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This policy supplements but does not replace the Wikimedia Foundation's global checkuser policy at m:CheckUser policy — nothing here may override that policy.

Checkuser is a tool that is executed by a very few trusted community members. Their tasks are to examine user IP address information and other server log data. The tool is only used to protect Wikivoyage against vandalism and disruption. All data from the tool analysis remain non-public to protect the privacy of users. The checkuser log will be only accessible for the selected checkusers, Ombudsmen, and WMF staff. Administrator rights are not sufficient to access that log. Currently, Wikivoyage does not have local checkusers, so this function is relegated to use by Stewards.

CheckUsers must meet the Wikimedia standard requirements documented at Meta:CheckUser policy.

Reasons for the involvement or notification of the Checkusers include investigations to prevent, or respond to:

  1. Sock puppetry for the purpose of disruption
  2. Block evasion
  3. Spambots

If you think a checkuser investigation is warranted, first consult with an administrator to get a second opinion. Then, go to m:SRCU and make the request from there.


A secondary account used by one person to pose as though they were a second person is called a sockpuppet. Such misleading use of accounts is discouraged on Wikivoyage.

Sockpuppets are usually ignored here, unless the community suspects that a person is using them to be disruptive. In such a case, if the community does find a difficult user to be using multiple accounts, the secondary accounts will be permanently blocked from Wikivoyage. While the primary account may still be allowed to edit, the difficult user's reputation will be tarnished, and will be trusted less by other users—an easy way to avoid this is to just use one account.

Since majority-rule voting is not employed on Wikivoyage, sockpuppets do not present much difficulty to site processes.

Using sockpuppets to get around a block is considered block evasion, and will trigger an immediate and indefinite block of the sock account.