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Hi! I'm Thegayfrenchbullie123, an Italian-American Manhattanite who loves my home town of New York City and loves authentic food, aviation, transportation, social issues (especially LGBTQ+ rights as seen from my name), french bulldogs (also seen in my name), geography, futuristic or alternative geography and history, and too much other stuff to remember right now. I've traveled to many places along the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts such as Trenton, New Jersey and North Adams, Massachusetts, and I've also been to Los Angeles, California and Montréal, Quebec. I've also gone on a trip to Italy, going to Milan, Bologna, Ravenna, and towns Lake Como like Como, Menaggio, and Varenna. I've also visited San Marino, Lugano in Switzerland, and stopped over in Oslo, Norway, and Stockholm, Sweden, all of which I've loved and would die to visit more. (I went to all these destinations in summer 2018). As for travel destinations, I don't really have any limits, except for tourist-heavy places.

I have a native understanding of English and a very, VERY surface level understanding of Spanish.