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Södermalm [sødərˈmalm] (or just Söder) is the southern borough of central Stockholm, consisting of the island of Södermalm proper, two smaller islands connected to it from the west (Långholmen [ˈlɔŋˈhɔlmən] and Reimersholme [rejməʂˈhɔlmə]), as well as the neighbourhood of Hammarby Sjöstad on the opposite bank of the Hammarby Sjö in the east, which is a redeveloped former industrial area that was transformed into a model sustainable residential community.

Apart from the administrative borough of Södermalm, this guide also covers other areas surrounding Södermalm on the continental southern sea and lakeshore, which are easy to access from and visit together with Södermalm proper. This includes (from West to East) the residential borough of Liljeholmen with the Trekanten lake and its recreational opportunities, the green Årsta neighbourhood, Johanneshov famous for the Globen arena complex, as well as the urban part of Nacka (namely Sickla and Henriksdal), which is a municipality immediately east of Stockholm pretty much integrated with the city proper in terms of infrastructure.

Stockholm's southern suburbs are called Söderort.

Map of Stockholm/Södermalm

Nacka Strand.

Get in[edit]

See Public transport in Stockholm County for extended information.

Stockholms södra station is a commuter railway station. Several metro stations and bus lines, with Slussen [ˈslɵsən] being the busiest station, as well as several bus lines. Connected to Kungsholmen by the scenic Västerbron ("Western Bridge"), as well as the Old Town to the north and Söderort to the south.

A ferry making its way through the half-frozen Hammarby lake to the Sjöstad

Hammarby Sjöstad is served by local passenger ferries.

Get around[edit]

Most of Södermalm is walkable, and well served by public transportation. Until 2025, the traffic hub at Slussen is being rebuilt, with rerouting of traffic, including pedestrians. Passages around Slussen can be congested during daytime.

See Stockholm Main Street for the shopping and nightlife along Götgatan, and Södermalm heights tour for a walk among historical buildings and art galleries, with an astounding waterfront view.


Hornsgatan, one of the main streets of Södermalm

Until the 19th century, Södermalm was mainly a farmland to support Stockholm. As the railway was built in 1860, Södermalm became an industrial district with homes for the working class. As the industries were displaced by offices in the 20th century, the island began to gentrify, and now has some of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in Stockholm.

In the 21st century, Södermalm gained recognition from the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson, with many of the locations of the books and film open for visitors, in particular the northern waterfront ridge, "Söders höjder", where many 18th and 19th century buildings remain. At times called "Stockholm's Montmartre", the island has also earned a reputation of "hipness", making Financial Times' top list of destinations for 2014 and third place on Vogue's list of the world's coolest neighbourhoods[dead link].

Hammarby Sjöstad is formally a part of Södermalm, the only bit not on the main island. Since the late 1990s, there has been construction on the former docks and small industrial estates after extensive cleanup. The Sjöstad ("city on the lake") was planned from the outset to be a model community for sustainable living and design, including many innovative features in its infrastructure and architecture that limit the quarter's impact on the environment and provide for a better quality of life; see also Stockholm environmentalist tour.

Nacka is a municipality immediately east of Södermalm proper. Sickla and Henriksdal, the westernmost districts of Nacka, were harbour districts, which have been re-developed and integrated into Stockholm's inner city and are covered in this article. The farther removed eastern part of Nacka, including the seaside resort Saltsjöbaden, is covered in our guide to the Stockholm Archipelago.



Stockholm by night seen from Skinnarviksberget

The northern parts of Södermalm offer some excellent viewpoints with panoramas of the central parts of the city:

  • 1 Fjällgatan. Walking eastwards from Slussen up Katarinavägen you will reach the picturesque street Fjällgatan, with a view of Gamla Stan from the east.
  • 2 Monteliusvägen. A walking path that you reach from Bastugatan (north of T Mariatorget) offers a similar view from the west. Benches and tables offer picnic possibilities.
  • 3 Skinnarviksberget. A hill further west, close to the Zinkensdamm metro station, is a good option if you prefer cliffs to streets. When exiting the station turn back and head to the north. Walk up a small street to the right and climb the hill. Look for the "Kattenvägen" sign. A great alternative to watch the sun set in summertime.
  • 4 Lundagatan (Gamla Lundagatan). Preserved wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries.


Katarina church.
  • 5 Katarina Church (Katarina kyrka), Högbergsgatan 13, +46 8 743 68 00. Open to the public M-F 11:00-17:00, Sa Su 10:00-17:00. Katarina kyrka ("Church of Catherine"), named after Princess Catherine, mother of King Charles X of Sweden, can be seen from many parts of central Stockholm from its location on a Södermalm hill. The church was built 1656–1695 and has been rebuilt twice after being destroyed by fires. After the first fire in 1723, the church was given a larger, octagonal tower. Following a new fire in May 1990 which left almost nothing but the external walls, the church was faithfully reconstructed and reopened in 1995. Several notable Swedes are buried in the cemetery. The most well-known is former Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, who was assassinated in 2003.
Sofia church
  • 6 Maria Magdalena Church (Maria Magdalena kyrka). Inaugurated in 1634. Maria Magdalena Church (Q3497031) on Wikidata Maria Magdalena Church on Wikipedia
  • 7 Sofia Church (Sofia kyrka). This 1902 Romanesque parish church is on the top of a hill, which is a great viewpoint in its own right. Vita Bergen is a calm park, sloping southwards.
  • 8 Catholic Cathedral (Saint Eric's Cathedral), Folkungagatan 46. Built in 1892 for the Church of Sweden. Since 1953, it serves as a cathedral for the Stockholm Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church (including all of Sweden). Most Catholics in Sweden are recent immigrants from countries such as Poland and Chile.
  • 9 Ersta Church. Part of the Ersta hospital complex. Ersta Church (Q10488445) on Wikidata


The Stadsmuseum at Ryssgården
  • 10 Stockholm City Museum (Stadsmuseet i Stockholm), Ryssgården. This building was finished in the 1660s, as Stockholm's Southern City Hall. Over the centuries, it has been used as a courthouse, a jail, an anatomic theatre, and a school. Since 1942 it is a museum, displaying Stockholm's history from 1523 to present day, with special attention to construction and architecture, and activities for children. The museum organizes walking tours. Stockholm City Museum (Q1933896) on Wikidata Stockholm City Museum on Wikipedia
  • 11 Fotografiska (The Swedish Museum of Photography), Stadsgårdshamnen 22. A private museum opened in 2010, in an industrial building from 1906. Besides the exhibitions, they have a diner with a great waterfront view. Fotografiska (Q1439649) on Wikidata Fotografiska on Wikipedia
  • 12 Slussenrummet (Slussen Showroom), Södermalmstorg 4. A showroom for the redevelopment of Slussen (due to finish in 2025) with a scale model, multimedia, and some archaeological artifacts.
  • 13 Ivar Lo-museet, Bastugatan 21. A museum for Swedish writer and labour activist Ivar Lo-Johansson, famous for depicting Swedish farm workers' harsh conditions. The museum contains a small exhibition and Lo-Johansson's apartment, and requires advance booking. A scrapbook of Lo-Johansson's life is on display in the window. Across the street is Ivar Los park, a public park with a playground, and a bust of Lo-Johansson. Ivar Lo-museet (Q50656058) on Wikidata
  • 14 Ersta Museum. A hospital and nurse academy opened in 1851.
  • 15 Anna Lindhagens Museum. Su 13:00–15:00 during summer.. A museum apartment in mid-19th century bourgeois style. Available to let for events. Stigberget manor apartment (Q60678330) on Wikidata

Artisan Södermalm[edit]

  • 16 Almgrens sidenväveri, Repslagargatan 15. An original 19th century silk factory. The original machinery is preserved, and some manufacturing still goes on today. A museum displays the history of silk, from its origin in China, to the factory itself.
Brännkyrkagatan, one of several old-fashioned streets in northern Södermalm.

Between Slussen and Mariatorget, the Hornsgatan street has a narrow sett-paved side section on the north side, above the main street, nicknamed 17 Hornsgatspuckeln ("the Hornsgatan bump"), with a lot of galleries. Some examples are:


  • 21 Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1 (T Liljeholmen, Tvärbanan tram to Trekanten), +46 8 645 07 07. Th-Su 12:00-18:00 (closed for much of the summer). An exhibition hall in Liljeholmen housed in an old paint factory from 1889 (the name translates to "the paint factory"), calling itself "laboratory of the contemporary". It is perhaps one of Sweden's most interesting scenes for contemporary art. Unfortunately, it is closed for most of the summer.

Hammarby Sjöstad[edit]

Hammarby Sjöstad
  • 22 GlashusEtt, Lugnets Allé 39 (Tvärbanan stop Sickla Kaj), +46 8 522 137 00, . M Tu Th 09:00-17:00, W 09:00-19:00, F 09:00-16:30, closed on weekends and public holidays. The "glass house" in Hammarby Sjöstad showcases the innovative technologies and solutions in use in the neighbourhood and is itself a very innovative building, heated and provided with energy by a selection of "green" technologies. Inside, you will find various exhibits and presentations about Hammarby Sjöstad. While most of the explanations and descriptions are in Swedish only, the staff may help you translate this to your language. You may also order a tour for a larger group for 2500 kr. Entrance is free during opening hours.


Allotment gardens in Tantolunden.
  • 1 Långholmen (T Hornstull). An island with several good spots for swimming, including a small sandy beach.
  • 2 Tantolunden ([ˈtantuˈlɵndən]). A big park, known for its quaint allotment gardens, and its beach. Crowded during summer. Good for outdoor games. Also contains a miniature golf course.
  • 3 Eriksdalsbadet, Hammarby Slussväg 20 (T Skanstull), +46 8 508 40 258. A public gym and swimming facility with both indoor and outdoor Olympic-size swimming pools.
  • 4 Zinkensdamms IP, Ringvägen 16 (T Zinkensdamm). A soccer pitch, frozen for Hammarby's bandy games during winter. Home ground of Stockholm Mean Machines, an American football team.
  • Midnattsloppet. A 10-km night-time running event held annually in mid-August on the streets of Södermalm. There is plenty of live music and other entertainment along the course, creating a party vibe that draws huge numbers of spectators.
  • 5 Victoria, Götgatan 67 (T Medborgarplatsen). On the lively Götgatan street, this beautiful 1930s theatre screens a broad variety of Hollywood blockbusters and classic movies ranging from the birth of cinema and onwards.
  • 6 Rio, Hornstulls strand 3 (T Hornstull). Amidst the bars of the Hornstull district, this charming independent theatre, neighbouring the LGBT-friendly café Copacabana, arranges screenings of films of all sorts - from 3D-features to festivals of low-budget shorts.
  • 7 Folkoperan. Stockholm's second opera house, usually staging classics sung in Swedish, to a modernized arrangement.
  • 8 Trekanten. One of the main features of the Liljeholmen borough is this lake, which allows swimming at summertime and ice-skating in the winter. The 2½-km walk around the lake is magnificent. At the half-grass half-sand beach, the water temperatures are quite high in the summers, when many are bathing in the safe, clear water. If you are visiting in winter, don't miss the hill about half way through the walk which allows sledding, when the snow is thick. At summer, you can also do some fishing with the locals, if you ask the fishing club for permission. There are two ice-cream shops, one at the beach and one at the entrance of the lake. A small café serving hot food is located about a quarter of the way round the lake.
    Hammarbybacken is Stockholm's most central ski slope, as well as a public viewpoint. Below is Hammarby Sjöstad.
  • 9 Hammarbybacken, at Hammarby Sjöstad. Hosts alpine skiing in case of freezing weather (usually January-February). The view from the summit is great around the year.
  • 10 Dieselverkstaden (The Diesel Workshop) (in Sickla, Nacka). A community centre with several attractions, including a theatre, a climbing gym and a cinema.
  • 11 Sickla Ovan och Under. An experimental mine, dug out by mining equipment manufacturer Atlas Copco. Guided tours are available.
    Globen seen from far away
  • 12 Globen (Avicii Arena), Globentorget (T Globen). Located just south of Södermalm, and claiming to be the world's largest hemispheric building with 110 metres across, the Globe has been one of the most eye-catching features of the Stockholm skyline since its inauguration in 1989. It was officially renamed in memory of late Swedish superstar DJ Avicii in 2021, but locals still generally call it Globen. It is frequently used for ice hockey games but also for other sporting events, as well as concerts and galas. The Globe also represents the Sun in the Sweden Solar System; Mercury is at Stockholms Stadsmuseum, Venus and Earth on Östermalm, and the outer planets are north of Stockholm.

The area has two other arenas: the old-fashioned Hovet, and the 30,000-seat Tele2 Arena.

  • 13 Tele2 Arena. (T Globen/Skärmarbrink) A 30,000-seat stadium opened in July, 2013, featuring football (soccer) rivals Djurgårdens IF and Hammarby, as well as concerts and other sport events.
    • Djurgården plays some of their ice hockey home games in Avicii Arena (Globen) and others at the smaller, neighbouring Hovet, both Arenavägen (T Globen).
    • AIK plays their ice hockey home games at Hovet.
  • [dead link] Stockholm International Horse Show. A major international indoor equestrian event, held annually in the Stockholm Globe Arena, featuring the World Cup in dressage, show jumping and World Cup Four in Hand driving.
  • Stockholm Skyview. An elevator at the outside of the arena, to the very top, with a panoramic view of Stockholm. The ride lasts 20 minutes, and costs 130 kr for adults, and 100 kr for children and seniors.


Götgatan, a main street for shopping and nightlife.

Södermalm contains many stores for alternative, vintage and second-hand fashion.


Götgatsbacken, the northernmost section of Götgatan on Södermalm, is perhaps best known for its nightlife, but also has lots of clothes stores with different profiles, including a new, small shopping centre called Bruno (see section below).

  • 1 Emmaus, Götgatan 14. Second hand store.
  • 2 Weekday, Götgatan 21 (T Slussen), +46 8 642 17 72. M-F 11:00-20:00, Sa 11:00-18:00, Su 12:00-17:00. Large assortment of the popular Swedish jeans Cheap Monday, which, surprisingly, is rather cheap.
  • Designtorget, Götgatan 31 (T Slussen), +46 8 462 35 20. M-F 10:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-17:00, Su 12:00-18:00. A design store specializing in smaller items, ranging from the beautiful to the useful to the downright eccentric.


The district[dead link], the cleverly rebranded area south of eastern Södermalm's Folkungagatan, has lots of designer clothes and design shops, as well as cafés and restaurants.

  • 3 Acne, Nytorgsgatan 36 (T Medborgarplatsen) (T Kungsträdgården or T Östermalmstorg), +46 8 640 04 70. Denim and some inventive young fashion.
  • 4 Whyred, Götgatsbacken 36 (at Bruno). Laid-back minimalistic designs in low-key colors, often with some interesting details.
  • 5 Sneakersnstuff, Åsögatan 124, +46 8 743 03 22. M-F 11:00-18:30, Sa 11:00-17:00, Su 12:00-16:00. Passionate about sneakers, this store has a huge assortment of contemporary and classic designs, including limited-range models.
  • 6 Nakkna, Tjärhovsgatan 3 (T Medborgarplatsen), +46 8 615 29 50. Sophisticated young fashion in low-key colors.
  • 7 Lisa Larsson, Bondegatan 48. Second-hand store.
  • 8 Beyond Retro, Åsögatan 144. Second-hand store.
  • 9 Stockholm Stadsmission, Skånegatan 75. Second-hand store.
  • 10 Myrorna ([ˈmyːˌruɳa]), Götgatan 79. A second-hand store run by the Salvation Army.
  • 11 Judiths, Hornsgatan 75. Second-hand store.
  • 12 La Principessa, Rosenlundsgatan 1. Second-hand store.
  • 13 Pet Sounds Records, Skånegatan 53 (T Medborgarplatsen). A record store with independent pop, alternative rock and other genres of music with more cred than chart placements. A real institution among Stockholm's music fans.
  • 14 Multi Kulti, S:t Paulsgatan 3 (T Slussen), +46 8 643 61 29. A small but well-stocked music store specialising in the genres popularly called "world music", with welcoming and knowledgeable staff.
  • 15 Cocktail, Skånegatan 71 (T Medborgarplatsen), +46 8 642 07 40. M-F 11:00-18:00, Sa 11:00-16:00, Su (generally) 12:00-16:00. Two rather eccentric sister stores with a collection of colourful household items and other stuff. Good for small gifts.
  • 16 Cocktail Deluxe, Bondegatan 34 (T Medborgarplatsen), +46 8 642 07 41. The other location of Cocktail.

Shopping centres[edit]

  • 17 Ringen, Ringvägen 100 (T Skanstull). M-F 10:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-17:00, Su 12:00-17:00. Fashion, home decor, restaurants and more.
  • 18 Skrapan, Götgatan 78 (T Skanstull/T Medborgarplatsen). A rather small shopping centre, opened in 2007, with a number of fashion stores and a rather diverse collection of other shops, in part geared towards the students living in the skyscraper on top.
  • 19 Bruno, Götgatan 36 (T Slussen). A very small indoor shopping centre with a handful of fashion stores focusing on street wear.
  • 20 Sickla Köpkvarter, Simbagatan. An enormous shopping centre dominated by major firms.
  • 21 Globen Shopping (T Globen), Arenavägen 45-63. M-F 10:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-17:00, Su 11:00-17:00. Next to the Avicii Arena, Globen.


Nytorget is a grassy square, surrounded by cafés and bars, more relaxed than the venues at Götgatan.


  • 1 Cafe Rival, Mariatorget 3 (T Mariatorget). A nice café, which like the hotel next door is owned by Benny Andersson of ABBA fame. (You won't find any traces of ABBA in the place, though.)
  • 2 Cafe Helgalundens Korta Varor, Grindsgatan 35 (T Skanstull). Extraordinarily good coffee and sandwiches. Not to mention the service. They also carry a good selection of Swedish indie music, some truly hard-to-find DVD's and a few freshly printed T-shirts. All of it is sold at very affordable prices.
  • 3 Fåfängan ([ˈfoːˈfɛŋan]), At the top of Klockstapelsbacken (Buses from T Slussen to Londonviadukten). A café and restaurant close to the eastern tip of Södermalm with a good view of the city. Music some days during lunchtime.
  • 4 Copacabana, Hornstulls strand 3 (T Hornstull), +46 8 669 29 39. M-Th 10:00-21:00, F-Su 10:00-19:00. Copacabana brands itself a queer feminist café and draws a LGBT crowd from all over the city, as well as locals both gay and straight. Friendly atmosphere and afternoon sun on a few outdoor tables.
  • 5 Vurma, Bergsunds strand 31 (T Hornstull). Also on Kungsholmen and in Vasastan.
  • 6 Café Puck, Hornsgatan 32 (T Slussen or Mariatorget).
  • 7 String, Nytorgsgatan 38 (T Medborgarplatsen or Skanstull). WiFi access.
  • 8 Fjällgatans kaffestuga, Fjällgatan 37. Astounding view over Stockholm.
  • 9 Älskade traditioner, Södermannagatan 42. A 1950s style Swedish café with novelty dishes.


At Medborgarplatsen [ˈmeːdbɔrjarˈplatsən], there are several food wagons featuring street food from Greek to Polish. One can get fried calamari pita bread for 35 kr with a drink. Kabbas, Falafa, bratwurst, Polish sausages are all under 50 kr, walking south on Skaraborgsgatan towards Globen are several more budget-priced kabba places. In Liljeholmen there are various small restaurants/cafés/sushi bars serving different kinds of food in Marieviken, the business quarter of the district. Mainly open at office hours. There are also some other cafés in Gröndal.

  • 10 Jerusalem Kebab, Götgatan 59. A very simple kebab bar, with great value for small money.
  • 11 Chutney Bar & Matsal, Katarina Bangata 19. Offers a choice of vegan dishes for 88 kr. Self-service salad, water, fruit tea and chutneys are free. Often quite packed but it's normal to share a table with strangers here.
  • 12 Folkets kebab, Folkungagatan 63 (T Medborgarplatsen). A kebab diner. The buffet (open 11:00-19:00) is great, 69 kr.
  • 13 Folkets kebab, Hornsgatan 92 (T Zinkensdamm). Another kebab diner in the same chain.
  • 14 Creperie fyra knop, Svartensgatan 4 (T Slussen), +46 8 640 77 27. Open 17:00-23:00. Authentic French-speaking crêpes/galettes place. The place is often crowded and the service can be very French, in all senses of the word, but the food is excellent. Booking recommended. Mains 70-92 kr.
  • 15 Galleria Slussen, Katarinavägen 1 (T Slussen). Just across the bridge from Gamla Stan, has several cheap dining options, though the only one open late is McDonalds.
  • 16 Metro Pizzeria (T Liljeholmen). An Italian restaurant in the metro station serving pizzas.
  • 17 Trekanten restaurant, Lövholmsvägen 29. Open at lunch. Serves traditional Swedish food, located about one quarter around the Trekanten lake.
  • 18 Max Medborgarplatsen, Götgatan 41. The Swedish hamburger chain which has run several McDonald's out of competition. In 2019 they opened in the middle of Södermalm, with a terrace overlooking Medborgarplatsen, as well as a vegan menu offered only here.
  • 19 Café Eurobar, Östgötagatan 73A. Russian cuisine and a meetup point for Stockholm's Slavic community.


  • 20 Pelikan, Blekingegatan 40 (T Skanstull), +46 8 556 090 90, +46 8 556 090 92 (Reservations). Offers a small selection of Swedish dishes (including the famous köttbullar (meatballs)). The selection changes according to the season. The food is excellent and very good value for the money.
  • 21 Svejk, Östgötagatan 35 (T Medborgarplatsen), +46 8 641 33 66. On the cheap end of mid-range, this friendly, cosy and unpretentious Czech restaurant serves Central European fare and a wide selection of Czech beer. Great value for money.
  • 22 Ho's, Hornsgatan 151 (T Hornstull), +46 8 844420. Tu-Th 16-23:30, F 16:00-23:00, Sa 14:30-23:00, Su 14:30-22:30. While Stockholm has a fair number of cheap Chinese restaurants, most serve a rather bland and watered-down version of the most popular "westernized" staple dishes. While the competition is not all that fierce, Ho's stand out as a quality choice, with a wide selection of dishes with more spice and taste.
  • 23 Koh Phangan, Skånegatan 57 (T Medborgarplatsen). Authentic Thai restaurant with great food. Booking recommended.
  • 24 Hermans, Fjällgatan 23 (T Slussen), +46 8 643 94 80. Sumptuous weekend vegetarian buffet (theme changes weekly) followed by delicious coffees, teas, and desserts (140-190 kr depending on beverage/dessert choice). The view over Stockholm is amazing, go there at sunset and sit on the back terrace. They sometimes have live entertainment.
  • 25 Nana Thai (T Hornstull). A friendly restaurant serving delicious Thai food.
  • 26 Nem nem qúan, Åsögatan 90 (T Medborgarplatsen), +46 8 641 94 47. Excellent and decently authentic Vietnamese food. Cheap lunch offers. Booking recommended.
  • 27 Van der Nootska Palatset, Sankt Paulsgatan 21. An 18th-century palace, mainly used as a conference centre. Lunch is served 11:00-14:00, and a classical julbord (Christmas buffet) during December.
  • 28 Hornhuset, Långholmsgatan 15B. Built in 2013. Krogen is a classical diner, while Torget is more casual. Enzo's, on the top floor, is an Italian restaurant with international association football.
  • 29 Meatballs for the People, Nytorgsgatan 30. A restaurant for meatballs, both in classical and luxury servings.
  • 30 Freyja, Hornsgatan 18. A rooftop restaurant with an outdoor bar, providing an astounding view of Stockholm. Established 2023.


  • 31 Gondolen ([gɔnˈdoːlən]), Stadsgården 6 (T Slussen), +46 8 641 70 90. A fancy and expensive restaurant run by the famous chef Erik Lallerstedt, in the peculiar 1930s elevator building Katarinahissen. There is an inexpensive branch named Köket in the same premises where you can eat the best of Swedish cuisine for considerably less than in the main dining room, although you'll miss out on the fabulous view of the city. Dress code may apply! Mains in main dining room 185-300 kr, tasting menu 650 kr.
  • 32 Svartklubben, Södermannagatan 27. In contrast to restaurants with a great view, this diner puts guests in a pitch dark room. Waiters are blind. Reservations only.
  • 33 [dead link] Zee the Restaurant, Henriksdalskajen 10. Luxury dining with a waterfront view.



Södermalm is full of pubs, and the main nightlife street is Götgatan. Occasionally, people go for a pub crawl along Götgatan, having one drink at each bar; without any chance to finish off the whole street in one evening. In weekend nights, most bars along the street get crowded, but there are many hangouts in the rest of the island.

Slussen/Northern Götgatan[edit]

  • 1 Akkurat, Hornsgatan 2 (T Slussen). Friendly English-style pub offering good food, real ale, plenty of beers from all over the world as well as 450 different whiskies. A place where younger and older drinkers meet.
  • Bishop's Arms. Warm and cosy English-style pubs offering good food, real ale and other beers from around the world. Live jazz music Wednesday evenings. Although this chain runs 25 pubs in Sweden, they all have a pleasant atmosphere, notable for the absence of loud music.
    • 2 Bellmansgatan 10 (T Mariatorget, famous from the fourth Millennium book)
    • 3 Folkungagatan 105 (T Medborgarplatsen)
  • Debaser. Stockholm's premier rock club. The name of the place was taken from an old song by The Pixies, and many of the bands that play there know the Pixies discography by heart, but they also have other types of music than alternative rock.
    • 4 Medborgarplatsen 8 (T Medborgarplatsen)
    • 5 Hornstulls strand 4
  • 6 Indigo, Götgatan 19 (T Slussen), +46 8 643 58 59. A really small bar with an eclectic colour scheme, usually drawing a rather young crowd. This is a good place to start the evening.
  • 7 Oliver Twist, Repslagargatan 6 (T Slussen). Warm and cozy English-style pub offering good food, real ale, and other beers from around the world.
  • 8 Patricia, Söder Mälarstrand (T Mariatorget). As one of the few nightclubs open to 05:00, they have a harsh (but arbitrary) entrance policy. Dominated by gays on Sunday nights.
  • 9 Södra Teatern Bar, Mosebacke Torg 1-3 (T Slussen). Open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, this very relaxed and stylish bar offers a marvellous view of Stockholm from its lounge. Be sure to come before 23:00 to get seats offering the best view.
  • 10 Mosebacke Etablissement, Mosebacke Torg 3 (T Slussen), +46 8 556 098 90. In the same building as the Södra Teatern theatre and bar, this is a laid-back restaurant, bar and music venue. In the summer, its large beer garden with a panoramic view is extremely popular with Stockholmers and tourists alike. Indoors, you will find lots of clubs and live music in a wealth of genres, including brunches with live jazz on weekends 10:30-03:00.
  • 11 Sjögräs bar ([ˈʃøːˈgrɛːs]), Timmermansgatan 24 (T Mariatorget). Next door to a decent, if a bit expensive, restaurant by the name 'Sjögräs' (Seaweed), specialising in Caribbean fare, this small bar offers a wide selection of rum brands. The standard European beers are still the most popular choices for the young and rather trendy clientele, however.
  • 12 Hernö gin, Hornsgatan 1. A bar for Swedish craft gin.
Looking from Himlen bar down Götgatan towards the Globen at dusk


Medborgarplatsen is a major nightlife hub. The outdoor seats are immensely popular during the warm seasons. The backstreets, such as Östgötagatan, are more calm.

  • 13 Carmen, Tjärhovsgatan 14 (T Medborgarplatsen). Cheap beer, pub grub, and a lot of young broke hipsters at this Södermalm bar.
  • 14 Gröne Jägaren ([grøːnə ˈjɛːˈgaɳ]), Götgatan 64 (T Medborgarplatsen). A sport and karaoke bar with history back to 1692. There are several other places in the hood and you will probably find a seat.
  • 15 Kelly's, Folkungagatan 49 (T Medborgarplatsen). Cheap beer, cider and shots for as little as 24 kr each. Minimum age of 23 to enter. Hard rock music and poor acoustics. You will blend in well if you wear black leather and tattoos.
  • 16 Kvarnen, Tjärhovsgatan 4 (T Medborgarplatsen), +46 8 643 03 80. A beer hall with old traditions. Popular with fans of the football club Hammarby IF. This place has expanded, adding more modern, trendy bars in adjoining rooms. Has a wide selection of beers and food at decent prices. Some scenes of the Millennium series were shot here.
  • 17 Himlen, Götgatan 78 (T Medborgarplatsen), +46 8 660 60 68. M-Th 18:00-01:00, F-Sa 18:00-03:00. Once upon a time, the landmark skyscraper on Götgatan housed the offices of the Swedish Tax Agency. After major renovations, the building reopened in 2008, transformed into the unlikely combination of a small shopping mall, student apartments and, on the 25th and 26th floors, an exclusive-looking sky bar and restaurant offering visitors one of the most spectacular panoramas over the city. Enter from inside the Skrapan shopping center.
  • 18 Scandic Malmen, Götgatan 49-51 (T Medborgarplatsen). A hotel bar with several rooms, good for large groups.
  • 19 Söderkällaren, Tjärhovsgatan 12 (T Medborgarplatsen). Cheap beer and reggae music.
  • 20 Södra Sällskapet (Stockholm Comedy Club), Åsögatan 111. Except a restaurant and a bar, the venue hosts Sweden's most active stand-up comedy club. Showtime Monday-Saturday at 20:00. Monday shows are in English.


  • 21 Pelikan, Blekingegatan 40 (T Skanstull), +46 8 556 090 90, +46 8 556 090 92 (Reservations). An old style working-class beer hall with a very authentic feeling, for those traditionalists who think Kvarnen has sold out. High noise level but quite a friendly crowd. Also offers simple and authentic Swedish food at a reasonable price.
  • 22 Thai Boat, Östgötagatan 100. An outdoor boat bar, for fans of Thailand.
  • 23 Trädgården ([ˈtregˈoɖˌən] or [ˈtregoɳ]), Hammarby Slussväg 2 (T Skanstull). A popular summer-only nightclub, probably owing much to the fact that half of the club (including one dance floor) is situated outdoors, since Swedes love to spend as much of their brief summers as possible outdoors.
    • Under Bron. The winter equivalent, with alternative electronic music.
  • 24 Sjöstaden Skybar (Sthlm 01) (T-Gullmarsplan). A restaurant on the 28th floor with an astounding view of Stockholm. Sthlm 01 (Q65197981) on Wikidata


  • 25 Big Ben, Folkungagatan 97. Stereotypical English pub, best known for its stand-up comedy club, with free-entrance shows in English every Thursday on 20:00. Live music at weekend nights.
  • 26 Debaser Hornstull Strand, Hornstull Strand 4. A two-part establishment at the waterfront, with a free-of-charge bar, and a nightclub that usually stages alternative concerts.
  • 27 Slakthuset, Slakthusgatan 6. In Slakthusområdet ("the meatpacking district") is, with inspiration from the New York counterpart, a nightclub for alternative dance music. With very casual furnishing, the livestock blood has barely been washed off the walls.


Söder Mälarstrand, the northern waterfront, berths several hotel and restaurant ships.


  • 1 Acco Hostel, Ansgariegatan 10, +46 8 559 26 519, . Free bed linen and towels, free access to computers with Internet connection in the lobby, free WiFi access in all rooms, free access to washing machine and dryer, free tea and coffee, free luggage storage room, 24/7 security observation. dorm bed from 185 kr.
  • 2 Globen Villa, Dammtrappgatan 13 (In between metro station globen and Enskede Gard), +46 73 679 80 60. Check-in: 16-18. In this quiet neighbourhood of traditional working-class houses a welcoming lady rents 3 units for bed and breakfast. Two of the units are separate buildings, which are well equipped. The breakfast consists of several fresh things like bread, fruits and drinks. The cabins are cosy and great value. The metro is a 5 minute walk and from there 10 minutes to the main attractions. Short, the location is fine. The units have their own kitchenettes, so you can cook yourself. The supermarket is a 10-minute walk. Discounts apply if you stay longer. 1200 kr for a weekend from Friday evening to Sunday. 3500 kr for a week and less if you stay longer. Single night is 600 kr.
  • 3 Långholmen, Långholmsmuren 20 (T Hornstull), +46 8 720 85 00, . Spectacular hostel built in an old prison where you actually stay in the old cells (making them limited to the size). The place is clean, and the staff is nice and friendly. The atmosphere is really one of a kind. It is also a hotel and the breakfast buffet holds top-standard and costs 75 kr. They have a guest kitchen, internet terminals, washing machine/dryer, and there are a lot of green areas and bathing opportunities around. The Hornstull Metro station is about 800 m away. Dorm bed from 265 kr, double cell from 640 kr.
  • 4 The Red Boat (Den röda båten) (T-Slussen), +46 8 644 43 85. A boat-hostel. The boat was launched in 1914. Singles from 520 kr.
  • 5 Skanstulls vandrarhem, Ringvägen 135 (T Skanstull), +46 8 643 02 04, . You don't require a STF card at Skanstulls vandrarhem but the prices are still cheap and the standard is higher than the STF hostels. And compared to the STF hostels, this is more flexible. Skanstulls hostel opened in May 2007 and is a clean and central hostel. Very close to popular SoFo. Book in advance since it is almost always fully booked. Dorms from 185 kr (low season), 285 kr (high season).
  • 6 Zinkensdamm, Zinkens väg 20 (T Zinkensdamm), +46 8 616 81 00. Very nice and fairly big youth hostel and hotel. It is very clean, the staff is helpful and friendly, however the rooms are rather small. Features a fairly big guest kitchen, a nice garden, Internet terminals, and laundry machine/dryer. dorm from 300 kr, room from 660 kr.
View of the Hammarby Sjöstad, with the Park Inn in the foreground and Södermalm in the background, from Hammarbytoppen


  • 7 Gustaf af Klint, Stadsgårdens Kajplatser 153 (T Slussen), +46 8 640 40 77. A boat-hostel with bunks and cabins. Single cabin 700 kr, double 1020 kr.
  • 8 Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Saltsjöqvarns kaj 25, +46 771 788 789. In Nacka, a four-star waterfront hotel, with central Stockholm within sight and reach. From 1266 kr.
  • 9 Rygerfjord, Kajplats 12-14, Söder Mälarstrand (T Mariatorget), +46 8 840 830, . A decommissioned diesel passenger ship, transformed to a hostel/hotel, with rooms at different price levels. From 563 kr.
  • 10 Motel L, Hammarby allé 41. A hotel opened in 2015 in a calm neighbourhood, two tram stops from the Globe arenas.
Södermalm's northern waterfront, including the Hilton, seen from the Gamla Stan side of the Slussen node


  • 11 Hilton Slussen, Guldgränd 8 (T Slussen), +46 8 517 353 00. International business hotel with an excellent view of the Old Town and the City Hall. Sleek and modern hotel, with professional, English speaking staff. Tremendous amount of choice from fresh fruit, to cereals, fresh waffles, pancakes, pastries for breakfast. Be sure to check out the interesting wood work displayed all around the hotel, various wood types are entwined with interesting room features. From 2190 kr.
  • 12 Hotel Rival, Mariatorget 3 (T Mariatorget), +46 8 545 789 00, . Owned by a former member of ABBA, Benny Andersson, who has restored a 1930s Art Deco red velvet cinema into a hip, elegant, and comfortable hotel. Personable staff abound, and patrons enjoy tasteful decor and bright, albeit small rooms with comfortable beds and good linens. Lobby and restaurant are trendy without being overbearing and the hotel faces a very charming city square with garden and fountain. From 1795 kr.
  • 13 Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Ringvägen 98 (T Skanstull), +46 8 462 10 00. Ideal location, with lots of restaurants, a walkway along the water, and a laid-back vibe all just outside the hotel's door. Huge hotel with over 500 rooms, but the friendly staff ensure that guests feel welcomed, and there's personalized touches to be had, such as automatic checkout via email and free internet. From 1860 kr.
  • 14 Hotel J, Ellensviksvägen 1, +46 8 601 30 00, . Hotel J overlooks the Nacka Strand, a haven in the far east of Nacka that is accessible e.g. using the Sjovagen ferry (line 80). Despite the closeness to the city, this area has resort-like qualities and, thanks to its steep hill rising immediately next to the lakeside, may be said to have a Monte-Carlo-like feel. From 1990 kr.
  • 15 Park Inn Hammarby Sjöstad, Midskeppsgatan 6, +46 8 5050 7000. A 15-story hotel in 2000s neighbourhood Hammarby Sjöstad, with a short tram trip to the Globe Arena, and a ferry to central Stockholm. From 1895 kr.
  • 16 Quality Hotel Globe, Arenaslingan 7, +46 8 686 63 00, . Check-in: From 1905 kr. Next door to the Globe arena.


Stay safe[edit]

Nightlife in Medborgarplatsen usually gets wild, and police presence is irregular. Closing time (01:00 and 03:00) are worst.

The welfare services at Mariatorget attract homeless and disadvantaged people, some with mental illness or drug addiction. However, these people rarely cause trouble.

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