts an impressive collection of Danish 19th-century art in a beautiful building displaying furniture from the artists homes. 85 kr, under 18 years free. Hirschsprung Collection (Q2982867) on Wikidata Hirschsprung Collection on Wikipedia
  • 10 Zoologisk Museum (The Zoological museum), Universitetsparken 15, +45 35 32 22 22. Tu-Su 10:00-16:00. This museum is run by the University of Copenhagen. In the exhibitions, you can experience how the fauna changes as you travel from the North Pole to the South Pole, the Danish fauna since the Ice Age, including a 3 meters tall mammoth and the animals of the great oceans. The latest progress in science is brought to life in some very good temporary exhibitions. Joint ticket for both the Zoological Museum and the Geological Museum 95 Kr, students 50 kr. University of Copenhagen Zoological Museum (Q220274) on Wikidata University of Copenhagen Zoological Museum on Wikipedia
  • 11 Enigma (Museum for Postal, Tele, and Communications), Øster Alle 1 (at Trianglen), +45 33410900. M-Th 11:00-21:00; F 08:00-18:00; Sa Su 10:00-16:00. So far only stage one of the new telecommunications museum is implemented. Which means that there is exactly one item on display, an old rusty Enigma machine. But it is free and they have a nice cafe and a museum shop with lots of expensive modern design. So if you are in the area it is worth a visit. free.
  • 12 Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK) (National Gallery of Denmark), Sølvgade 48-50, +45 33 74 84 94. Tu-Su 11:00-17:00, W 11:00-20:00, M closed. Seven hundred years of Western art and cultural history lie under the roof of this striking Italian Renaissance building, which is itself situated in a nice park. Blockbusters include: Titian, Rembrandt, Picasso, Leger, Matisse and Emil Nolde. An array of other icons, paintings and sculptures are also on display. Adults 110 kr, under 30 years 85 kr, under 18 years free. Statens Museum for Kunst (Q671384) on Wikidata National Gallery of Denmark on Wikipedia
  • 13 Østerbro lille Museum, Nyborggade 9 (in the basement). F 11:00-15:00. small local history museum run by volunteers at the archives of local history. free.


  • 1 Fiskerihavnen. Located on the eastern tip of Nordhavn (North harbour). Because of the traffic on Øresund, commercial fishing is not allowed. But the amateur fishermen at Fiskerihavnen can fish from their small fishing boats. The fishermen have tiny sheds, all different, a bit messy, but colorful. To get there you have to zig-zag past Frihavnen (Freeport, closed to the public), mountains of containers, scrap metal, interesting industries. Bus 26 goes there. There is a store that sell fishing equipment, but also ice cream and cold beers. "Krølle" sells smoked herring and salmon from his 1914 boat, "Kællingen". free.
  • 2 Fælledparken (Trianglen and Vibenhus Runddel metro stations are in opposite ends of the park.). Fæleldparken is the big park behind the football stadium, the largest in Copenhagen. There is a lake, big trees and a pavilion with a cafe which hosts concerts during the summer, the outfit Salsa Brava also gives Salsa lessons in the park during the summer. Most of it is covered with grass, much of it marked as football fields. Go there for a game of football or another game, a picnic, or just lie in the grass. At May 1st, during the International Workers day, most of Copenhagen's population comes here in a peculiar mix of a political rally, and a seriously huge party.
  • 3 Kaleidoskop K2 (Krudttønden), Serridslevvej 2, +45 35 42 83 62. Hours vary. Krudttønden is a cultural venue in Østerbro, with a mix of both concerts and theatrical performances, by both national and internationals acts. Also has a small café, that sometimes hosts various events. from 25 kr.
  • 4 Niels Bohr Institutet, Blegdamsvej 17, +45 35 32 52 09, . You should make an appointment in advance.. If you are a physicist or just interested in physics, come to the Institute and see the room of Niels Bohr with photos of the staff of the institute when he was the head of it, a model of the famous thought experiment weighing the clock, the archive, the photos of all the famous people who were developing the quantum theory during the so-called "golden age of physics, when even small people could do big things" and also the modern part of the institute. The people at the archive are willing to show the institute to other people, if they are not too busy. Free.
  • 5 Park bio, Østerbrogade 79, +45 35 38 33 62, . Usually 12:00-23:00. The only cinema on Østerbro, has an atmospheric lobby with tall plants, caged birds, and a café. Plays many Danish and European movies. 65 kr.
  • Watch football at 6 Parken Stadium, Øster Allé 50 (near Trianglen), +45 35 43 31 31, . This 35,000-seat stadium is the home ground of FC Copenhagen, who play in Danish Superliga, the top tier of football in the country. Denmark's international home games are also played here and the stadium will host Euro 2020 matches. The stadium hosts major concerts, and has a gym, bowling alley and a pool.
  • 7 Østerbro Svømmehal, Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 3, +45 35 25 70 60. M-F 07:00-20:00, Sa Su 09:00-15:00. Pool, spa, aroma-bath, steam bath, and baby pool are all hosted in a beautifully restored 1929 building, somewhat resembling a Roman bath, topped with a large glass roof. It was the first public pool in build in the country. 30 kr for just the pool, 60 kr for all facilities.
  • 8 Østre Gasværk (Teatere), Nyborggade 17, +45 39 27 71 77. This theatre is located in a remarkable old gas storage container. Mainly hosts musicals but also has plays and comedy on the program.
  • 9 Svanemølle Strand, Strandpromenaden (just north of Svanemølle harbor. You can walk there from Svanemølle station). 24/7 but there are lifeguards 10:00-18:00 in the summer. Beach with a 130-m pier free.
Göteborg Plads Sankej summer 2023
  • 1 Sandkaj (In Nordhavn (Nordhavn metro Station)). In the summer buy some cold beers or drinks in the nearby Lidl store and drink them on the wooden deck of Sandkaj, jump in the water when you get too warm in the sun. free.


Due to the young and rather wealthy demographic, there are many small stores catering the local crowd with designer clothes and home décor. There are also several small galleries and antique stores. These are mainly located on the main drags: Østerbrogade, Nordre Frihavnsgade and their side streets. On Saturdays year round there is an organic farmers market, Bondens Marked, on Jakobs Plads (Østebrogade). Groceries can be bought in MENY' on Østerfælled Square which hosts a good delicatessen and a bakery. The Irma supermarket at Østerport station is convenient for travellers.

  • 1 Langelinie outlet, Langeliniekaj. Daily 11:00-18:00. is a long shopping arcade, located on a promenade along the harbor, where the gigantic cruise ships dock. Several cafes, outlet stores, and souvenir shops (mainly catering to foreigners and cruise guests) have been beautifully fitted into the old stone bulwark. The ice cream stores at the end of the promenade are immensely popular with the locals during the summer.
  • 2 Moshi Moshi, Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 40, +45 35 38 70 78. M-F 11:00-18:00, Sa 11:00-15:00. This is actually 3 stores that are next to each other, and there is nothing here but the most unerringly stylish, minimal, eco-conscious women's clothing and shoes.
  • 3 Bahne, Østerbrogade 70. Interior decoration and houseware
  • 4 Rambow, Østerbrogade 55A, +45 35 26 30 07. M-F 13:00-17:30. A small design boutique fitted into an old communal bathing institution, sells new and old furniture, kitchenwares, electronics from a host of national and (mostly) international designers and design bureaus.



  • 1 Crazy Chicken, Rosenvængets Allé 1, +45 35 26 41 42. 10:00-10:22. This small place mainly serves as a take away place, but also has two tables available for a quick bite. Dishes out some excellent sandwiches and has menus with different sorts of chicken - as the name might imply - served with the option of several different Mediterranean inspired salads from a buffet (you get to choose 2) and/or potatoes. From 30 kr.

There are some reasonable priced restaurants at the sailing clubs in Svanemøllen Harbour. For example:

  • 2 Cafe Sundet, Svaneknoppen (at the end of the north pier at Svanemølle harbour), +45 39 29 30 35, . May-Sept: M-F 11:30-21:00 (Kitchen 17:30-21:00), Oct-Apr: M W 16:00-22:00. Located on the pier with a great view this place caters to sailors and passersby who just come to breathe in the harbor scene and ocean air. Kitchen is mainly Danish cuisine. Mains from 128 kr.


  • 3 Kafe Kapers, Gunner Nu Hansens Plads 2, +45 35251120. 09:30 to late. Cozy cafe in a big glass cube on central Østerbro in the middle of the Gunner Nu Hansen square. Dogs are allowed in the pavilion section which is covered and heated in the winter DKK 150 mains.
  • 4 Café Charlottehaven, Hjørringgade 12C, +45 35271516. M-F 07:00-22;00, Sa Su 10:00-17:00. Cafe/restaurant in one of the rare big rooms on Østerbro, for both your pocket, taste buds and your health. In the summer you can eat outside in the huge courtyard. Good selection of beer and wine, or you can try the fresh smoothies and lemonades. The daily specials (M-F) at 125 kr are a good deal. Lunch from 85 kr, Weekend brunch 195 kr.
Den Franske Café and Guldanden by søerne at nighttime
  • 5 Dag H (Café & Restaurant), Dag Hammarskjölds Allé 38 (Lille Triangel), +45 35 27 63 00. M-W 08:00-23:00, Th F 08:00-midnight, Sa 10:00-midnight, Su 10:00-22:00. This café/restaurant is one of the first to open on Østerbro. The place offer early breakfast, brunch, a large and varied lunch menu. At the evening it transform into a restaurant where you can get a 3-course meal, their special Country Style Dish or try out their famous burger. Also a great place for a well made espresso, cocktail and they have much to offer on their wine menu. Last, many of the dishes you can also order to-go and get a discount. Main course from 195 Kr. 3 course 389 kr.
  • 6 Den Franske Cafe (The French Cafe), Sortedams Dossering 101, +45 35 42 48 45. M-F 09:00-22:00, Sa Su from 10:00. This café has outdoor tables by the lake under trees and coloured lanterns. The menu is mostly café classics like filled croissants, nachos, chilli con carne, pasta, burgers, but during the summer there is barbecue available until the late hours. From 98 kr.
  • 7 Gourmanderiet, Rosenvængets Allé 7A (close to Trianglen), +45 39 27 10 00. Tu-F 11:00-19:00, Sa 09:00-15:00. Originally and in essence this is a high-end organic butchery, but an ever growing popularity with locals have prompted the owners to branch out, and offer a Brunch, Lunch and an evening "Dish of the Day", centred around their high quality meat from organic farms. Thursdays-Saturdays (17.50-midnight) they transform the place into a restaurant labeled Gourmanderiet by Night, and dish out fantastic steaks of every variety. Mains from 120 kr, sandwiches and soups from 60 kr.
  • 8 Hos Fischer, Victor Borges Plads 12, +45 35 42 39 64. Daily 11:00-00:00. Is a good, low key, Italian trattoria style restaurant. The menu varies greatly but if you can get hold of the Risotto, it is a treat. Otherwise go for one of the excellent pasta dishes. The Wine is very reasonably priced (for Copenhagen), and the staff is informal, but still attentive. Mains starts around 100 kr.
  • 9 Romarin, Ryesgade 90, +45 35 43 29 28. M-Th 17:00-23:00, F Sa 17:00-23:30. Good, though not outstanding, food at reasonable prices from the Italian and French kitchens, is made even more tolerable by the fact that you can freely bring your own wine and beer to enjoy with your food. Staff is relaxed in both the best and worst way, readily engaging in a hearty chat, but not terribly efficient. Main: 170 kr, 3 courses 240 kr.
  • 10 ØB, Østerbrogade 74 (at Trianglen), +45 33113304. M-Th 16:00-24:00, F 14:00-01:00, Sa 12:00-01:00, Su 12:00-23:00. Beers and Burgers. 90 kr.
  • 11 Silo, Helsinkigade 29, 17. floor, +45 39292920. Elegant food with a spectacular view over Copenhagen and the harbour. Do not miss the upstairs deck (18. floor), you can bring a drink from the cocktail bar up there. Or just visit Silo for a drink and the view 450 kr three course evening menu..
  • 12 Lupa, Marstalsgade 8 (on Melchiors Plads), +45 34 10 01 01. W-Fr 11:00-22:00, Sa 10:00-22:00. Plant based bistro with a wine and cocktail bar. 120 kr smallish mains. 400 kr three course menu.
  • 13 Brasserie Barner, Århusgade 1 (Østerbrogade and Århusgade), +45 35264200. W-F 11:30-22:00, Sa 09:30-22:00, Su 09:30-21:00. Informal French food at reasonable prices. 200 kr mains.
  • 14 Restaurant Frihavn, Amerika Plads 28, +45 21959503. M-Sa 11:30-17:30. Traditional lunch in beautiful 1895 former half-timer freeport station building 90 kr lunch dishes. Most people can eat two.
  • 15 Madklubben Østerbro (Trianglen metro station), +45 38414173. Tu-W 17:00-23, Th-Sa 17:00-24:00. Good food at reasonable prices in iconic 1920'ies building. Three course menu 350 kr.


  • 16 Geranium, P.H. Lings Alle 4 (nope, your GPS is not drunk, it's inside the stadium), +45 69 96 00 20. Booking is essential. Reopened in new surroundings by chef Rasmus Kofoed who won the 2011 Bocuse d'Or, and is one of the best chefs in the world. The restaurant got three Michelin stars in 2016. The restaurant is along with Noma at the forefront of the revolution in Nordic cuisine that is current waging on. Danish newspapers and guides all agree; if you want to sample local gourmet, this is a very good place to be seated. Set menu for 1048 kr, wines double the price. Geranium (Q15573853) on Wikidata Geranium (restaurant) on Wikipedia
  • 17 Le Saint Jacques, Sankt Jakobs Plads 1, +45 35 42 77 07, . Su-W 11:00-00:00, Th-Sa 11:00-02:00. Very French kitchen — brasserie style with white walls, candlelights, Russian icons and more religious symbols than your average church. With the quirky décor, good wines, and the style of the buildings on the square, it does not take much effort to imagine yourself in Paris when dining here. Mains from 180 kr.
  • 18 Gro Spiseri, Æbeløgade 4 (Through the port, up the spiral stair to the roof.), +45 50368147. Th-M. There are two sittings: 17:30 and 20:30. Book well in advance.. Guests sit close at the long table in the small greenhouse on rooftop farm, so you will get to know some of the locals. The food is based on Østergros own organic production and matched with natural wines. The staff will be happy to discuss the food, Østergro, rooftop farming, community supported agriculture, etc. There is only one menu, but you can request vegan, vegetarian, etc. 6-course menu, 500 kr.


Østerbro is not the place for raving nightlife, apart the Office and partly Café Bopa. Most places on Østerbro are low key, cozy places where you go to have a hyggelig conversation with friends, over a few snacks and beers or wine with quiet music playing in the background. Most locals head downtown for a big night out. As is the case with almost every bar in Copenhagen, expect draft beers to set you back 40-50 Kr.

  • 1 Cafe Bopa, Bopa Plads 1, +45 35 43 05 66. Su-W 10:00-midnight, Th 10:00-02:00, F Sa 10:00-05:00. A café during daylight, this place morphs into a crowded bar with DJs spinning records during the weekends. Relaxed atmosphere and great for socializing
  • 2 Pixie, Løgstørgade 2 (next to Café Bopa, east of Østerbrogade at Gunner Nu Hansens Plads), +45 39 30 03 05. Su-Th 09:30-01:00, F Sa 09:30-03:00. hands some reasonably priced cocktails (a flat 65 kr) over the counter, Outdoor seating on the small square, and brunch, lunch, tapas and an evening menu if you want to fill up your stomach before indulging. Pixie is the name for a series of well known children's books, and the owners have kept true to the name with pretty neat colorful childish interiors.
Cafe DagH on Østerbro
  • 3 Dag H, Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 36, +45 35 27 63 00. M-W 08:00-23:00, Th-Sa 08:00-midnight, Su 10:00-midnight. Located on a small square, colloquially known as the little Triangle, this cafe is popular for its huge outdoor serving area, at the end of the lakes, it is a bit overpriced, but the coffee is top-notch and they have a decent collection of Danish and foreign beers. Brunch:125 kr, mains: 169 kr.
  • 4 Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, +45 39 29 92 00. Su-Th 11:00-23:00, F Sa 11:00-midnight. Early June to late August. With a huge outdoor area and an artificial beach, it is perfect for chilling on warm days. But they also house a restaurant, and the two large raw industrial storage buildings, houses exhibitions and concerts all summer long.
  • 5 Tap 10, Østerbrogade 122, +45 61724487. Small cosy place that has 10 interesting beers on tap and make good cocktails.
  • 6 Bubbles, Århusgade 14. Champange and cocktail bar
  • 7 Strandlyst, Nygårdsvej 1 (South of Svanemøllen station), +45 27207169. Tu-Su 12:00-24:00. Old-fashioned brown danish bar with cheap beers, a digital jukebox, dice-games. But non-smoking. 20 kr beers.


The options for staying at Østerbro are rather limited, as most hotels in Copenhagen are located in the downtown area — most of the surrounding neighborhoods, including Østerbro, are mainly residential. An alternative, often offering better value for money, are the numerous bed & breakfasts in private apartments.


  • 1 Rye115 Hotel, Ryesgade 115, +45 31686245, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 11:00. This is a small local boutique hotel with a cozy atmosphere serving homemade organic breakfast, feels like a real apartment. From 700 kr single.
  • 2 Østerport Hotel, Oslo Plads 5 (at Østerport station right at the tracks (it is soundproofed)), +45 70 12 46 46, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. really central with most trains in and out of Copenhagen just a minute away, direct trains to the airport, it is close to most of Østerbro's main attractions, and right at the outskirts of downtown. Singles from 675 kr if booked online.
  • 3 Stay Seaport, Murmanskgade 15 (Nordhavn is the closest Metro), +45 70707586. Modern hotel in North Harbour.
  • 4 Comwell Copenhagen Portside (At Orientkaj Metro station), +45 70274274. Modern spacious hotel in the North Harbour area. 900 kr.

Apartment rentals[edit]

Private apartment rentals and semi-bed & breakfasts are by large the main type of accommodations on Østerbro. These are often spacious and classic apartments from the 19th century, with high, decorated ceilings, and huge windows facing the street—as is the norm on Østerbro.


The postal code for Østerbro is 2100 (København Ø)

  • 2 Østerbro Library (Østerbro Bibliotek), Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 19, +45 35 38 16 48, . M-Th 10:00-19:00, F 12:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-15:00. Has 11 computers available for internet surfing, it is possible to book a PC online at library's website. Free.


  • 3 The Laundromat Café, Århusgade 38, +45 35 55 60 20. M-Th 08:00-23:00, F Sa 10:00-00:00. Along with its sister cafe on Nørrebro, this bar and café is a perfect match for a traveler. Combining a coin laundromat with a café where you can sit and enjoy a coffee, beer, lunch or brunch, while reading one of the 3000 paperback titles or abusing the free wireless internet, and waiting for your laundry to finish. 32 kr for laundry including detergent.
  • 4 Rigshospitalet (The National hospital), Blegdamsvej 9, +45 35 45 35 45, . Although the largest and most important Hospital in the country, this hospital's ER only takes in patients arriving by ambulance, or referred by a doctor. This is due to large number of patients preferring to be hospitalized here, rather than one of the other Copenhagen Hospitals. Should you require hospitalization, patients on Østerbro are referred to Bispebjerg hospital in the North-West district.
  • 5 Trianglen Apoteket (Pharmacy), Nordre Frihavnsgade 3, +45 35 38 32 00, . M-F 09:00-17.30 except W 09:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-14:00. Large and well stocked chemist.
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