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New South Wales[edit]

Only some of these banners are mine, and those are not great eigher! This is to get an overview of how they are looking for the regions of this state

New South Wales I don't think this is quite at the quality that we want for a state level article

Blue Mountains - Not convinced by this one. I think it is an interesting picture that doesn't really work as a 7:1 banner. Suggest replacing

Central_Coast_(New_South_Wales) - best that I could find, although I'm sure a better one can be found

Hunter - it works, albeit a bit lifeless

Shoalhaven - it works, but rather generic looking empty beach

New_England_(New_South_Wales) - kind of interesting, although I wonder if it really shows off the region well?

Snowy_Mountains - it works, and a view that one doesn't typically associate with Australia. Can't help thinking it could be more interesting though

South_Coast_(New_South_Wales) Not really a unique scene in Australia